vixx in toronto

- the most blessed thing to ever happen to me tbh

- probably the best concert ive ever been to by far

- the seats i had were amazIng and i always made eye contact ken or leo and sjsjjsndnd

- before the show started someone coughed into the mic (i swear it was ravi) and we all di ed

- the lights turned and a fucking. air canada commercial came on ugH

- but when vixx came out everyone was gOne

- opened with fantasy and fucking kILLED IT

- leo was mc for games, they spoke and read in english, ken would copy everything the translater would say, you would hear ‘whAt ?’ literally ever second

- n was such a savage he was talking but the translator was waiting for him and then there was this silence and then “why arent you translating me ?”

- and in his first ment he was like yeah acting yeah musicals etc, etc, ,,,,, then “done” with a little hand x it was the cUtest thing

- and leo was talking about his musical and he stopped and there was just a silence before “thats it” lmaO

- i could literally listen to them talk for yeArs on end their voices are so nice esoecially hongbins and ravis oh jesus

- chained up and the closer were so goo d bdhshsjans

- leo kept pointing everywhere

- hongbin is flAwless omg

- kens and ns fucking smirks made me want to fall into hell

- at one point i fell off my chair i kid you not

- during to us there was a fan project where we all held up stars with our bias’ names on em and n was like “thanks but we’ve seen that before step up you gAme”

- and after dynamite we were supposed to sing happy birthday when leo started his ment

- so we literally fucking interupted him with “hAPPy bIrthdAy to yoU”

- i think it was leo who touched ns shoulder and he just fucking shoved him off what a savag e

- hyuk was so fuckin g cute aH

- ravi went hARD in black out

- leo started singing like 'ba ba ba’ while ken beatboxed

- hyuk sang photograph and did an impression of a goddamn minion

- n was like “youve been practicing that a lot” and hyuk was like “not reADy” in english blESs

- it was such a fun time when we sang heaven and love equation g o d

- it was like a party

- they looked so happy it made me happy ahHHh

- and then they said bye :(

- bUt now its time for the hi touch !!!!

- worth all my money im telling you

- even tho the staff were confusing us and and yelling to go faster

- i enjoyed it all the same

- first was leo, then hongbin, ravi, ken, hyuk, lastly n

- some of them were leaning over the table like damn leo was strEtching

- but he was so cute so precious omg his undercheeks i love them ugh

- and hongbins hands were so sOft like him

- ravi and ken are so big its nsnahdhds and ken said i love you and it made me mElt

- hyuk smiled at me and ever since i cant remove the image from my head (its not a bad thing tbH)

- and n said thank you like the kween he is god

- their hands were so warm im never gonna forget this oml

- i can die happy now tbh

- stan vixx yall

Need To Be Loved ( Warren Worthington III x Reader)

A/N: I’m feeling really down and alone lately and I needed to write it. So the reader is basically in the same state as I was some says ago, except that I don’t have an angel or anyone to make me feel better. I hope you will like it and I take this opportunity to tell you that if you ever feel the need to talk I’m right there, ready to help you.

Words: 1587

Warnings: Sadness and use of the word “ Fucking” and “ shit”. Apart from that a bit of fluff.

Useless. That’s how you felt right at this moment, your day couldn’t have been more awful. Your parents still didn’t aknowledge the fact that you were working your ass off at school and they treated you like a child. Your friends annoyed you all day with their boyfriends and how they were “so cute”, while you were alone and totally not the kind of girl that guys were dreaming about. You wanted to punch your friends and honestly you wanted to punch everyone. And to top all of that your grades were completely lame even with all the work you were doing.

You wanted to cry and scream at the top of your lungs to realease every negative feelings inside of you. As the tears flowed and rolled down your cheeks, your mind was blurry and you needed the only person that could make you feel better and that you loved more than anything. You have been driving and crying for the past twenty minutes when you finally pulled up the courtyard of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. After you’d turn off the engine, you let your head fall against the headrest. You inhale et exhale deeply, trying to calm down your breathing, wiped your cheeks and waited for all the signs showing that you’d been crying to disappear.

