“I really am glad you tried out.”

“Me too, Bright Eyes.”


Keep Your Head Up is making me insanely happy right now and I die a little bit in a good way when it’s updated I canNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE

everything about theatre AU just


Izzy (can I call you Izzy? Imma call you Izzy ok) you are perfect and I love you for writing this and making my day every time you post a new chapter you are horribly fantastic

EXO Reaction when someone says that you are only dating them because they are famous

Ugh.. I hate those people..

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined! <3

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: “Can you..please stop talking shit? Thank you!”

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Chen: “Are you serious? You should disappear now!” *angry af*

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Suho: “I guess that I am old enough, to decide who is good for me and who’s not, so stfu OK?” *sassy*

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Tao: “We are happy together! Bye bye!”

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Lay: “Congrats! I don’t give a fuck!”

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Luhan: “And you were my friend..” *disappointed*

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Sehun: “Do you want to die now, or later?”

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Baekhyun: “I trust my girlfriend. She’s special and wouldn’t do something like this. You’re just jealous.”

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Kai: “Can you see the fuck I give?”

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Kyungsoo: “Repeat that, bish!”

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Kris: “You want a fight?”

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Xiumin: “Of course we will break up now! What do you expect?” *ironic Minseok*

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