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I WASNT READY. I WASNT READY. *spoiler* being the one to do all of this was so unexpected. Still happy ASRIEL is alive though... and can go hyperdeath... ugh how could you do this you sneaky lil animator. Gaster's and Asriel's reactions were so sad...

Now that I think about it. Asriel never saw Sans die in any glitchtale timeline. And now that they finally became best friends, he died right on his face…

Oh Gaster’s gonna be pissed lol

EXO Reaction when someone says that you are only dating them because they are famous

Ugh.. I hate those people..

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined! <3

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: “Can you..please stop talking shit? Thank you!”

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Chen: “Are you serious? You should disappear now!” *angry af*

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Suho: “I guess that I am old enough, to decide who is good for me and who’s not, so stfu OK?” *sassy*

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Tao: “We are happy together! Bye bye!”

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Lay: “Congrats! I don’t give a fuck!”

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Luhan: “And you were my friend..” *disappointed*

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Sehun: “Do you want to die now, or later?”

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Baekhyun: “I trust my girlfriend. She’s special and wouldn’t do something like this. You’re just jealous.”

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Kai: “Can you see the fuck I give?”

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Kyungsoo: “Repeat that, bish!”

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Kris: “You want a fight?”

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Xiumin: “Of course we will break up now! What do you expect?” *ironic Minseok*

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