{the professor} || Eisuke Ichinomiya x MC (Reader)

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{the professor}

[college au]

//professor!eisuke ichinomiya x student!reader//

You remain in the back row of your classroom, trying to ignore all of the girl’s excited whispers. You frown upon hearing the whispers increase to an annoying echo and attempt to listen to Mr. Ichinomiya’s lecture once more.

“The basics of all corporations is this: the concept of supply and demand. As long as companies are willing to give consumers what they crave for the most, rest assured they will-”

“Oh my God, he’s so gorgeous!! I was so happy I got to take Macroeconomics with him!”

“Yeah, same with us too, Erika!”

You moan and rub your fingers against your forehead, hearing the girls whisper excitedly about the professor yet again. All I want to do is pass my classes and get my degree in Business. But with all of these interruptions, there’s no way I can remain focused enough.

If you had a choice as to who was your professor, you would have definitely chosen anyone that wasn’t Mr. Ichinomiya. It wasn’t that he was a bad teacher, no, it’s just he was a tad bit too popular for your liking.

You knew how he was pretty much the King in all of Tres Spades University and how popular he was with the female students. Not only was he just a professor here, he was the son of the Dean of this university.

But luck doesn’t seem to be on my side. You yawn and rest your cheek on your right hand, dutifully facing forward as you listened to the professor’s lecture to the best of your ability.

It’s weird; when I have to take the courses Mr. Ichinomiya also HAPPENS to teach, I always seem to end up in his class without fail.

Your eyes were glazed over as you thought about how strange it was that you were always in his section. When you turn your eyes to face the front again, you jolted a little bit in your seat.

Mr. Ichinomiya’s golden eyes were trained on yours, and his gaze was so intense that you had to look away.

This is awkward. Why is he looking at me like that?

“Eeeeee! He looked this way!! Ugh, I can finally die happy now!”

“Oi, pay attention.”

“Y-Yes sir!”

Erika and her lackeys continue to whisper excitedly throughout the class period, and you forget all about how Mr. Ichinomiya was looking at you. You let out a disappointed sigh, seeing as though you only managed to write down a few words here and there across your notebook. The rest of the class period flies by until Mr. Ichinomiya states that class is over.

As always, you remain in your seat, waiting for all of the class to walk out before standing. You gather up your belongings and frown when you feel a presence in front of you. Looking up, you softly gasp and take a step backwards, seeing him before you.

“Mr. Ichinomiya! H-Hello.” You mentally curse at your stuttering, “Uhm, can I help you with anything?”

He gives you a disappointed expression, “I see that your quizzes have been dropping lately.”

“Er yes.” You clear your throat, placing your hands behind your back, “I suppose that I am, but to be honest I believe an 80 is a B in your class, right?”

“As if I would accept such a pathetic excuse from one of my top students. I expect no less than a 100% from you, [Name].”

You watch as Mr. Ichinomiya holds out his hand, “Give me your notebook.”

“Yes sir.” Reaching back into your bag, you pull out your Macroeconomics notebook and hand it to him. You watch as his fingers flip through the pages, stopping at today’s date, “These notes are terrible, you didn’t even get half of my lecture down.”

“Sorry, it’s just a little hard to focus while sitting behind Erika. She’s…distracting.”

“Don’t blame your shortcomings on my other students.” Mr. Ichinomiya slams your notebook shut before handing it back to you, “If you’re so distracted in the back row, then why don’t you just move to the front row?”

He adjusts his tie before making his way back to his desk, “It’s settled. Starting next class, I will be assigning seats from now on. You’ll be seated in the front row directly in front of me.”

“Yes sir.” Although the prospect of sitting in front of class wasn’t too appealing to you, there was no way you could argue against him.

You were close to exiting his class when you suddenly hear him call out to you. “Ah, yes?”

His back was facing you when he spoke, “Tomorrow, at 3 pm, come to my office. I’ll go over today’s lesson again so you better come prepared to take better notes.”

