Shalom. You know that means “hello” and “goodbye”? Just like ‘aloha.’ But you probably knew that. Something that you may not know is that today my boyfriend got a tattoo of the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah. And believe me, Al it’s no “Love is pain." This is Piper, by the way. Blast from the past.

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“okay clarke, truth or dare” harper is wrapping a tipsy arm around clarke’s shoulders, both of them are a little too drunk than they should be. “Hmmm. Truth” she looks up at her. “do you still have feelings for bellamy?” The lightness in the air dissipates, and if it weren’t just them she may not have said anything at all, but instead she lets a yes fall out of her mouth without even realizing, and lets harper squeeze her tighter, and apologize for something she can’t control. - hc anon

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it’s even worse because i know we’ll never get this nOW THAT HARPER IS DEAD. 

I’m seeing a lot of posts on my dash about younger vs. older simblrs and I do want to quickly address it. 

if anything makes you uncomfortable, my inbox is open. you can softblock me if you don’t want me following you, if I don’t properly put warnings on a post you can message me. anything, really, 🌈 that being said, I don’t have issues with younger people following me, I don’t have a nsfw gameplay and I avoid cursing on my public blogs. I also try to consider (trigger) warnings. so that’s my side of it. 

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imagine aaron says one thing against bex/seb the amount of hate he would get wow

lmao imagine…

but like ofc he doesn’t want her dead and is happy to see her alive. But like the amount of bs he has to put up with is not normal. Lydia gets to hold her grudge for years and people will cheer on her, and what does Aaron get ‘she’ll always be part of our family now’ ain’t that just great??