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She groaned as she got pulled into Laura’s old bedroom at her childhood home. “Ugh Laura, is this really necessary?” she asked as Laura let go of her hand and sped to her closet, threw it open and started throwing shirts into the room. Pieces of clothing came flying around her and she was about to protest yet again when a sock landed on her head and silenced her.

“Yes, Carm! I absolutely can’t watch this movie without it! You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear this!” Laura sounded excited as ever as she lit up, thought she found a piece of the costume she was looking for, only to frown and throw it behind her, realizing it wasn’t the right one.

“There’s always Halloween or costume parties the Zeta’s throw.” She sighed but happily smiled a second later as she plopped down onto Laura’s bed and regarded her girlfriend. As much as she didn’t understand Laura’s obsession with this movie, she’d go along with it if it made her happy.

“No, no. This is special, you’ll see!” Laura exclaimed before continuing to look for the suit.

“I found it!” Laura exclaimed and rapidly started to pull it on.

From downstairs, the doorbell rang and a moment later, LaFontaine bounded up the stairs, yelling: “Laura, show me, show me, show me!” Referring to the costume Laura hadn’t allowed their friend to see until their movie night.

The second LaFontaine came through the door, Laura spun around, outfit all assembled and yelled, “Who you gonna call?!”


My childhood best friend (we basically never talk (aside from Facebook) or see each other and haven’t in nearly 2 decades, which is more than okay because we outgrew each other) is getting married next week and both my mom and I have been invited to the wedding.

I’m more than happy to celebrate someone on their special day, I actually really like weddings. I like families coming together, seeing how the couple look at each other with love in their eyes and the general fun that surrounds a wedding.

However, it just dawned on me that one of her bridesmaids is a nemesis from my childhood. Even at a young age I could see through people like her. They’ve always been bff’s, but I’ve always inadvertently been compared to her. Whether it was her university aspirations, or how fucking wonderful she always was or how much thinner she was (and still is). I hated her for things like that. The amount of times my grandmother would comment on “how lovely and thin” someone like her was, just killed me inside.

And it still does.

My grandma isn’t even alive anymore, the Nemesis has a life that I have ZERO aspirations for and I feel like I have to embody that Charlize Theron gif set (“Think about murder and walk”) at the wedding.

And I will, I will look fucking fantastic and smile and be genuinely happy about a former friend committing to the love of her life. But I am already anticipating running into the Nemesis.

And of course I’ll be sweet, and friendly, but my smile will look just a little bit fake and my laugh will be delighted sounding, even if it doesn’t quite reach my eyes. I will be in a room of people that I used to know before my parents divorce. After the divorce, everyone just kinda of dropped off the face of the earth and so I’ll have all sorts of questions to field as they haven’t seen me in nearly six years.

And as an unemployed, single, 32 year old, I will very much feel like Bridget Jones in a crowd of smug married people.

I’m looking forward to the wedding but not anything else about the day.

Thank god we aren’t close enough to get invited to the dinner as well.

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Haha you cried in front of caitlin!!! we thought you were the cool one but you're just a big baby!

…..Yes, I know, I know.

You can laugh all you want! Ugh, this is my childhood all over again!