Sorry I’ve been rather dead around here lately. Most of the content that I’ve been doing that I could post here have been comic related stuff which I’m trying to not post ‘cause, well, I wouldn’t really say is too spoilerish but I dont know. I rather just save it. 

I guess i could just post random panels now and then without context. I’ll see.

Anyways have some fish fan service

follow spree!

hey! sorry if im making this again but my dash is super dead so if you post about yuri!!! on ice (multifandom is cool as long as you tag stuff) please reblog this and i’ll check out your blog and most probably follow you :D

Sweet, friendly reminder that “ “Ghoul Grumps Au” has been changed to “Spookgrumps” !!
  • This is a change long overdue, done in an attempt to remove this au from the regular ghoul grumps tag (Thanks to @strongerthanu and a couple of sweet anons for the name suggestion💖)
  • Every post tagged as Ghoul Grumps AU will be changed to Spookgrumps (including submitted posts)
  • Reverse Ghoul Grumps (or rgg) will be changed to Reverse Spookgrumps (rsg) for people that are still interested in that little spinoff.
  • This post will be queued once a week to remind people of the name change. The name change is also in the bio for everyone to see (it should work, even on mobile)