This photo set was initially planned to be a live feed from yesterday’s event - the “Unterländer Biertage”. In plain English, “Lowlands beer days”, right here around the corner in a sports hall next to the Zurich airport. Oh and sporty it was, no doubt. From too much sport (of course, what) I gave up almost immediately the idea to drink and write at the same time. Not that I’d sample ‘em beers that fast, but there was way too much chatting and all that and it would have been so very impolite of me right? Apologies accepted. Because I’m an orderly person I ordered only samplers and here they are, the producers in the order of tasting: Gutknecht’s Hammer-Bier (from Rümlang, next village that is), St. Laurentius Craft Beer (Bülach, again like twenty miles away), Brauerei Hardwald (that’s a few miles south in Wallisellen), Braumanufaktur Schlachthuus (Lufingen, guess where - ten miles east) and finally UHB Üelus Homebrew (oh no, Burgdorf is 100km from here!). Mostly local brewers, presenting their tasty inebriants to a moderately huge thirsty crowd. Not everything was to my taste, yet ironically what I disliked most was the best as seen from a teammate so whatever, there was obviously something for everybody. My favorites were the Saison Abricot from Hammer, a tasty fruity smooth elixir, then the Hopfengold from St. Laurentius, light and hoppy and refreshing and just a hint sour, then a malty thick dried fruits extract called Balthasar from Hardwald and finally the American Wit of UHB Üelus, spicy and full-bodied and just yum. Had I have more time to ummm deepen my knowledge.. I think I definitely should go more often to these tasting events.

I did something bad, maybe I was wrong
Sometimes people say that I’m a big time bomb
But I’m only a man and I do what I can

B-E-H-A-V-E Arrest us!
Tell me I’m a mobster looking so precious, uh
B-E-H-A-V-E Never more
You gave up being good when you declared a state of war (x)

the latest ep was the best, thanks Lerche studio, I’m still not over it


【 乃木坂46橋本奈奈未的戀愛文學 】    

乃木坂46 橋本奈々未の戀する文學,由UHB(北海道文化放送)從2016年2月18日(深夜24點25分)開始在北海道當地播放,連續五周播出,全五回。節目內容是介紹以北海道為舞台的小說,包括村上春樹的《挪威的森林》和《尋羊冒險記》,櫻木紫乃的《Loveless》,以及渡邊淳一的《魂斷阿寒》。

只是單純的看著  橋本奈々未 ~o(^▽^)o o(^▽^)o o(^▽^)o o(^▽^)o o(^▽^)o



As 'Metropolitan' returns to theaters, Whit Stillman looks back on his 'identity comedies'
Twenty-five years ago, writer-director Whit Stillman released his first film, the romantic, ironic comedy Metropolitan, which screened at both...

“I see them as sort of identity comedies,” Stillman says of his work, which many critics have referred to as “comedies of manners” — a term that he doesn’t fully accept, just as his characters reject “prep” or “yuppie.”


Another favorite movie set during christmas