Before exiting your car, you put on a fake smile and walked to the manor, eager to finally see your precious angel. When you entered the building you didn’t bother to make an appearance in the living room to salute your other friends, you knew that they’ll see right through you, especially Jean with her telepathic powers . You walked to the room you knew all too well and stopped in front of the door to take one last breathe. You knocked and waited for for it to open and finally offering you some relief, and when it did, it was like the weight of the whole planet was lifted off your shoulders.

Warren appeared in the doorway, when he saw you his beautiful smile illuminated his face and warmed your heart.

The light coming from his room was envelopping his frame and made him look like a real angel. His blond locks were a bit ruffled as well as his feathers and for you it was by far the cutest thing ever.

-“ Hey you.” he said

You mirrored his smile and threw yourself on him, wrapping your arms tightly around him. You heard him chuckling as he wrapped his own arms around you as his wings did the same creating a cocoon around both of you.

-“ Am I that irresistible ?” he asked

-“ No, you aren’t, it’s just that your wings are good for hugs” you answer, trying to joke to convince him and yourself that everything was fine.

He laughed and pulled away so he could see your face.

-“ Let’s get inside” he kept one of his wings around you to pull you inside of his bedroom.

He closed the door behind the two of you and you directly went to sit on his bed

-“ What do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” Warren asked, sitting next to you.

You let out a long sigh as you let yourself fall on your back on the bed.

-“ I wanted to see my favorite person in the whole universe, that’s all”

He laid down beside you and turned his head in your direction.

-“ You’re aware that I know you inside out, right?”

You kept your gaze fixed on the ceiling, ignoring his question.

He pivoted on his side, supporting himself on his elbow so he could get a proper look at you. As you felt his gaze on you, your eyes started to fill with tears an you couldn’t escape him.

He saw a tear rolling down your cheek and moved himself again, he pass his arm under you and the other around your middle to bring you against him. He hugged you tightly agaisnt his chest as you let the tears and sobs win you over . You wrapped your arms around him and buried your head into his shirt, soaking it with your tears. You felt Warren rubbed your back soothingly and was holding your head against him with his hand, massaging your scalp.

He wrapped his wings around you, recreating the cocoon you felt so safe in. He let you calm down and when the sobs has died down he asked.

-“ Tell me what’s wrong. Who do I have to beat up?”

You let out a small laugh

-“ No one, it’s just…just a bad day”

You sniffed and closed your eyes, trying to supress the burning sensation in them.

-“ Do you want to tell me what happened?”

You unwrap your arm from around him and wiped your cheeks of all the tears. You then regained your breathing and cuddled yourself back into Warren.

-“ I’ve had enough. I fee like I’m all alone even surrounded by my loved ones. My parents don’t understand me and every time I try to talk with them it end up in a screaming match. And all of my friends are blabbering about their boyfriends all day long.” You then took a ridiculous girly voice to imitate your friends:“ ” Mine is so cute" “ My boy is so sexy” “ He know how to cook so well, he likes cuddling and send me cute texts before bed” Ugh!!! I’m saturating ! And the worst is that they always ask me If I still don’t have anyone. Of course I don’t have a boyfriend! I’m an under-average girl, I don’t wear make up, I’m not glamorous.“

You tone became sarcastic and Warren could tell that you were about to explode.

-” I’m all alone, I’ll never get a boyfriend, I won’t get married and I’ll never have children. I will die, still a virgin, alone and surrounded by a dozen of cats “

Now sadness had replaced the anger.

-” You’re the only one person that can understand me. Only you can make me happy when everything is wrong.“

You wiped the few tears that escape during your speech.

-” Everyone is finding their way, they make decisive choices of life and find love, while my only source of happiness is, well, you. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about you. I…“ a sob escaped your mouth ” I don’t know where I’m going in life" .

You started crying again and Warren couldn’t do anything but to let you cry, curled up against him and giving your his support by holding you.

Warren couldn’t believe what he was hearing. You, who always seemed so happy when you were with him, complaining about some things of course, you were human, but never showing any sign of such unhappiness. You were one of the only few things he had in life, his best friend, the one he could always count on when he was feeling down and he could tell you everything without fearing of being judged.

