Half Asleep

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” (prompt)

Now I dont usually post fanfiction on here or anywhere to be exact. But I just wanted to try it out. Enjoy! (Btw its really fucking short XD)
“Ughhh Im so tired…” Natsu groaned.

When Happy, Lucy, and Natsu stumbled into Lucys house, he had targeted right for her bed. He plopped down on the bed face down and adjusted himself, lazily, to lay correctly on it.

Lucy sighed, shaking her head. She would have told him to get off the bed if she wasnt so tired as well.

“Same.” Lucy complained, sitting down next to him. Happy made a sound of agreement and landed on her pillow.

Lucy just wanted to lie down and sleep, so she could get the soreness out of her legs. She pushed Natsu to the side lightly. Natsu made a small noise of irritation.

“If youre going to sleep on my bed atleast move over.”

Natsu whined and rolled over to the side. Lucy fell right next to him and faced him.

Lucy was tired but she wasnt nearly as exhausted as Natsu was. During the mission, he had chased this giant spider for a while. Then he had to use alot of his power to defeat it and its babies.

She helped but Natsu did most of the work.

She stared at his face and giggled. His cheeks were slightly red and his mouth was parted open. Natsus pink hair fell into his face and his nose wrinkled everytime it brushed his nose. He did a little yawn and one of his eyes opened at her laughter.

“What is it?” He mumbled, voice heavy with exhaustion.

“No, its nothing. You’re just so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” Lucy whispered, a grin on her lips.

Natsu seemed confused for a second, bu then a smirk graced his lips. He chuckled breathily.

"Youre so weird, Lucy.”

Instead of getting mad like she usually did, She laughed. Her eyes began to droop as his did. Lucy yawned and finally settled into her bed. She felt Natsu move a little closer to her and soon his forehead was touching hers. When she felt herself doze off, she muttered a small,