we dont fucking need to BUILD more homes for the homeless. the united states, and world as a whole, has enough fucking homes to house all the homeless twice over and this is LIVABLE HOMES.. WE NEED TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO USE EMPTY HOMES THAT NO ONE FUCKING USES BECAUSE EITHER THE FUCKING BANK POSSESSES THEM AND CAN’T SELL THEM OR SOME RICH FUCK CAN’T GET PEOPLE TO RENT IT BECAUSE THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH ETC. we need to eliminate landlords. we need to make housing a fucking human right.

boys are so fucked up like in the beginning they text you back all the time, call you every night and tell you how amazing you are bla bla bla and when they have you they suddenly change. They do what ever the fuck they want because they know that at the end of the day youll be the one who tells them how scared you are of losing them even if they are the ones who should be afraid but they take u for granted i hate this

In health we’re doing posters on mental illnesses and i chose adhd but we have to scource everything because “you arent an expert on the subject”

Hun maybe not but i, a person living with the disorder, sure as hell know more than some neurotypical who just did 10 minutes of research and wrote an article for buzzfeed


Photos from the subway set of Ghostbusters 2016.

Some of my favorite things about Wonder WOman!!! (SPOILERS!!!!)

OKAY so:

1. I LOVEOLVOELVE how her fingernails were not manicured at all during the movie!! Like she actually uses her hands!! because she’s a freakin warrior!!!

2. No one questions her???? I mean like obviously the initial doubt right because what psycho lady wants to run right into the war but ya know after she kicks booty everyone’s just like “yeah ok she’s cool”

3. They never address her as wonder woman! idk if its because of the time and everything  but i just thought that was cool ya kno

4. Also Steve dies in a plane saving a bunch of people and also Steve as in captain america “dies” in a plane saving a bunch of people!!

5. OKAY ARES’ MUSTACHE?!!? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT i could not take him seriously its so bad like just seeing a lil fuzzy poking out of his helmet i was cracking up lmao idk is that just me?? the mustache!!!

6. Steve and Diana never kissed on screen which I liked fro some reason and she couldn’t hear him confess his love to her but she just knew in her heart and it was amazing and lovely ahudhlai

7. The humor was relevant and well placed and spaced out nicely unlike some other superhero movie companies COUGHOGUGH

8. She is my new woman crush. 




Even The Freaking Norse God ODIN Is Okay With Gender Queer People And Makes No Issue Out Of It. Like this makes me so unbelievable happy. HATERS CAN GTFO CUZ EVEN GODS SUPPORT GENDER QUEERS AND LGBT YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALED