We have This Good Robot, Hello Jupiter and Lawn Chair Bombers playing. There’s a bunch of sneak preview videos up on the tumblr along with an 8tracks.

The theme is TACO BAR. Well, we’re having FREE TACOS and trippy light shows… This Monday, 8 o’clock @ The UCafe— FREE live music, all ages, open to the public too so if people want to bring friends from like Suffolk Community they can.

We don’t condome it, but you’re allowed to come fucked up.
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วันหนักๆ สตาร์ทงามวงศ์วาน —> มีนบุรี —> งามวงศ์วาน —> พระราม9 —> ลาดพร้าว —> กลับบ้านงามวงศ์วาน
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I hope everyone’s dead week has been going well! I made a recent trip to UCafe, a small bakery/tea place on Durant next to Artichoke Basille near Unit 1.

The cafe/bakery hybrid seems pretty clean, though not as much as Sheng Kee. Everything is brightly lit (perhaps harshly, like some criticize ShareTea’s lighting to be) and neat. I didn’t get a chance to try and breads but I had to try their regular boba of course with half sugar.

The color is a little odd for a regular milk tea, more reminiscent of a Thai milk tea. Thai milk tea tends to have more of an orange color as compared to the gray/brown of regular milk tea. I guess this is a little similar to SweetHeart’s as their milk tea tends to be tinted a little orange as well.

As for the taste….it was cheap, and you could certainly taste it. There was overall a sort of chalky feel while I was drinking it, and a slight hazelnut/chocolately taste for some reason. The sweetness was fine at 50%, but the boba was subpar. Sure the pearls are soft, but too much so - they kind of just shred apart in your mouth instead of having that QQ/al dente texture you’d expect. I couldn’t really taste any tea flavor due to the strange hazelnut/chocolate taste, and all creaminess was lost due to the chalky feel. On the bright side, it is incredibly cheap and close to Unit 1, but I can’t help but feel there are better options close by.


Tea: 2.5/5 Almost nonexistent/covered up??

Milk: 2/5 Really chalky…

Pearls: 2/5 Not grainy at least, but still incredibly disappointing

Sweetness: 4/5 At 50%, at a good level

Price: 3/5 Hella cheap but you get what you pay for..

Total: 2.7/5 I can’t really recommend this place unless you’re totally strapped for cash or want something to wash down a dan ta you just bought. Go further west on Durant to SweetHeart’s if you just want boba!

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So hungry I think I can finish it all.

(at Wangsa Walk Shopping Mall)