A happy smile graces your features as you respond, “Thank you so much, sir! I promise, I won’t be late!”


It was the next day, and you were heading out of your dorm while walking to Mr. Ichinomiya’s office.

As you were heading toward his building, you pass by an unusual sight, seeing a young man with caramel colored hair splashing several young women while in Tres Spade’s grand water fountain.

You frown and place your bag down on the ground, “Ota, you shouldn’t be swimming in the fountain, what if the Dean sees you?”

Ota hears your voice and faces you, “Oh, if it isn’t [Name]! Come on, don’t be such a wimp, come in here and join us!”

Several giggles were heard as the young girls wrap their arms around the young artist. “I…no, thank you, I don’t swim.”

He smirks before gasping, beckoning you to come closer to him. “Whoa, there’s something on your face! Come over here real quick!”

You panic, not sure what he was talking about when you come closer to him. You see Ota reach out to you before pulling you into the fountain.

“WAHH!!” You land in the shallow waters head first, the chilly water soaking you to the bone as you shivered.

“That’s more like it!” A playful smirk crosses Ota’s features as you gasp for air, feeling embarrassed as the girls surround you. They each point a finger at you, laughing at how your blouse was now see-through because you were soaked.

Before you could cover yourself, a strong pair of arms pulls you out of the fountain, “You’re late.” A cold voice whispers within your ear.

You freeze, seeing Mr. Ichinomiya holding you in his arms as he pulls you out of the fountain. “What gives, Eisuke? I just wanted to give your favorite student a good time.”

“You pull that stunt again and I’ll kick you out of this school for good, Kisaki!” He yells back at the young man before walking away.

You were pressed against his chest, thinking about how surreal this was at being in his arms. Several strange looks were given to you as you remained in his arms, further embarrassing you. “Sir, I-I can walk, honest.”

“Tsk, shut up.” He leans down suddenly, capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. When he slants his lips over yours, you felt all reason fly out of your mind. The kiss was dizzying and addicting to you, and you couldn’t find the proper words to respond to him when he pulls away.

Adjusting his hold on you, Mr. Ichinomiya continues his stride across campus, reaching his office building as you wiggled in his grasp, “W-Wait! This is too much, why did you kiss me like that?!”

“The same reason why I kept you beside me all of these years.”

He reaches the elevator and slams his hand on the elevator button, stepping into the cramped space before pinning you against the wall.

You feel Mr. Ichinomiya run his hot lips across your neck, causing you to moan. “I…I don’t understand. I’m your student, so why…?”

“It’s your damn fault for not fawning over me.

It’s your damn fault for being different, for making me want you for two years straight.

Who do you think it was that made sure that all of your classes were with me?”

You gasp at the revelation. He…He’s admitting it! So he was the one who made me take so many courses with him?!

The elevator slides open again, reaching the floor where his office was located. Picking you up, Mr. Ichinomiya keeps you close to him before placing you on his couch.

Your back meets with the leather cushions, heart racing as the devastatingly handsome man hovers above you. You were enchanted by how gorgeous his golden eyes looked while peering into you, “Mr-”

“It’s Eisuke, call me Eisuke.

Nimble fingers work at unbuttoning your damp blouse, “Now that we’re alone and in my office, let’s get started on your lesson.”

When your collarbone was free for his eyes to see, you feel him bend down to gently nip at your skin. Your hands automatically bury themselves in his strands of soft, dark brown hair, making you gasp as you ask, “And what will you be teaching me?”

A rich chuckle fills your ears, and you hear him whisper hotly, “How to be my girlfriend.”


“I really am glad you tried out.”

“Me too, Bright Eyes.”


