~Jan 8, 2017~ This week’s bujo spread and the book I’m reading! Winter quarter is about to start and I got the idea of having a readings page from a youtuber… I think… Anyway For any of y'all who are staring classes soon or have already started: Good luck! And take care of yourselves. 

We live in a world where college admissions can either make or break us. There is no in between. Isn’t it sad? How we are raised solely for this moment? Years of education, all for this moment of disappointment. The moment we get rejected, there are no words that can console the heartache we feel. My question is: how did we come to create such a terrible system? How can we just accept it when students cry their heart and soul after reading a simple, “We regret to inform you,” followed by sentences about how competitive admissions are this year and how each application is carefully read and how there’s always spring quarter. Then they start going back and wondering what it is they possibly did wrong. Was it the topic? Grammar? A misunderstanding? To those who don’t understand, they’ll think it’s because those rejected students weren’t up to par with the “standards”. I’ll only say this: how can you tell a student who has poured their aspirations and struggles and life into a college application that they just weren’t good enough to be accepted into ABC college and that student XYZ is much more superior? It’s complete bullshit to me. How can we accept such generic phrases after writing so passionately that our blood meddled with the words of our personal statements? I hate this system of test scores and GPAs. There’s more to the fucking world than numbers. There’s more beyond a damn essay that probably only gets skimmed over. How can college admissions officers look for qualified students based on such limited information that may even be complete fabrications. Tell me how. How can we accept that students are tearing themselves apart over a rejection letter? Tell me why. Why is it deemed “normal” that I have friends bawling because of an education system that builds them up only to throw them overboard?

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brielle!! i don't know who else to tell, but i got that top applicant dinner reception invite for ucsb? and im pretty sure that means i got accepted(?) if so im super happy bc ucsb is my number 1 school! but also kind of bummed bc i already made up my mind and im going to a community college to save money. : / oh well. i guess i'll get to sb eventually! thanks for being so cool, ur one of the reasons i started looking at ucsb actually :)


even if you’re going to CC, i highly recommend you go to the chancellor’s reception because our chancellor is like ahhh-mazing and also free food. (not to mention the event itself is super helpful and informative and etc.)

i don’t want to get your hopes up, but the top top applicants (lmao does that make sense? like basically the best of the best) get scholarship offers. you find out through your online portal once official admission decisions are released (at least i think so if i remember correctly?) a little bit after the chancellor’s reception. maybe you’ll be one of them? :)

if not, then you’re right - you’ll get here eventually :) CC transfers are given top priority for transfer admits and if you’re a top applicant now they sure as hell won’t turn you away later on.

congratulations again anon! and thanks for much for dropping by to tell me this, it honestly warmed my heart :) i’m so happy for you!

For every pound of tuna we fish from of the ocean, we are now putting back two pounds of plastic. This is a transfer ratio that we cannot continue to sustain.
—  UCSB marine scientist Douglas McCauley