UFO Building


Buzludzha; a former socialist celebrations venue, now known as the abandoned communist UFO. Entering the building is illegal and its entrance is locked up, but by climbing through a small hole in the side of building you can enter into one of its dark staircases and explore the building from there. Stepping inside was one of the most thrilling and breathtaking moments of my life.

The hole I entered through reportedly was sealed up just hours after I was there- I feel so lucky to have been able to see the inside!


Don’t look down……Actually, do. That’s the point……..Now, freak out!

So … you’re very high above the ground, staring through the glass floor upon which you’re standing-likely with very wide eyes “Unless you don’t fear death. Or can fly”!

This is what it’s like aboard Beijing’s “UFO”, the world’s largest glass sightseeing platform that opened on April 30. It takes its nickname from its saucer shape rather than anything actually related to little green men who come in peace. The structure really is out of this world-or at least extremely high above it.

Even though we still don’t have a lot of time to play together, we are finishing up a few personal projects. This one is a Martian UFO, based on the design of the Xeno Staff. It functions as a storage for Martian drops.

The build took quite a lot of Martian Conduit Plating (~1000) and Shroomite Plating (~1500), along with Blue Gemspark, Meteorite Brick and Luminite. The screens are made of painted Rune Wallpaper.

Divine Intervention.

In better quality.

Original Picture, in Flickr.

Mural by Sokram, in Carballo, Galicia, Spain. 

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