MakoHaru making out commission for the lovely Anna!

Whoa okay, I must admit I had a lot of fun drawing the kiss socks. I hope you like it! And hopefully it was close to that scene you wanted to be drawn. :’)

  • Lea: If I had to kiss you right now, I most certainly could not
  • Jon: Really?
  • Lea: I don't think I could. I really think I would laugh too hard. Whereas we used to make the hell out.
  • Jon: Especially onstage. There was that one time - well, maybe I shouldn't talk about that while we're eating.
  • Lea: You were sick!
  • Jon: Yes. During the hayloft scene, where we always open-mouth kissed. I had the stomach flu and I was going to vomit in your mouth. You opened your mouth and I was like "Nuh-uh"
  • Lea: And at intermission you were vomiting so hard! I was laughing hysterically.
  • Jon: It wasn't funny! I was in so much pain. Ugh.
  • Lea: Remember the night we hid from security and slept in the scary-ass Eugene O'Neill Theatre with John Gallagher Jr.?! Oh, God, we had the best time. We sat on the stage with a bottle of wine and prayed to the theater gods for blessing us with such success. We pricked our fingers - I still have a black dot on my finger from that, by the way. We put a little blood on a paper and framed it. Christine Jones [the scenic designer] took that piece of paper and built it into the set that goes around with all the Spring Awakening touring productions.
  • Jon: When we carved our names in the theater, you said something so sweet. I still remember it because it meant so much to me.
  • Lea: Are you going to cry?!
  • Jon: A little bit.
  • Lea: What's wrong with you? Get it together!
  • Jon: You said "I would give up this entire experience for our relationship,"
  • Lea: It's so true. At the end of the day I would most certainly give up Spring Awakening, which was the greatest experience of my life, to have met you. In this lifetime, if there is anything you need, it's a best friend. It's so crazy to talk about Spring Awakening because I feel like we've lived ten lifetimes since then. I was the one always saying to you "I'll never get that part. No one will ever hire me." The biggest limits are the ones you make for yourself. You believed in me a lot.
I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

Dazai & Chuuya // The Camellia flower
The symmetrical beauty and long-lasting quality of the flower have long been appreciated by young lovers as the token for expressing devotion to each other. In the Victorian age, red camellia flowers meant “you are the flame in my heart”. Giving the camellia flower to someone is saying “you are the love of my life”.


Double Combo wishing you a Happy New Year

can we add this to the list of weird legolas faces

i mean come on

favorite books read in 2015: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

“Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”