The only reason he was still alive and sane was completely falling apart and he didn’t know what to do. He saw you crying before but not that much. You were a crying and sobbing mess in his arms as he held you as tight as ever.

Warren loved you. He always had. The way you always accepted him like he was, praising his mutation and always putting him first. After everything he went through: his father, his exile in Berlin, the cage, Apocalypse, his new mutations, the judgements et insults from the other mutants, and when he got his feathery wings back. You were here for everything, always praising him, promising that everything will be alright.

And finally after everything you did for him he wasn’t capable of comforting you properly.

-“ Everything will be alright” he whispered in your ear, trying to sound like he was convinced of what he was saying.

You sniffed.

-“ No, nothing will be alright. I tell myself that everyday but it’s not working. It’s the same shit as always, arguing with my parents, that I’m sure I’ll never get along with, failing everything I do, and nobody wants me, I’m ugly, stupid and full of negativity and bad karma. ”

The second you finished your sentence a sob took over and put you back in your previous state.

-“ Don’t say that. You have me and I’ll be by your side forever. I know I’m not the best at comforting but if you need me I’ll do everything in my power to make you feel better. You are beautiful, smart and full of qualities. If other people don’t see that, then it’s their loss; but for me, you are the best person in this fucked up world.”

He slightly back up from you, without loosening his hold on you and kissed your forehead.

-“ I love you” he whispered

As you heard the three words you force your sobs to stop and made an effort to steady your breathing. When you felt yourself able to form words, you sniffed and wiped the tears on your cheeks.

-“ I love you” you whispered back, tightening your embrace.

Both of your faces lit up with similar smiles as the two of you share your mutual feelings through a messy and wet embrace. Because no one could make you feel better than your lovely angel.

Orphan Black 5x08

Long rambling ahead because I’ve been crying for hours and I’m a mess. Feel free to message me with your comments and opinions, or if you just want to cry. We need to be each others’ emotional support system during this difficult time. Also, spoilers.

Devastated. Shattered. Heartbroken. Angry. I am falling apart over here you guys. This episode killed me. I knew that it was coming but I still held a sliver of hope in my heart. I realised my hope was void as soon as the episode began though. S’s calmness, the heartfelt scenes with her, Felix and Sarah, and the whole S/Rachel/Ferdifuck reveal all pointed in one direction. 

In all, the episode was very good. I loved how things are starting to come together, how freedom for our clones is so close. The whole thing with the evidence against the Neolutionists made my heart happy. Finally the assholes get what they deserve. I was happy to see an S-centric episode (though I would’ve gladly gone without it if it would’ve ended differently). I loved that the episode showed us some normalcy, showed us all the characters just being a family and supporting each other.

Felix’s art show was really well made and I’m happy that the writers didn’t just forget about his passion for art, but actually took it and turned it into something beautiful. I loved how all the clones got to be a part of it and the concept just further proved the artistic genius that Felix is. And don’t even get me started on his speech to S, Sarah and Adele. I was full on sobbing at this point. 

So to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture. brb having a breakdown. I need this quote on everything I own

The Cophine scenes made my heart so happy. There wasn’t a lot of them but the little that we got was so beautiful. The fact that Delphine bought the painting of Cosima, and the way they clicked ‘send’ together. Ugh, just beautiful. I love that they are slowly inching towards genuine happiness. I just want them to be safe, in love and happy. At least give me this, OB. pLEASE. 

Ooh and then we have Helena! I felt a little bit bad for Gracie but honestly she had it coming. And the Neolutionists are idiots if they think that they can take down Helena. She is unstoppable and has the skill and strength of a killing machine. And now she has her children to fight for sooo I’m sorry but y’all gonna die. You do not threaten babies, ‘kay??

*Takes deep breath* okay here we go. Siobhan Sadler. My favourite character, the one I’ve looked up to and loved since day one. She’s gone, but died a fucking hero. I knew that they were going to kill her off, but watching the episode and seeing them build up the love for Siobhan did not make it easier. She had a perfect plan figured out that would ensure freedom for her family, but she knew that she wasn’t going to make it. I thought the scene of her arranging the flowers for Felix was such a beautiful scene because it was sort of like foreshadowing for a future parallel where Felix and Sarah have to arrange flowers for her (why am i doing this to myself? ;___; ) I know a reading of the letter she wrote is coming and it’s going to break me. Just seeing S writing it was so heart wrenching ugghh. Maria is so bloody good, god damn. 

