What Grisha did to Eren kinda reminds me of what Joel did to Ellie at the end of The Last of Us. They both lied to their children and robbed them of making their own choice.
There is one significant difference though: Joel lied because he didn’t want Ellie to die for the sake of humanity.
Grisha lied because he was actually willing to sacrifice/shorten Eren’s life to save part of humanity…

I'm trying to ignore it but..

Okay so I didn’t want to talk about this and have been avoiding it but I just need to say this; so there is this person in the community that has HEAVILY “referenced” Comet on their bjd. The person claimed to not have seen my dolls on a certain Facebook group when people were calling them out. Now, it’s very obvious what they did. Out of everyone in this hobby, my dolls have been copied the most. I’ve been harassed, bullied even cyber stalked, had death threats (over dolls I know right tf) more than anyone else. I’ve had to deal with a lot. There are plenty of bjds that have used my dolls as a reference, I just ignore it now, stay away from things that don’t really matter. But why I am mentioning this is bc SO MANY people have and continue to show me that particular persons doll and pointing out that it’s a copy, while I appreciate this greatly I really do not want to be reminded of it, regardless of how many times I get copied or whatever I still get pangs of hurt when I see it..I hate that feeling it makes me anxious and when I’m anxious I do stupid things. So what I’m saying is; thank you guys for the support and showing me these “similar” dolls but please I don’t want anymore messages and DMs with screenshots of said doll, as telling me isn’t going to do anything bc I am not the type for confrontations.Thanks for understanding and reading. Ps; any comments along the lines of “omg u don’t own the style tho, decora isn’t urs lmao” I have NEVER said I owned any particular style lol, it’s just highly obvious when someone refs my art. I’m also pretty block-happy. ☁️☁️☁️

I was becoming far too comfortable in my world. The universe decided to remind me that there are people who label all anime as ‘horrible and filled with crappy animation’ automatically without any research.