O~M~G!!! (^O  [  ]O)^ when i saw @askyuuriandviktor ‘s comic >HERE< which had Yuri dressed in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER - i saw the version colored by @mermaidstrandedonland >HERE< and ohhhh dear oh dear oh dear it was SO CUTE!!! SO GAWD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE!!!! (> ///3///<) so… (=   w =) i had to draw it myself… cuz… oh dear… he looks way too darling in this outfit! EEP! so thank you to both of you for the inspiration and i hope you like my version <3

DOODLE DAY #3!!! i have had SO MANY great conversations with people in this fandom, and some of my favourites where about this GAWD DAMN CRACK SHIP!!! @jathis , who i regard as queen of the techienician ship, prompted me for this, though… not for this exactly??? HAHAHA!! please forgive me! i hope you still like this one!! <3 <3 <3

seriously though. (O ___O) i aint gonna get over the kylux ship any time soon, and it’s made all the worse because it’s got this secondary ship attached to it that i’m ALSO in love with! like OMG! it’s as though i fell in love with someone who was super attractive, interesting, and sexy, and it turned out they had a really weird, hot twin brother!!! (^O AO)^ thank you kylux fandom… for the secondary gift of techienician <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you all enjoy this fluffy, FLUFFY, fluff as my gift to you! (-^ O^-) <3

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Ugggg this Pewdiepie issue is driving me up the wall. And that one post that you reblogged with corrections... I'm a Ukrainian Jew and that first "point" of theirs pissed me off. Yes I hate Stalin. Yes I hate jokes about him as well. That doesn't mean I hate Hitler any less?? Like, op needs to think before they post.

That post was truly disgusting. Ukrainian Jews have been victimized by both Stalin and Hitler. Excluding Ukrainian Jews from their own history is flat out unacceptable.

Keith: “Hey… I’m sorry I punched you in the face…”
Lance: “… Nah… it’s okay… I deserved it…”
Keith: “No! It~ you… you just… startled me, okay?”
Lance: “… I’m sorr~”
Keith: “Don’t! …don’t say you’re sorry. It’s fine…”
Lance: *nods*
Keith: “… I just… I didn’t expect you to kiss me…”
Lance: “…”
Keith: “…”

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (^O  [ ]O)^ IT’S DONE!!! FINALLY!!! (-^   v ^-) it’s my first Voltron piece, and my first piece for the klance fandom, and i’m really happy with it!!! (T   w T) <3 <3 <3 <3 i watched all the way to the end of the season without realizing it was only 11 episodes, and i was so sad when it was over!!!!!!! i grew really attached to everybody! i can’t wait for more! <3

so~ i hope everybody likes this one! (oT  w To) i got a little too excited about the coloring… i’m still learning and i really like trying new things… Even if it’s not noticeable, i feel my own process changing a lot over time <3 <3 <3 and it’s really fulfilling!! i haven’t done any pieces (since developing my current style) where i had to translate animated characters into more realistic~ish ones, so i think that was the most fun part for me! I will definitely be doing more for this ship some time in the future! (-^ O^-) thank you to everybody who supported my Voltron shipping dreams! LOL! LOL! LOL!

Kubo-sensei never stops surprising people and subsequently so does Yuri!!! on ICE like Viktor Nikiforov saw Yuuri skate and instantly realize his style was incorporated in the performance and went ‘ah, he’s my fan’ and felt Yuuri staring at him that time after the compe and already knew he was a fan AND a fellow competitor and probs thought yuuri baby was just shy and probs wanted to get to know this beautiful japanese figure skater who surprised him with his skating because I’m like willing to bet that was the first time Yuuri surprised Viktor and made him so interesting to Viktor because it was probs the first time he ever saw his own style incorporated in someone else and he probably knew that Yuuri wanted to skate in the same ice as him like omg I cannot this man viktor effing nikiforov’s attraction to Yuuri was because he saw him skate and my god these two are just so ugggg my kokoro eh meh gad 

TLDR: Viktor Nikiforov saw Yuuri skate and knew he was a fan and fellow competitor way before the banquet and commemorative photo scene because he saw his style in Yuuri’s skating

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I was reading an ask you answered earlier about why you write about Harry, and I have been following and reading since Pretty Baby and I want you to know that I have not only enjoyed your awesome stories but I have also learned SO much from them. They are the stories I come back to read time and time again because there is so much depth in both the characters and the storyline. I don't want to be too mushy but I want you to know what an AMAZING job you do on here and how much I adore you! Xx

Aw oh wow thank you so much! I’m glad I’ve been able to make this kind of impact on someone! Truly my number one reason for writing is to have some sort of impact or make some sort of impression on others. I want to be able to educate the public and remind them of all the great and awesome things out there through ways that they love and appreciate, so I’m glad I’ve been able to do that for someone! You rock ugggg thank you so much you’re so wonderful and stylish what the heck I love your hat plz be my stylist.