Siobhan working with Rachel and Ferdifuck (yes I will forever call him this, he isn’t even worth that) added another layer to her and made me love her even more. She does whatever it takes to keep her family safe, she would sacrifice herself for her family’s happiness and that is exactly what she did. When Rachel called to say that Ferdifuck had survived the meeting, S knew that he was coming for her and that the chance of her surviving was slim, but her family’s safety was on the line and she’ll be damned if she let Ferdifuck anywhere near them. Side note: I hate Rachel slightly less now. 

I screamed the moment Ferdifuck shot her and at this point I was crying rivers and having a full on breakdown. He thought he had her. But NOPE, he underestimated Siobhan mothereffin Sadler. Her asking for the photo of Felix and Sarah in order to be able to grab the gun was such a genius yet heartbreaking move. She shot him and I have never been this happy. I loved her final words

You know, as a woman, I’m 14% more likely to survive a gunshot wound than you are. Maybe not this one but, okay, it’s been a good run.” 

Such a Siobhan thing to say, but it killed me. Deep down she hoped she would survive, but she was content with dying. She had protected her family, her bond with her children was stronger than ever and she passed knowing that they had a bright future. The last thing she saw was Felix and Sarah smiling.

Chickens.” cue sherry ugly sobbing. realises kira is going to have to deal with this as well. remembers kira calling s “home.” cries even more. Who needs a heart anyway?

Do I think Siobhan Sadler deserved better? Hell yes. I think the writers got a little too kill happy this season and wanted one death that would shock us more than ever, one that really hurt. I mean, yeah…sure. But I think killing her off when there’s only two episodes left was unnecessary and didn’t do much plot-wise. Ferdifuck could’ve gone out a different way (even though I’m really glad that it was by S’s hand, especially after she had been shot herself. It only proved how fucking bad ass she was and that Ferdifuck was never better than her). There’s still so many things that need to be resolved and there is not enough time for us to properly see how S’s death affects everyone and how they bounce back from it. I might’ve been more okay with it if it had happened earlier on because then I feel like it would have served a point to the story: to have the characters grow even more and take what S taught them and try to heal. Now I feel like everything might be too rushed. 

The episode was an emotional roller coaster and I am so broken. Siobhan Sadler is the role model everyone should have and no one would have been able to play her as well as Maria. She brought a depth and life to Siobhan that I don’t think anyone else could have accomplished. 

S became everything I needed in a female role model. My own mum passed away two years ago and S - as well as Maria and her music, but that’s a different story - helped me so much. I won’t go into that now though. 


Thank you, Siobhan, for everything. ♡

Game Of Thrones Imagine

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Imagine saving Bran, Meera and Hodor.

“Meera…” (Y/N) speaks, trying to get Meera’s attention.

“-and some blood sausage.” Meera says to Hodor who soon agrees with her.



“What?” Meera turns to (Y/N) whilst looking annoyed.


(Y/N) pointed to Bran, who’s breath had become cold and have turned into clouds of smoke. (Y/N) got up and ran to the entrance of the cave with Meera trailing behind her. Both had sensed it. They’re here. Outside the cave, the Night’s King stood with rows and rows and rows of White Walkers behind him. He walked two paces and placed his hand on the ground. The ground cracked underneath them and it threatened to collapse the cave. Leaf had shouted at (Y/N) and Meera, causing their attention to divert to Leaf.

“Get Bran and Run!”

(Y/N) and Meera ran and took their swords first before getting to Bran. Meera turns to calm Hodor while (Y/N) tries to wake up Bran from his dream.

“Bran! Bran! Wake up! God damnit! We need you! We need Hodor!”

(Y/N) carries the front of the makeshift stretcher and brings it closer to the roots Bran is resting on so that she/he could carry Bran only for a short distance.

“Hodor! Meera, help me carry Bran.” (Y/N) spoke in calm manner. Meera ran and took hold of Bran’s legs while (Y/N) took his arms.

