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Imagine this: lance gives a flower to keith. Keith is so flustered and nervous. He panics and stuffs his mouth with the flower without saying a word and running away to the kitchen

Pidge: Oh my goodness! How do you know about that thing that actually happened and I have evidence of.

Keith: Pidge… Pidge no!

Lance: I’m not crazy here… am I? The boy knows what flowers are. He knows they are not food.

Shiro: Do Keith a great good… and forget the whole thing.

A.N. This look so long to come out cause I kept getting mesmerized by  Black Mirror which I decided to watch for the first time. Ugggg i’m so behind on questions!

We Were In Screaming Color  |  Part III

Notes: Again, thank you all for the kindness and interest in this FIC, hearing what anyone thinks really makes me days so much brighter😄💖 This part is a lot longer, and when it it reaches Alec being 20 years old–Which is blatantly stated–THat’s when we take off directly from 1x04, AKA Malec’s first meeting. Lines will be taken directly from the ep :) 

Hope to chat soon! 

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He’s sixteen years old when the convictions he had been enslaved to, begin to crumble.
Alec extracts a single arrow from his quiver. Though, prior to his slicing it through the air with his bow, he shrinks back from the sound of his sister calling for him to hit a particular point. (As if Alec was some sort of machine that she could put a quarter in, and watch it dance to her heart’s content.)

He swirls around, and tells her as much. A glower plastered onto Alec’s face all the while.

Izzy only retorts with nothing more than A slight smile playing on the edges of her lips, and a shrugging of the shoulders. long legs swinging, and fingers tapping against the slab of stone she’s perched upon, all the while…A true picture of innocence that she has so expertly pieced together.

“I’m just trying to test you big brother,” she remedies in mock cluelessness. “You should really be thanking me.”

Alec fights against the exasperated chuckle threatening to tear through his lips. But alas it was to no avail. So with a doting shake of the head, he returns to his position, and aims for the nest that Izzy had instructed him to hit—feeling More than slightly smug when he hears her cheers post his success, accompanied by the, “Nice going bro,” by Jace.

Standing there, nestled within the alcove of lavish Evergreens, and the subtle lapping shoreline of Lake Lynn, Alec allows himself to relish within the tranquility of it all. And he thinks that perhaps he could remain here, this corner of forever within their own Garden of Eaton, for all the eons to come. Where Alec and his siblings could circumvent all the expectations lying upon all their shoulders, from acting as the elite Nephilim Soldiers they are meant to constantly depict, to the heavy duty of upholding the Lightwood name. Instead, they can lose themselves within the haze of golden beams intertwined with their ebullient chortles, and the games their clever minds had so effortlessly woven together.

But of course, Alec knows all too well that soon his parents will return from their consultation with the Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters of idris, (Whom will be executing the next round of protection rituals for Alec’s baby brother, Max, in a matter of days.) And once they inevitably restore their position as the heads of the New York Institute, the Lightwood children will be thrust back into their seemingly never ending studies, and training seminars. A monotonous way of life for all the years to come. And they cannot so much as even display a spark of aggravation towards the situation as a whole, without being spared the painful sensation of rejection for disappointing their ever so proud parents.

“Do the red bows do anything particularly spectacular?” A new voice interjects, effectively jolting Alec from the melancholy recollection of what awaits him back in New York.

As if on cue, the trio swivel their gazes harmoniously towards the interloper of the sacred ground they have escaped to sense childhood. (A recess within the outskirts of Alicante that only their closest companions know of.) Though, each of their defensive stances fall back into a sense of ease, once they catch on the sight of the familiarly striking Asian girl tossing them a playful smirk.

“Aline!” Izzy cheers in greeting, pouncing onto the girl whom she has always seen as an older sister of sorts. Alec only slightly perceives the way Jace embraces her as well, and knows that he should most probably join in on the exchanging of hellos, After all, Aline holds the title of being one of the few people on this planet that Alec is not completely repulsed to being stranded on an island with. (Which is astonishingly high praises when coming from the ebony haired boy.)