Keep Your Head Up is making me insanely happy right now and I die a little bit in a good way when it’s updated I canNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE

everything about theatre AU just


Izzy (can I call you Izzy? Imma call you Izzy ok) you are perfect and I love you for writing this and making my day every time you post a new chapter you are horribly fantastic

Game Of Thrones Imagine

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Imagine saving Bran, Meera and Hodor.

“Meera…” (Y/N) speaks, trying to get Meera’s attention.

“-and some blood sausage.” Meera says to Hodor who soon agrees with her.



“What?” Meera turns to (Y/N) whilst looking annoyed.


(Y/N) pointed to Bran, who’s breath had become cold and have turned into clouds of smoke. (Y/N) got up and ran to the entrance of the cave with Meera trailing behind her. Both had sensed it. They’re here. Outside the cave, the Night’s King stood with rows and rows and rows of White Walkers behind him. He walked two paces and placed his hand on the ground. The ground cracked underneath them and it threatened to collapse the cave. Leaf had shouted at (Y/N) and Meera, causing their attention to divert to Leaf.

“Get Bran and Run!”

(Y/N) and Meera ran and took their swords first before getting to Bran. Meera turns to calm Hodor while (Y/N) tries to wake up Bran from his dream.

“Bran! Bran! Wake up! God damnit! We need you! We need Hodor!”

(Y/N) carries the front of the makeshift stretcher and brings it closer to the roots Bran is resting on so that she/he could carry Bran only for a short distance.

“Hodor! Meera, help me carry Bran.” (Y/N) spoke in calm manner. Meera ran and took hold of Bran’s legs while (Y/N) took his arms.

“Hodor! Calm down.” Meera shouts again, trying to relax the panicking giant.

A Wight had managed to walk into the cave throught the main entrance but was killed by (Y/N) when it was about to stab Meera through the heart. (Y/N) twisted her/his hands and a soft color blue and red appeared. She/He twirled once and threw the fireball which dessimated the Wight.

“Bran! We need Hodor.” (Y/N) cried out to Bran’s unconsious self.

Meanwhile, Bran watches young Ned Stark with the Bloodraven beside him. A faint whisper fell on Bran’s ears and he noticed that it was yours. 

“Wake up, Bran. We need you. We need Hodor.” 

“You should listen to your friend.” The Bloodraven said which made Bran look to Wylis, the young Hodor. Wylis’ eyes turned white and Hodor’s turned white too but returned to the blue it once was. Hodor stood at took hold of Bran in his stretcher.

“Go! I’ll hold them off!” (Y/N) shouted and held off the other wights getting into the cave.

“No!” Meera replied. She took your hand and ran after Hodor who is running towards the exit. (Y/N) looked behind to Leaf who had stopped running.


“Go! Be safe. Protect Bran!”

Leaf turned and took out her last fireball. She let the Wights kill her but if she goes down, they go down. Boom! It went. That explosion gave Meera and Hodor time to open the exit door.

“Meera! I need you to protect Bran with your life.” (Y/N) says, holding Meera’s shoulders once they get out. Hodor is blocking the door with his life and (Y/N) isn’t sure if he’s going to be able to hold the door by himself.


“Promise me!” (Y/N) shouted with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I will. I’ll-I’ll see you soon.” Meera replies and she embraces (Y/N) tightly.

“I love you, Bran.” (Y/N) said and kissed him on the lips. 

“Hodor! Hold the door.” (Y/N) runs over to Hodor and helps him with her powers as she makes a barrier.

“Bran! Listen! I know you’re in there! I need you to listen. I need you to take Hodor with you. I made Meera promise to keep you safe.”

Bran looks to the clear blue sky of Winterfell and tears came rolling down his cheeks as he hears you voice. 

“I love you, (Y/N)! I-I need you.” Bran cries out but (Y/N) doesn’t hear.



“Do you remember the time when i told you the story about the cripple and his caretaker and then you told me that it was too grim so i mixed it with beauty and the beast, cinderella and mulan. You even said that one day we would be husband and wife. You’d be prince charming and i’ll be your princess.” (Y/N) said with a grin making its way onto her face.