“Hodor! Calm down.” Meera shouts again, trying to relax the panicking giant.

A Wight had managed to walk into the cave throught the main entrance but was killed by (Y/N) when it was about to stab Meera through the heart. (Y/N) twisted her/his hands and a soft color blue and red appeared. She/He twirled once and threw the fireball which dessimated the Wight.

“Bran! We need Hodor.” (Y/N) cried out to Bran’s unconsious self.

Meanwhile, Bran watches young Ned Stark with the Bloodraven beside him. A faint whisper fell on Bran’s ears and he noticed that it was yours. 

“Wake up, Bran. We need you. We need Hodor.” 

“You should listen to your friend.” The Bloodraven said which made Bran look to Wylis, the young Hodor. Wylis’ eyes turned white and Hodor’s turned white too but returned to the blue it once was. Hodor stood at took hold of Bran in his stretcher.

“Go! I’ll hold them off!” (Y/N) shouted and held off the other wights getting into the cave.

“No!” Meera replied. She took your hand and ran after Hodor who is running towards the exit. (Y/N) looked behind to Leaf who had stopped running.


“Go! Be safe. Protect Bran!”

Leaf turned and took out her last fireball. She let the Wights kill her but if she goes down, they go down. Boom! It went. That explosion gave Meera and Hodor time to open the exit door.

“Meera! I need you to protect Bran with your life.” (Y/N) says, holding Meera’s shoulders once they get out. Hodor is blocking the door with his life and (Y/N) isn’t sure if he’s going to be able to hold the door by himself.


“Promise me!” (Y/N) shouted with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I will. I’ll-I’ll see you soon.” Meera replies and she embraces (Y/N) tightly.

“I love you, Bran.” (Y/N) said and kissed him on the lips. 

“Hodor! Hold the door.” (Y/N) runs over to Hodor and helps him with her powers as she makes a barrier.

“Bran! Listen! I know you’re in there! I need you to listen. I need you to take Hodor with you. I made Meera promise to keep you safe.”

Bran looks to the clear blue sky of Winterfell and tears came rolling down his cheeks as he hears you voice. 

“I love you, (Y/N)! I-I need you.” Bran cries out but (Y/N) doesn’t hear.



“Do you remember the time when i told you the story about the cripple and his caretaker and then you told me that it was too grim so i mixed it with beauty and the beast, cinderella and mulan. You even said that one day we would be husband and wife. You’d be prince charming and i’ll be your princess.” (Y/N) said with a grin making its way onto her face.

“Listen, I need you to look for Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Rickon after this. Move on. Find a girl who can make you happy, marry, have kids, and grow old. Live your life. Live boldly. Just live.” (Y/N) continued.


“Bran! Ugh! Take Hodor and run! Do it, Bran! Now!” 

The white walkers were breaking down the door. Hodor had to leave.or else he’ll die. A hand had managed to scratch (Y/N)’s face. That happened to Hodor earlier. 

“Bran! Hodor! LEAVE!”

Bran was on the ground, weeping, because he had left you. Hodor had run to Meera and Bran’s unconsious body and started carrying the stretcher Bran was on. You were there for him every single step of the way. You hadn’t left him when he was bedridden. You were there when he woke. When he realized that he would be a cripple forever. Everything. There was something in your relationship. A spark. 

(Y/N) closed her eyes and breathed in deeply for one last time. Her skin turned red and fire started to surround her. The wights started screaming frantically. The burning feeling was not present in (Y/N). Only love. The love for Bran Stark.

Boom! The entire tree was gone and the only thing left was the open cave. Yet,a mircle happened. Bran woke.

“I really am glad you tried out.”

“Me too, Bright Eyes.”


Keep Your Head Up is making me insanely happy right now and I die a little bit in a good way when it’s updated I canNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE

everything about theatre AU just


Izzy (can I call you Izzy? Imma call you Izzy ok) you are perfect and I love you for writing this and making my day every time you post a new chapter you are horribly fantastic

EXO Reaction when someone says that you are only dating them because they are famous

Ugh.. I hate those people..

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined! <3

Myun n.n

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Can you..please stop talking shit? Thank you!”

