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8 characters you relate to + a selfie in the middle

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Fun fact: I wear glasses but took them off for that cursed image :)

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Imagine this: lance gives a flower to keith. Keith is so flustered and nervous. He panics and stuffs his mouth with the flower without saying a word and running away to the kitchen

Pidge: Oh my goodness! How do you know about that thing that actually happened and I have evidence of.

Keith: Pidge… Pidge no!

Lance: I’m not crazy here… am I? The boy knows what flowers are. He knows they are not food.

Shiro: Do Keith a great good… and forget the whole thing.

A.N. This look so long to come out cause I kept getting mesmerized by  Black Mirror which I decided to watch for the first time. Ugggg i’m so behind on questions!


So I’ve been pretty absent, ordering too much take outs and been living on adrenaline for like a month now and…I can’t believe I reached 20k follows!?

Here’s a sketch of my girl from my graduation film “Dearest”, sort of fits the occasion. Thank you ALL for tolerating, encouraging and befriending a college girl posting fanart and her weird film obsessions!! 

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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that I really love your otabek and yuri comic! I think it's super cute and sweet and I can't wait to see more of it!! Your art is so amazing hon! ❤️❤️❤️

(oT   w To) awww~ thank you so much!!! <3 i’m so happy people like it~ because i like making it!!! i’m so glad to be able to finally get back to it! not having a drawing tablet was torturous! (O   w O) and the next page will come out on Saturday! YAY!

Hello where do I buy comfortable pants/jeans for a small and short body?? Like skinny high waisted and loose not high waisted?? All normal jeans I have are old and destroyed/ripped/faded. I try to shop for pants but it’s so hard and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I’m not 100% sure off??

I have a confession

I’m not a fan of Gaius. He was acted wonderfully, and he had a lot of great moments, but there is one issue that I have with him that keeps me from loving him. His love of secrets.

I’m not kidding he has a million and one secrets. Yeah it shows that he’s trustworthy-kinda. But he keeps so many secrets that he makes more of them without need.

I’m convinced that if Morgana had known about her magic earlier and that Merlin was there to help she wouldn’t have turned evil. I mean the reason she originally turned on her friends is that she felt alone, scared, and that she was going crazy. If Merlin had been given the chance he could have prevented Morgana from giving into her hate.

I’m sure many of the people in the fandom have read alternate AU’s where Merlin’s magic is relieved. The happily ever afters in those fics aren’t just wish fulfillment. I really think that is what would happen if Merlin told Arthur his magic later on in the series after they became good friends. But nope, Gaius infected Merlin with his need to keep secrets, so we never got that. Instead we get Arthur feeling betrayed and a middle finger ending. I mean how cool would it have been to actually see magic come back to Camelot under Arthur’s rule, Merlin become his adviser, etc. We could have if not for the stupid need to keep secrets.

Yeah Merlin would have been scared for his life at the beginning, but later he sees how far he would go for his friends. And after Uther died he wouldn’t need to fear splitting Arthur between Uther and himself. Seriously, there are a ton of fics on this, so read them if you haven’t already.

Needless to say, Gaius isn’t one of my favorites.

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Do you think carnivorous plants could go vegan? I was wondering if they would be able to eat tofu and beans instead of insects and whatever else they eat.

Darwin actually did some experiments with this and Venus Fly Traps. He found that they would close on any substance with nitrogen, like urine or blood, but obviously we aren’t going little shop of horrors here, so when growing in captivity there are a few different options. 

Actually, feeding carnivorous plants is really cool! Every grower does it a little differently, and there’s always some spirited debate over what’s the healthiest for each species. As far as pitcher plants go, it’s actually standard practice to feed with low-strength fertilizing pellets (osmicote pellets, 1 per pitcher depending on the health of the plant, or a homeade dilution of other special fertilizer). Some people buy frozen bloodworms and pipette them in the pitchers, others claim that the fertilizing solutions are best (although amounts vary, because too much or too strong a fertilizer will burn the pitchers). And then, of course, it depends on the individual; one plant will likely not feed the same as another, so it just takes some figuring and adjustment. In my case, my little baby Cephalotus isn’t old enough yet to feed on anything major– he only has his little tiny immature pitchers in. Once he grows a little bit more, I’ll have to start a feeding regimen with him (I haven’t really decided what I want to feed, but it’ll probably be weak fertilizer pellets or something low-maintenance and dry). 

Sundews and Venus Fly Traps, however, are a little trickier in this regard. Both of them have active trap mechanisms that work around the thrashing of the insect in the trap. So in Darwin’s case, a drop of blood on a VFT trap would cause it to close, but it would reopen in a moment because the trigger hairs on the inside would stop being activated (no thrashing bug inside to tighten up on). Most VFT and Sundew owners I know place their plants where they can catch live insects. It’s important to remember that VFTs are native to the Carolinas, so during winter, they’ll naturally die back and go dormant for a few months (some growers claim that allowing them to do this natural process is healthier for the plant). For Sundew species not susceptible to this as well, things like small crickets work, but again, sometimes these plants don’t need to be fed for a while after a feeding and can do just fine (all has to do with the individual!). 

Also, lets not forget the species of pitcher plant that grows on jungle floors and digests sticks and leaves shed by the trees growing above it. 

So in short, could you feed a carnivorous plant soy/beans? Probably, but there are better things to feed it for a healthier plant, especially in the case of plants continuously stimulated by movement.