I don’t even know if I’m td for Glenn yet. I don’t know, I’m just still on the fence about it. But TD is a group of people that believe BETH is alive, not a group that believes in “fake deaths”
I love Glenn I do and if he is alive amazing!! But when I search TD to see theories on if Beth is alive, I wanna see theories on Beth!!!! Just get a separate tag!!! I’m sick of going on TD and seeing nothing but Glenn fans or Glenn/Beth haters. Get your own tag and stay out of ours!


It scares me so much how much injustice there is in this world. Its fucking everywhere. Evil people, who are truly malicious, sit on top of piles of money and wealth. All while there are genuinely good people out there, with the most kind and pure souls suffering in ways we cant even imagine. I pray that god eases their suffering and brings them peace despite the circumstances, i really do.

everyones damn hypocritical all the time and its like, rly exhausting tbh