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Chen: “Are you serious? You should disappear now!” *angry af*

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Suho: “I guess that I am old enough, to decide who is good for me and who’s not, so stfu OK?” *sassy*

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Tao: “We are happy together! Bye bye!”

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Lay: “Congrats! I don’t give a fuck!”

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Luhan: “And you were my friend..” *disappointed*

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Sehun: “Do you want to die now, or later?”

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Baekhyun: “I trust my girlfriend. She’s special and wouldn’t do something like this. You’re just jealous.”

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Kai: “Can you see the fuck I give?”

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Kyungsoo: “Repeat that, bish!”

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Kris: “You want a fight?”

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Xiumin: “Of course we will break up now! What do you expect?” *ironic Minseok*

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Me: Ugh! Cute romance is hard! I don’t want to write it! Can’t I just have characters get killed in brutal ways by xenomorph-like creatures?!

Also me: You can but honestly you took this on as a challenge to make yourself a more versatile and well-rounded writer. You already know how to make characters die in horrific ways, now you need to learn how to be nice and cute and sweet with them to make the audience happy.

Also also me: Think how much people will cry when you eventually write your next sci-fi fi horror story, but you’ve gotten them really really invested in a sweet loving relationship between two of the main characters. And then you kill them off in horrible ways.

Saviour || Peter Maximoff x Reader

A\N: Alright! SO. In this imagine the reader is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate the air. Essentially like Air benders in Avatar the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra (both awesome shows). If you haven’t seen these shows then dude….what are you doing with your life???

Prompt No.2: “Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

Prompt No.13: “I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

Request: “2 and 13 for Peter Maximoff?’

You clung on the thick tree branch hanging on for dear life. Today was definitely not a good day. You had decided to test out if or not you could partially fly by creating a small cyclone around yourself. You had successfully managed to lift yourself 45 feet off the ground but maybe because you had gotten a little too carried away, you had suddenly jerked forward landing painfully in a huge tree. A fall from this height was surely gonna kill you so you had grabbed on firmly to a tree branch. You were sure as hell not going to risk ‘flying’ down to the ground. What if your abilities acted up again and you ended up flailing on your way down? It would probably result in a broken arm and you weren’t so eager to injure yourself.

It had been roughly 10 mins since you were stuck in the tree like a cat. You were praying inwardly that someone would come by, notice you and help you down. You could scream for help but you felt that the branch would be offended and fling you off. No sooner had you said that, Peter suddenly appeared on the spot where a moment ago there was no one.

“[Y\N]?” Peter questioned squinting in your direction.

“Oh great,” you mumbled to yourself. “My knight in shining armor.”

“Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

You sighed and shot a fake smile in his direction, not sure if he caught that. “Well! I thought that today was a good enough day to scale the tallest tree in the whole goddamn yard. And as you can see I did just that!”

“Alright,” Peter said swinging his leg back. “Clearly you don’t need my help. So I’ll be going!”

“Wait! Wait!” you panicked. “Ugh I was testing out my powers and I flew a little but somehow I was thrown into this tree and now I am trying my very best to not die. Happy?”

“Extremely. I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

“Yes yes,” you snapped. “Now that we have that out of the way, can you help out a little instead of just gawking?”

“I don’t know [Y\N],” Peter shrugged. “what’s in it for me?”

You rolled your eyes. “Well Peter, you get to save your only chance of having a love life and also save a life.”

You looked at Peter who was looking at you blankly, clearly not convinced. You cursed inwardly knowing that you’re gonna regret this later.

“I’ll buy you a month supply of twinkies and I’ll do your weeks’ worth of homework.”

At that Peter’s face broke into a grin. “There we go!”

He pulled down his goggles to his eyes and before you knew it you were back on the ground in the safe arms of your boyfriend.

“Thank you,” you whispered before kissing him. You smiled innocently at him before giving him an air blast to his face. “That was for not rescuing me when I first asked you too.”



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I WASNT READY. I WASNT READY. *spoiler* being the one to do all of this was so unexpected. Still happy ASRIEL is alive though... and can go hyperdeath... ugh how could you do this you sneaky lil animator. Gaster's and Asriel's reactions were so sad...

