For all you college kids...

Not really a submission… But, as a response to your earlier question, the University of Washington had carolers last Friday singing the 12 days of UW (although it can pretty much be applied to most colleges).

On the first day of college the UW gave to me: 12 Scantron forms, 11 Weeks per quarter, 10 Thousand dollar tuition, 9 Cups of coffee, 8 Roommates, 7 Dollar meals, 6 AM registration, 5 Years at a school?!, 4 Years of study (1st time only, then hours of sleep every time after) , 3 Midterms, 2 Papers due, and a brand-new bachelor’s degree!

>>Best of luck on finals!!!

Comparing and Wondering: Jay Park

“Y/N I don’t understand how you do it,” my friend, April, says to me from across the table as she stares at her phone.

“Do what?” I question as I move the food on my plate around with the fork.

“Be so trusting of Jay. He’s in a different country releasing these videos of him surrounded by women while you’re here studying 24/7,” April says looking up from her phone.

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So a Brony tried hitting on me in a coffeeshop today

I am literally parked in the furthest corner of this Starbucks, with my tablet out, my computer on the little table and my backpack on the other stool at the table. The coffee shop is slow and there is lots of space.

I am /conspicuously/ busy, am trying to do homework, look up apartment rates and talk to my friends.

And then the fedora walks in. 

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1315 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98105-6376, United States
Limited edition Halo Combat knifes hand crafted by @evakura_armor and reproduced by @forge_field_prop
Photography by @kaylenjayso
Trailer by @s117film and @lightformfilm
Event takes place at the UDUB campus here in Seattle WA from 6pm-8pm.

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