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Chat wanted to do Marinette’s nails and she agreed with the condition of her doing the same to him. He accepted very much quickly tho.

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You know, re-reading that got me thinking again about the other thing that really got me about Satya’s comic. It’s just a thing about Vishkar, but it’s what really stuck with me and made me hate their damn guts. It’s this:

The only time in the whole thing that they show Satya their true colors. 

For context, this is after they had her break into the slumlord of the area they want to control (Calado) instead’s building to try and find information that could destroy her. There were guards inside, but Satya refused to kill them.

Ostensibly, the reason they blew up the whole building was this: There wasn’t any information that could ruin Calado, so they needed to destroy her in another way. 

But throughout the entire comic, Vishkar (and Sanjay) take great pains to convince Satya that they are in the right here, that they are helping the people there (they actually want to hurt them, of course).
Satya was taken by Vishkar when she was very young. She was raised and schooled by them, and kept as isolated as they could possibly manage. Satya is a genius, and they want to control that skill, but they knew that she would never cooperate if she knew their true intentions. 
Every step they took in the comic, things were always kept from Satya, or twisted, or she was outright lied to. Every Vishkar member she spoke to was assuring her they were doing the right thing, that she was saving people. That it was just that people didn’t understand yet, so she had to keep working and saving them. This careful illusion to control her is always shown to be the utmost priority to them. Except there.

It would have been beyond easy for them to whisk her away before doing the dirty work and killing all those people she just saved. And not doing so actually went against the extremely careful lengths they’ve gone to to keep her in the dark, especially since the falling building caused all that damage to the people and buildings below!

And that’s just it. 

Making sure Satya thinks they’re doing the right thing isn’t the most important thing to Vishkar. The most important thing is actually making sure that she feels like she can’t ever disobey, no matter what she thinks of them. Even above trying to get her willing cooperation, they want her to feel powerless to do anything else.

Later on, after the fire, they would clean her up and reassure that it was for the best, the “price of rebirth”, once everything was settled. But not in that moment. They let her spare all those people, and then killed them right in front of her eyes. Satya may “not kill if she doesn’t have to”, but those people will be killed anyway. That’s the message they wanted to give her. That her refusal to murder for them meant nothing.

That no matter what she does, things will always end how Vishkar wants them to.

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This is Bee, my persona/OC, with Wasp creepin’ in the background. They are genderless, and don’t mind any pronouns, but I will use they/them pronouns to keep it neutral (when I talk about them separately from myself, since they have their own story).

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Modern Royal Houses AU  ♕ House of Medici

The house of Medici had always been known for being one of the most prestigious of Europe, securing power and money by becoming the bankers of Europe during the Renaissance. When royal houses rose again after World War II everyone assumed they would have tried to reconquer that position and their glorious past.
However, they knew times had changed from the Renaissance and adapting was essential to survive. After the war they left the funding of heavy industries to others and focused instead on the search and paintings and works of art stolen by the Nazis and later the patronage of Italian artists. Their goal they said was to bring beauty back in a continent that had seen many horrors in the past year and help people to find some peace.
Thanks to their contribute to the arts and their efforts to rebuild the country they soon became the most beloved family in Italy, and from the patronage of arts and their trades they quickly rebuilt their fortune. When royal houses were restored they had no problem finding investors for their campaign to get one of the three crowns of Italy.
Extremely proud of their past as makers of the Renaissance they tend to keep away from other families, with marriages generally arranged between cousins twice or thrice removed. But although the kingdom remains small their ever increasing wealth and their popularity makes them precious allies and dangerous enemies.


75 Beautiful Pirates,                                             CAVENDISH OF THE WHITE!
A crew of 56 of Barto Club                                  BARTOLOMEO THE CANNIBAL!
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4 TRIPLE X GYM Martial Arts                              DESTRUCTION CANNON IDEO!
Tontatta Tribe Tonta Army, 200                          CAPTAIN LEO!
5 Future giant warrior pirates                              CAPTAIN HAJRUDIN!
YONTA MARIA FLEET, 4300                              ORLUMBUS!

                                                                            With that, we have about
                                                                            5,600 members, Luffy!