Now that I think about it. Asriel never saw Sans die in any glitchtale timeline. And now that they finally became best friends, he died right on his face…

Oh Gaster’s gonna be pissed lol

Ok can we talk about Eijun’s face here??? other than him throwing smoking hot smug faces that make me go kyaaa i’m really happy we get to see his confidence in pitching again. i mean, he’s up against Raichi here. The awesome monkey batter who fuckin destroyed him during their practice game. normally he’d be hesitating his own pitching skills but damn look at that expression. it’s so full of confidence and determination to pitch. when miyuki signalled a pitch, you can tell Eijun knew what he wanted. What they wanted. And ugh, the feels of this batter. Like what Mei said:

and I just—this battery is the death of me. And look:

their names are in one sentence it makes me so emotional. 

And i’m so glad Sanada used “they” instead of “catcher” or even “southpaw pitcher” or whatever individuality to described them. This hell of a fine ace acknowledge that their clean-up batter lost to the Miyuki-Sawamura battery.

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Hello lovely lady, I was just wondering could you send me your Midotaka fanfic recs? *winkwonk*

YES! Okay so I’m at work and I should be doing science but I’m trash so I’m doing this now LOL I know this isn’t everything I’ve loved but these were the things I could think of off the top of my head!

(Also, I know I said fic recs but I’m also recommending some doujinshi and also most of it is nsfw LOL oops)


(nsfw)That For Which You Do Not Yearn  (prostitute!AU. absolutely great.)

A Kinda Sorta Fairy Tale (yakuza!AU. short but really nicely done)

(nsfw)Dress Up (good, established relationship, in character smut) 

*******All three of these are written by Lysapadin who is absolutely fantastic and all their Midotaka (and, well, every thing I’ve read of theirs) fics are great but those are my top three 

(nsfw) I-I Didn’t Mean To See That  by rumovercoke (oh bless the smut)

(nsfw) Beast  and (nsfw)Fingers by leona-dracontis (This author has a lot of midotaka and it’s all good. I picked these two because damn I love a thirsty midorima and kill me all the hand porn for this pairing is just fantastic)

(nsfw)I’ll Wait for you where the Chrysanthemums Bloom (another prostitute AU but its set in the past. It’s not finished but I think its still worth reading. Midorima kind of acts like a dick though (but i mean who’s surprised)) 


【緑高】リアカーに乗るまでの【腐】(damn this is just really cute I can’t) 

Wait ‘Till You Fall In Love (omg midorima confessing first is my lifeblood)

There’s No Way Ace-sama Is Jealous (yeah he’s jealous and its adorable)

(nsfw) Fura Fura and (nsfw) Kira Kira (okay I don’t what it is about these but I’ve read them both a million times. Read Fura Fura first. it features uke!midorima which I honestly like a bit better with these two :D the second one is a future AU but its really cute. This artist has a third one but I’ve never found a translation of it) 

(nsfw)Fortune Comes (again i love thirsty midorima)

Poetic Sentiment (kill me its too cute) 

(nsfw) Re: Package Play (i’ve read this so many times it feels like a classic to me LOL but yeah crossplay I dig it) 

Placebo (please read this just omg read it) 

チャリア漫画 (I just like shota midorima what can I say) 

Awkward  (takao is such a nerd i want 20 of him)

(nsfw)あんまり幸せではない高尾と緑間の話 (not very happy but i really like it anyways????) 

高尾誕生日漫画 (ugh too cute for words) 

Exposure to Sparkles (I can die happy because of this) 



(And lastly if you haven’t listened to/read this please, please do) 


My mouth and entire body really hurt from smiling and laughing so much I kid you not. The Amazing Tour was so much fun, and honestly I felt so incredible and lucky to be a part of it. Especially to have met Dan and Phil, in person, my two biggest role models and really heroes, two of the kindest and sweetest human beings on this earth, something I never thought would be possible. Thank you, @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil , for bringing laughter and joy into my life. You never fail to make me and I’m sure everybody else who watches you feel special and loved, and the show truly made me feel that way as well. (There’s really no other to put it besides that. I have a lot of emotions about all of this.)
What a beautiful way to fill my otherwise empty existence. Thank you guys!