look at these boys.

we have bitty- half awake, pissed off bitty. tears in his eyes because his boy just hauled his ass from the airport to support him but angry because he thought it wasn’t necessary. his heart is melting but he’s trying his best to be pissed off.

and we have jack- raindrops streaming from his hair down to his chin, still in the clothes he was in while getting off the plane. not being able to respond to bitty’s anger because it’s all Too Much, only keeping him stable with his hands. and. look at his pupils. so gotdamn big. this boy is so in love.

this is,,,, so real. so healthy. so pure.

Fucking, Bill O’reilly is on Ellen talking about his book he wrote about dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and he’s saying he’s going to mail a copy to colin kaepernick??? Because “sometimes protests are disrepectful” and “if he’s going to protest he needs to know how noble the country is and how many people gave their lives” YOU DROPPED A FUCKING BOMB AND WIPPED OUT A CITY!!! WHAT PART OF THAT IS NOBLE????

like seriously, it’s one thing for ngozi to want to tell an epic mlm story cause ppl lust for it and she hoped it would catch on, but it’s another for her to put such care and concern into creating a narrative that is such a warm loving balm to me, to queer audiences. like bullshit manufactured drama is easy, showing healthy resolutions to really trying queer realities takes finesse. ugh.