Y'all have like amazing overwatch stories where you danced with a symmetra and made friends with a hat tipping mccree or made a circle of enemies and teammates and lived in harmony.

Meanwhile I’m over here getting sniped right outside of spawn, having a tracer throw her fucking ult on my face when I tried to skirmish, and having a mccree pretend to be friendly before stunning me and letting his roadhog friend hook me, shoot shrapnel in my face, and then teabag my ruined desiccated corpse.

Two things before I have to leave:

1) It looks like there will be a TLK this episode, but between Emma and Henry, not CS, which I’m irked about, because Swan Believer already had a TLK and CS just got married so I just find that annoying (especially considering that this is pretty much the last episode of CS as we know it).

2) That script tease makes me mad??  Like, Regina is just gonna go off and do shit by herself to try and get them back to Emma, sidelining Emma’s fucking husband who is probably the most desperate of them all to get home to her??  When he’s motivated, is arguably the most useful character in situations such as these, even without magic.  And you’re gonna tell him to shut up and sit down while you work on something that probably won’t even work since Regina can’t properly do magic without help from someone else these days.  And you want me to watch a whole season of them together??  Bullshit.

July Writing Stats

I’m tired and trying to get a lot done on my DCBB today so I’m not gonna do a full post with, like, links to ficlets and shit. Sorry. 

July Word Count: 105,275 words

I added about 60,000 words to my DCBB, I posted about 23,000 words of random long Tumblr posts (a category I’m now breaking out and giving myself credit for, since long Tumblr posts take time and serve a writing-related purpose), wrote the last 10k or so of my Cap RB, and the rest was on ficlets.

Pages Edited: 334

I finished editing my Cap RB. Most of the rest was on my DCBB. I’d previously written a good long chunk of it so before I started adding new words, I edited everything I’d previously written, and sent that first chunk off to my awesome beta for this project, @dr-dean, who has been a great cheerleader and super helpful reviewing the manuscript, too. :)

Other than that, I didn’t manage any art or podfic, and I only answered 207 comments (which is fewer than I received, I’m falling way behind again but I just haven’t had the cope to answer them, I’m sorry everyone).

My goal for August is to completely finish my DCBB, and then get to work on my commission fics. I’d like to have all my commissions EXCEPT the one for ltleflrt done by mid September, but that’s probably optimistic given the rate at which I’m writing now - especially since my chances of being able to stick to word count on any of them are nil.