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me: *wears black during March 22*
mom: it’s the middle of summer why are you dressed like that?
me: Mama, It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Death Wish
mom: are you okay?
me: …well if you wanted honesty
mom: I’m going to have to call your father–

when the, ever lovely, @gentleman-caller asked me if i’d be interested in doing an illustration for her and @theearlgreyalpha ‘s fic “Somewhere To Be” how could i refuse?! lets face it… it should be abundantly clear by now that i’m a fluff-loving sap, and this is soooo fluffy! <3 snuggly, space husbands fluffy… and that’s like… cotton candy fluffy… mmmmm… ANYWAY! it was too cute for me to pick any one frame to draw, so i drew a whole sequence!
I really hope you like it @gentleman-caller !!! (> w<) it was really fun to do! i’m sorry it took a while! i hope your collaborator also enjoys it! you are such a delight! thank you for chatting me up! much love!

also… DON’T (do) read this one of hers… (O ///////O) EEP! <3

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