storm-writer  asked:

So like I have a headcanon that Lance is like super good with kids? Like they just love him. A lot. So say there's a battle right, and they aren't even in their lions; the paladins are just fighting with their bayards/hands. And it's a really tough one: there's Galra and civilians everywhere and it's just quite chaotic. Oh, and the Galra are blocking their coms which makes things even harder. Especially when Lance gets separated from the team. So after forever, the battle is finished, the last

Part 2;  last of the civilians are being escorted to safe locations. But theres still no Lance?? No one has a clue where he is/what happened to him and everyone is freaking out. But there’s still people trapped in wreckage from the fight so they can’t go off looking for him yet. So after a while, someone gets the coms back on, and they can hear Lance finally!! He sounds like he can’t breathe well but he says he’s fine and all. So someone ventures off and they’re trying his best to find him. And over

Part 3;  And over the coms it sounds like crying?? So that person starts running to where Lance’s com is coming from…. and they find like three alien kiddos who are clutching to Lance like he’s a lifeline and squeezing the life out of them and have been doing this for like the majority of the fight. They’re crying and they’re terrified, but Lance makes them feel a little less scared so they don’t want to let him go. And then even after all the repairs are done, they still follow Lance around so he calls them his space children or something (sorry this got really long)

I just fucking sobbed. 

FUck. im…..can someone pls write this???? bc my writing skill is on the floor right now and I really really need this omg. 

Does it help if I say my birthday is in like a month? no? comeon

Fuck, Storm, I’m so weak for Lance and I’m even WEAKER FOR LANCE + CHILDREN. 

Fuck, they must have been so so scared???? But then again, they are with Lance, so Lance tried to make a game out of everything and tried to distract them, and can we pls pls imagine him like humming and softly singing to them over the sounds of the battle or wahtever eerie silence is outside their hiding place???

And the entire team maybe listening through coms? Like????I’m so dead omg. JUST IMAGINE. THAT PLS. 

Also, ps. don’t u ever apologize bro!!!, these stuff makes me inseanely HAPPY and your ideas always make me w e a k. I love u so much.

in the cal-zone [draco malfoy]

request: “45, 55, 119, 179 and 318 for Draco? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but I think it would be awesome if you did any combination of them, because I feel like they work well together. I also wanted to let you know I loved your Draco fic- you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got yourself a new follower! <3″ - @quills-and-quaffles

word count: ~1700

a/n: guess who’s back, back again - it me back w more draco malfoy, the slytherin asshole who i love and hate at the same time! thank u requester for ur lovely compliments!!! thank u for following a lame teen like yours truly (,: also sorry i only did 2 of them yeet i just felt like they went together really well! an additional sorry for changing “i love u, u arsehole” to “i luv u, u arsehole” even tho i’m not rlly sorry. (: i hate myself for this title even tho i laughed like a hyena when i came up with it now enjoy this - i’m hungry for calzones *ben wyatt look into camera*

55: “have i entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

119: “i love you, you asshole.” 

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So SoonerCon was absolutely amazing and I had the best time, but there was one panel I went to on Saturday that made me really mad. It was called “Strong Women Are Star Wars.” Sounds amazing, right? Timothy Zahn was going to be on the panel, and I was really excited to go celebrate the women of Star Wars and hear Zahn’s thoughts about it (considering he’s created a few of those strong women). 

But as soon as it started, it became clear that it was going to be very different than I had envisioned. Almost all the rest of the six panelists (other than Zahn and one woman who ran a geek podcast) knew very little about Star Wars. One man freely admitted that he didn’t even like Star Wars, and he and another man proceeded to loudly vomit words for about 70% of the entire panel even though they had nothing of import to say (figures). The other two women who didn’t know Star Wars very well talked for about 25% of the rest of the time, and while they had some good things to say, most of it was negative — the opposite of a celebration of the women in Star Wars. Zahn’s comments were incredible, thoughtful, and illuminating, and I would have loved to hear more from him, but he was barely given a chance to speak (nor was the lovely podcast lady).

The entire thing turned into a “let’s bash Star Wars” session, and trust me, while I know there are problems with my favorite franchise, and I expected and looked forward to some discussion about the need for feminism in Star Wars, this was terrible. They basically came to the conclusion that Strong Women Aren’t Star Wars — except for Leia; she’s cool, I guess. I came out of there fuming, as did many others I talked to. It was a low point in an otherwise amazing weekend and I’m still mad about it

Prior to this afternoon, I was aware that I was out of shape.

Since this afternoon’s 3.5 hour mow-a-thon (it’s a really big yard, ok) I am now viscerally aware of how out of shape I am

(okay, nt running… walking… behind a powered mower that was much easier to push as a result… but it’s still not easy to push that thing for almost four hours straight up and down bumpy terrain and around trees and shit, shut up)

I’m very sad..

A youtuber I once looked up to for reptile care let me down..
For starters, they bought three snakes from BHB which made my blood boil. They then proceeded to pile them near one another without quarantining them, which if they’re from BHB, I’d definitely do. They’re also keeping the snakes in the smallest possible rack system, saying that “ball pythons like small places”. Except that with a water bowl, the tubs are literally the size of their bodies. They have no room to spread out at all…