Allen Leech and Matthew Goode in the Christmas Special.


#1 “I Have Evil Inside of Me, Michael”: This is, arguably, the best episode of the series, in large part thanks to Maggie Q’s mesmerizing performance. Nikita’s palpable anger that Michael would sacrifice himself just so they could be together faded into devastation as she confessed that he would not love her if he knew what she was capable of. The raw anguish in Q’s delivery made this scene almost painful to watch. And Shane West’s earnestness as Michael told Nikita that he loved even the darkest parts of her was equally devastating. Their performances elevated the material and helped to make this the quintessential Michael/Nikita scene.  

The 15 Most Pivotal Moments of Michael and Nikita’s Relationship.

Oliver and Barry continue to bring one of the most fun dynamics of the Flarrow-verse whenever they share the screen. The greater sense of equality between them this year is a logical progression from their interactions last year, and the writers nailed the tone for humor between them. Barry bouncing off of Oliver works so much better than Barry poking fun at Oliver, and Oliver downshifting from the impatience of the first crossover to fond exasperation in this crossover was a welcome change. Barry and Oliver are actually better with one another than they are with many of the supporting characters on their own shows, so the boys working together whenever they cross paths is a treat. Barry talking Oliver into a hug was one of the most endearing scenes of an episode that saw most relationships on the rocks, and Oliver calming Barry through his time travel yips was a great big brother moment.
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Holy shit…that episode was so fucking amazing…like what…what the fuck…Caroline’s kinda badass with no humanity, and Stefan turning it off too so now they can be like Bonnie and Clyde, but like a 100 times more sexier.
The fact that badass Bonnie is back better and stronger than ever, and absolutely done taking any bullshit from anyone.
Bamon scenes.
Kai’s apology (ugh I want them to be together[temporarily]). 
Even Sarah Salvatore and Enzo.
AHHH all this chemistry, acting, writing, badassery is too much to handle. Bravo Ian Somerhalder. This episode made me swoon, cry, laugh, honestly it was one of the best.
—  The Vampire Diaries 6x16 
Insta-Reaction - 6x08

So, I’m trying to use xkit on my phone on so-so hotel wifi and nothing will load, but I had to pop in anyways.

I’m… ugh. How does my Klaine-loving heart react? There are moments that are going to make beautiful gifs and my darling boys are married. But…

It feels incomplete. It feels rushed, cheated, short-cut. They’ve shown us such a wonderful arc between the two of them over the last seven episodes, and then it feels like they completely rushed through the best part: the resolution.

The bones of it were there, but every scene needed a few more beats to let it resonate, a few more moments of dialogue to show us what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling. (And some of it just didn’t make any damn sense - “I still love you and everything is okay now so will you… go to the wedding with me??” THAT is what you wanted to ask??)

And you can give me a moms/TROUBLETONES number in unflattering dresses, but you don’t want to give the newlyweds a real first dance?

Like I said, there were sweet moments and there will be pretty gifs and I am happy that they are happy.

But on the whole, I’m sad to say that I feel unsatisfied.


I have been lying to you. Since the day that we met. Ok, no surprise there. Alright, let me start over. Ummm……I didn’t travel to the Cape when I was a kid. Well, we didn’t travel anywhere. No one ever left Corwich. Not until the war came. And my regiment went off to fight the British. […] I know historical events really really well. That’s because I lived them. And events from my childhood….they’re so sketchy because I haven’t been a child since the 1760s. Alright, it’s not making sense. It’s not making sense. It’s not making logical sense. But listen. You’ve been thinking it. Something is off. Every time that I have made a bad excuse or every time that I haven’t been there for you. Or made you question yourself. Now I didn’t want that for you, Kat.

You deserve the truth.


one aidan & josh scene per episode house hunting


one aidan & josh scene per episode →  what’s blood got to do with it?


one aidan & josh scene per episode (i loathe you) for sentimental reasons