let me tell u a lil story about this picture right here. well, you see, I handed Jack my wallet to sign and he opened it and then him and Rian were like oooo money so Rian stole my money and Jack was like don’t worry I’ll shoot him later. up the butt. with my dick. and Matt caught that exact moment via picture and now it is my phone background u r welcome


Clint: It was about three years ago I think. My first assassination mission and my first failed one too. She was fighting off these goons in a hospital gown, practically kicked one guy through a wall. She was my age so It’d be weird if I didn’t have second thoughts.

Natasha: After that he threw down his bow and asked if I wanted to get burgers. Then Phil gave me a job. It was a good day.

I really hate how things are designed assuming everyone will be physically and mentally able-bodied. A truly inclusive environment is proactive, it anticipates needs before they arise. When you create something like a classroom you assume that some student will be too sick to attend physically, and get a video conferencing device, you understand that some students have difficulty reading and need text-to-speech, and ad infinitum. When you make a building you make every door automatic, not just the front, you make sure your lights won’t cause seizures, you have Braille signs and maps. The reason we fail accessibility is because we always have to add on; nothing is made for disability people. The world isn’t created thinking disabled people already exist.