Anyone Want stickers?

We’re getting mission patch stickers soon! If you want some stickers just let us know. We want to sell them to cover the cost of production (and shipping), so we’re thinking we will only sell them at $3.00 what do you guys think? They will be 3x3 inches.

This is just a question to gauge interest, we’ll have some more updates by next week. Thanks to the input!

A Question for my followers: Want to talk to a satellite!?

A many you may know I really love citizen science. Now that my team finally as the funding to develop a space craft I was hoping I could get some of you involved! Check out the mission logo! (a website is coming soon!)

Are any of you HAM radio operators that would like to communicate with our satellite?

Would you like to help us down-link some telemetry and data from our satellite?

I’ll be on NPR!

I’ll be talking about the satellites we are building, space exploration, and the future of the new space program that we started at my university. We’re sending up 2 satellites, the first of which will be on the International Space Station in 2018! It should be a short segment with me talking about the satellites we’re building @ugasmallsatlab. If you’re interested you could tune in! (or don’t! you do you!)

I’ll be on Georgia’s NPR station on Tuesday at 9:30am! & I’ll also post the audio later! For other random space updates you can follow my twitter:, or don’t! you do you! I just like talking doing science and space exploration!

We are building a 2nd satellite!

We just received funding from @nasa to build the first moderate resolution coastal ecosystem and wetlands monitoring satellite - another cubesat!! Our satellite will be sent to the space station and deployed from either the US Nanoracks or the Japanese kibo module in about 2 years! (The Nanoracks:)

Our cube satellite will look like this:

Our lab is run by students and we are incredibly excited that we get to send this to space! Thanks for all your support - we hope to keep you informed about all the science we use along the way!

Roommate's needed!!

If any of you live in the Jackson County or Athens areas of Georgia, US. I’m in need of some help. You see, for the past… Well, for my entire life both my mother and my father have been highly (and from my mother sometimes physically abusive) towards me, this includes threats to my life in recent years. Their excuse is that I have an “attitude”. That being that I let them know when they’re saying something rude or upsetting. My father is a radical conservative Christian who is a violent mouthed racist bigot with a drinking problem, and my mother is all that minus the drinking. Not to mention highly homophobic/transphobic. They’ve tried and succeeded in turning one of my three younger brothers into all that as well. My siblings do not care for my safety and often help in the abuse. I’m an adult now as of a few months ago with a near full time job, and I’m still receiving threats of abuse and worse things from both parents. It’s come to the point where if I so much as show I’m in an upset mood they’ll get onto me for it until I’m either locked in my room or in tears, and often both. Not even minutes ago did my mother threaten to beat me with a leather belt all because I pointed out that my little brother didn’t load dishes into the dishwasher correctly and she was “sick of my shit”. I’ve been needing to move out of this highly toxic and often dangerous environment for years now, and now that I’m an adult it’s possible and nearly within reach. All I’m asking for is a/are roommate(s). I get paid weekly at my job and get nearly 40 hours a week. I’ve nearly got enough money saved up to purchase my own motor scooter so that I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone for transport unless highly necessary. I’m mainly looking for rentals in the Athens area as I know it’d be easier to find a roommate near UGA. I’m looking for 2-3 roommate’s at the most. My ibox/chat box are both open if any of you are interested. I know this seems desperate but at this point it’s my best shot of finding at least one roommate as I’m nearly almost always working or at home. If you’re not in my area I’d really appreciate it if you could at least reblog this to get the word out, I’d highly appreciate it!

Okue-ekwe masquerade of Umueze performing for the last time at Uga. March 4, 1992.

Historically there was a convergence in the classes of masquerade between the different villages of Uga. Powerful masquerades (or their equivalents in the powers they claim) tended to be adopted in the other villages of Uga. A notable masquerade, Okue-ekwe (‘beater of gong’), was adopted in 1936 from Ezinifite, a neighboring community, by young men at Umueze because of its aesthetic excellence, for both the visual beauty of its masking and costuming as well as the artistry of its famous singing ([pictured]). It was a group of five masquerades representing a father and mother with three daughters, led by the two ori aja (‘the sacrificers’) who bring the masquerade out into the public arena. Visually it was embellished with appliqué textile patterning (which for this Umueze Okue-ekwe masquerade were obtained from the Abakaliki area in the northern Igbo-speaking area). However, it was also powerful and medicinally charged, as its respective praise names indicated: for instance, the father masquerader’s praise name was Isi kote ebu o gbaa buo (‘If your head disturbs wasps, swarm it will kill you’).

Okue-ekwe was a highly popular masquerade that people would rush to see when it came out to perform, both for its visual beauty as well as its role as a singing masquerade, which offered poetic yet highly satirical commentaries on the misdoings of individuals within the community, especially those who had gained social prominence. During performance, individuals would present money as an inducement to the masquerade not to reveal publicly their own misdoings, making it highly successful and profitable for its members. A famous story that is recounted of the Okue-ekwe masquerade was a public performance in the 1950s when it identified someone as a thief. The individual concerned sought to take the matter to court to refute the accusation but, on the day the case was to be heard, it was the masquerade rather than its members that appeared at the court house. The court case was abandoned in recognition that the Okue-ekwe masqueraders were metaphysical agencies outside the jurisdiction of the court—to persist in the case would be to invite all manner of disaster on both the litigant and any court officials participating at the court. This masquerade was taken up as autonomous associations by other villages of Uga, such was its popularity. The Okue-ekwe of Umueze last performed in Umueze in 1992.

Charles Gore. “Burn the Mmonwu” Contradictions and Contestations in Masquerade Performance in Uga, Anambra State in Southeastern Nigeria. African Arts Winter 2008.

An Update to my followers!

As some of you may know, I’m heading up the development of my university’s

first satellite! I thought I would let you know that our research lab has its own blog now! If you are interested in the flight software or simulations that are needed for space, check out the @ugasmallsatlab ( blog for some cool things!

We’re Developing A Spacecraft!

We’re running some cool simulations - stay tuned for some @ugasmallsatlab​ posts about this software!

We’re testing unique types of data gathering from space - stay tuned for some @ugasmallsatlab​ posts about this data process!

If you want updates as we build spacecraft check out @ugasmallsatlab, we are also on twitter and facebook tuned in because we are going to be looking for HAM radio operators soon! We’d love to have you talk to our satellite!

What Is a CubeSat?

Satellites are often thought to be large and needing millions of dollars to be built. But, can citizen science change that notion with CubeSats? Join Graham Grable as he discusses the potential for using citizen scientists and CubeSats to increase research. For more podcasts like this, visit

Credits: Link One (Planet Hunters), Link Two (SporeSat), Link Three (Prox-1), Link Four (Space Launch System – Cubesats), Link Five (KickSat)

Uga masquerade confronting a car, embellished with the slogan “war against indiscipline”—a slogan promoted by the Nigerian [first Buhari] government parastatal organization Mamser, although now applied to the power of this masquerade. December 26, 1991. — Charles Gore.


A Sneak Peak into our lab (this is funding video we thought we would share!)

Even though this is a funding video, we thought this would be worth sharing with you! You can listen to some of our engineers talk about their experiences with the lab and how we think we need to grow! This was posted on our new YouTube Channel! Check us out at:

Thanks for being awesome!