But it is as if something had short circuited on the path between his brain’s wavelengths and spinal system.

Alec couldn’t move even if a Shacks Demon had just appeared out of no where, and commenced to catapult towards him.

“…Red arrow…”

She had said, “Red! arrow!”


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Rivet:  Wynter’s gonna be PISSED.

me: You’re not gonna tell him are you?  Why would you tell him?

Why the fuck shouldn’t I?

um… ……what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him?  

 well… first off,  he should know.  I mean how many alternate realities have they ended up in together?  It’s pretty obvious Xavier’s his soul mate… or at least as much as anyone can fucking believe in soul mates.  I am pretty damn sure I don’t have one.             Second,  I don’t fucking want to be responsible for him by myself.  you KNOW what a stubborn brat he can be.  you KNOW how likely he is to fall for some sicko!  He’s like… wired for that shit or something.  That’s not fucking happening on my fucking watch and Wynter is just about the only other fucking person on the entire fucking planet I trust.  Then I get pissed and Xave fucking takes the fuck off and I have to drop fucking everything and go fucking find him.       AND what about when I have to take off?  You really want me bringing the HALFLING into the fucking Nowhere?  I can’t fucking do my job AND protect him there OR here at the same fucking  time, now fucking can I.  The last time I went into The Nowhere I had to deal with the fucking vampires.  One scent of him and there’s no way I could extract him from THAT shit!  Fucking faerie catnip!

Fine. Point made.  But you KNOW Wynter.  You say the word “soulmate”  and he’s gonna wait for him.  He’d wait a decade if he thought it was the right thing to do. Hell, he’d wait a century.  And both of them are going to end up miserable in this universe too.  Xavier doesn’t know about himself, and when he finds out….. and can’t control it in the beginning…. 

Fuck. Then Wyn’s gonna freak out,  and Xavier’s gonna disappear.  Again..  Yeah, every damn time in universe after universe and everything goes to shit.  Hell fucking shit.

Okay.  Tell Wynter about the fae stuff.  Don’t tell Wynter about the soulmate thing.

You should find him a person. 

*sighing*  not sure he can handle that.  He seems to be demi. Xave might be his only person.

*moaning and groaning from the couch, Rivet looking over there*   Fuck. he’s awake.

well, go take care of him then.  Feed him.  He’ll need clean clothes.  And a real bed.

Fuck off.   God damn. I know what I’m doing okay?

Fine. Fucking off.


So I’ve been pretty absent, ordering too much take outs and been living on adrenaline for like a month now and…I can’t believe I reached 20k follows!?

Here’s a sketch of my girl from my graduation film “Dearest”, sort of fits the occasion. Thank you ALL for tolerating, encouraging and befriending a college girl posting fanart and her weird film obsessions!! 

DOODLE DAY #3!!! i have had SO MANY great conversations with people in this fandom, and some of my favourites where about this GAWD DAMN CRACK SHIP!!! @jathis , who i regard as queen of the techienician ship, prompted me for this, though… not for this exactly??? HAHAHA!! please forgive me! i hope you still like this one!! <3 <3 <3

seriously though. (O ___O) i aint gonna get over the kylux ship any time soon, and it’s made all the worse because it’s got this secondary ship attached to it that i’m ALSO in love with! like OMG! it’s as though i fell in love with someone who was super attractive, interesting, and sexy, and it turned out they had a really weird, hot twin brother!!! (^O AO)^ thank you kylux fandom… for the secondary gift of techienician <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you all enjoy this fluffy, FLUFFY, fluff as my gift to you! (-^ O^-) <3

O~M~G!!! (^O  [  ]O)^ when i saw @askyuuriandviktor ‘s comic >HERE< which had Yuri dressed in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER - i saw the version colored by @mermaidstrandedonland >HERE< and ohhhh dear oh dear oh dear it was SO CUTE!!! SO GAWD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE!!!! (> ///3///<) so… (=   w =) i had to draw it myself… cuz… oh dear… he looks way too darling in this outfit! EEP! so thank you to both of you for the inspiration and i hope you like my version <3