“Listen, I need you to look for Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Rickon after this. Move on. Find a girl who can make you happy, marry, have kids, and grow old. Live your life. Live boldly. Just live.” (Y/N) continued.


“Bran! Ugh! Take Hodor and run! Do it, Bran! Now!” 

The white walkers were breaking down the door. Hodor had to leave.or else he’ll die. A hand had managed to scratch (Y/N)’s face. That happened to Hodor earlier. 

“Bran! Hodor! LEAVE!”

Bran was on the ground, weeping, because he had left you. Hodor had run to Meera and Bran’s unconsious body and started carrying the stretcher Bran was on. You were there for him every single step of the way. You hadn’t left him when he was bedridden. You were there when he woke. When he realized that he would be a cripple forever. Everything. There was something in your relationship. A spark. 

(Y/N) closed her eyes and breathed in deeply for one last time. Her skin turned red and fire started to surround her. The wights started screaming frantically. The burning feeling was not present in (Y/N). Only love. The love for Bran Stark.

Boom! The entire tree was gone and the only thing left was the open cave. Yet,a mircle happened. Bran woke.

EXO Reaction when someone says that you are only dating them because they are famous

Ugh.. I hate those people..

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined! <3

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: “Can you..please stop talking shit? Thank you!”

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Chen: “Are you serious? You should disappear now!” *angry af*

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Suho: “I guess that I am old enough, to decide who is good for me and who’s not, so stfu OK?” *sassy*

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Tao: “We are happy together! Bye bye!”

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Lay: “Congrats! I don’t give a fuck!”

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Luhan: “And you were my friend..” *disappointed*

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Sehun: “Do you want to die now, or later?”

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Baekhyun: “I trust my girlfriend. She’s special and wouldn’t do something like this. You’re just jealous.”

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Kai: “Can you see the fuck I give?”

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Kyungsoo: “Repeat that, bish!”

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Kris: “You want a fight?”

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Xiumin: “Of course we will break up now! What do you expect?” *ironic Minseok*

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bennetthedrummer-deactivated201  asked:

I WASNT READY. I WASNT READY. *spoiler* being the one to do all of this was so unexpected. Still happy ASRIEL is alive though... and can go hyperdeath... ugh how could you do this you sneaky lil animator. Gaster's and Asriel's reactions were so sad...

Now that I think about it. Asriel never saw Sans die in any glitchtale timeline. And now that they finally became best friends, he died right on his face…

Oh Gaster’s gonna be pissed lol

Saviour || Peter Maximoff x Reader

A\N: Alright! SO. In this imagine the reader is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate the air. Essentially like Air benders in Avatar the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra (both awesome shows). If you haven’t seen these shows then dude….what are you doing with your life???

Prompt No.2: “Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

Prompt No.13: “I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

Request: “2 and 13 for Peter Maximoff?’

You clung on the thick tree branch hanging on for dear life. Today was definitely not a good day. You had decided to test out if or not you could partially fly by creating a small cyclone around yourself. You had successfully managed to lift yourself 45 feet off the ground but maybe because you had gotten a little too carried away, you had suddenly jerked forward landing painfully in a huge tree. A fall from this height was surely gonna kill you so you had grabbed on firmly to a tree branch. You were sure as hell not going to risk ‘flying’ down to the ground. What if your abilities acted up again and you ended up flailing on your way down? It would probably result in a broken arm and you weren’t so eager to injure yourself.

It had been roughly 10 mins since you were stuck in the tree like a cat. You were praying inwardly that someone would come by, notice you and help you down. You could scream for help but you felt that the branch would be offended and fling you off. No sooner had you said that, Peter suddenly appeared on the spot where a moment ago there was no one.

“[Y\N]?” Peter questioned squinting in your direction.

“Oh great,” you mumbled to yourself. “My knight in shining armor.”

“Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

You sighed and shot a fake smile in his direction, not sure if he caught that. “Well! I thought that today was a good enough day to scale the tallest tree in the whole goddamn yard. And as you can see I did just that!”

“Alright,” Peter said swinging his leg back. “Clearly you don’t need my help. So I’ll be going!”

“Wait! Wait!” you panicked. “Ugh I was testing out my powers and I flew a little but somehow I was thrown into this tree and now I am trying my very best to not die. Happy?”

“Extremely. I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

“Yes yes,” you snapped. “Now that we have that out of the way, can you help out a little instead of just gawking?”

“I don’t know [Y\N],” Peter shrugged. “what’s in it for me?”

You rolled your eyes. “Well Peter, you get to save your only chance of having a love life and also save a life.”

You looked at Peter who was looking at you blankly, clearly not convinced. You cursed inwardly knowing that you’re gonna regret this later.

“I’ll buy you a month supply of twinkies and I’ll do your weeks’ worth of homework.”

At that Peter’s face broke into a grin. “There we go!”

He pulled down his goggles to his eyes and before you knew it you were back on the ground in the safe arms of your boyfriend.

“Thank you,” you whispered before kissing him. You smiled innocently at him before giving him an air blast to his face. “That was for not rescuing me when I first asked you too.”



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Hello lovely lady, I was just wondering could you send me your Midotaka fanfic recs? *winkwonk*

YES! Okay so I’m at work and I should be doing science but I’m trash so I’m doing this now LOL I know this isn’t everything I’ve loved but these were the things I could think of off the top of my head!

(Also, I know I said fic recs but I’m also recommending some doujinshi and also most of it is nsfw LOL oops)


(nsfw)That For Which You Do Not Yearn  (prostitute!AU. absolutely great.)

A Kinda Sorta Fairy Tale (yakuza!AU. short but really nicely done)

(nsfw)Dress Up (good, established relationship, in character smut) 

*******All three of these are written by Lysapadin who is absolutely fantastic and all their Midotaka (and, well, every thing I’ve read of theirs) fics are great but those are my top three 

(nsfw) I-I Didn’t Mean To See That  by rumovercoke (oh bless the smut)

(nsfw) Beast  and (nsfw)Fingers by leona-dracontis (This author has a lot of midotaka and it’s all good. I picked these two because damn I love a thirsty midorima and kill me all the hand porn for this pairing is just fantastic)

(nsfw)I’ll Wait for you where the Chrysanthemums Bloom (another prostitute AU but its set in the past. It’s not finished but I think its still worth reading. Midorima kind of acts like a dick though (but i mean who’s surprised)) 


【緑高】リアカーに乗るまでの【腐】(damn this is just really cute I can’t) 

Wait ‘Till You Fall In Love (omg midorima confessing first is my lifeblood)

There’s No Way Ace-sama Is Jealous (yeah he’s jealous and its adorable)

(nsfw) Fura Fura and (nsfw) Kira Kira (okay I don’t what it is about these but I’ve read them both a million times. Read Fura Fura first. it features uke!midorima which I honestly like a bit better with these two :D the second one is a future AU but its really cute. This artist has a third one but I’ve never found a translation of it) 

(nsfw)Fortune Comes (again i love thirsty midorima)

Poetic Sentiment (kill me its too cute) 

(nsfw) Re: Package Play (i’ve read this so many times it feels like a classic to me LOL but yeah crossplay I dig it) 

Placebo (please read this just omg read it) 

チャリア漫画 (I just like shota midorima what can I say) 

Awkward  (takao is such a nerd i want 20 of him)

(nsfw)あんまり幸せではない高尾と緑間の話 (not very happy but i really like it anyways????) 

高尾誕生日漫画 (ugh too cute for words) 

Exposure to Sparkles (I can die happy because of this) 



(And lastly if you haven’t listened to/read this please, please do)