something about the way you looked at me,
made me think for a moment
that maybe we were meant to be

mark is suffering


70-73/∞ gifs of this bias list ruiner


“You know, I didn’t like it here at the Academy at first. I was shy.. bit of a loner. My mom did her best at home but might as well been speaking Japanese when I talked electronics. So I kept things to myself.
(…) Hang in there, you’ll find a friend here.”

Fitzsimmons in 1.12 : Seeds


Scandal Season 4 Bloopers featuring Tony Goldwyn [x]

Okay so, at the age of 23, I finally didn’t go trick or treating (haha)

But I still dressed up in my Belle ball gown and handed out candy.

And this little girl was just amazed by my dress and said “You look like the real Belle”

And then continued to stare at me. She hesitated. And then just reached out and gave me a hug

Ughs it made my life