UCLA Bruins

Watching CNN & this UCLA student is on the phone talking about how she’s in a room with 12-13 other people & how they had to make a makeshift lock because the door doesn’t lock from the inside. Think about that for a second, this girl & her friends are in school, & instead of cramming for Finals, getting ready for summer or studying they’re making a barricade/lock to keep a shooter out of the room they’re hiding in. And when I heard her say that it didn’t even faze me. This is our new normal. This country is royal fucked up.

PLEASE Help me stay in housing!

Hey everyone! I really need your help right now.

I’m currently in debt with my on campus housing. To be more specific, I’m $4,000 in debt with housing. Right now I’m trying to get together as much as I can by selling my artwork and getting jobs here and there, but I’ve been unable to get enough money together and I’m already a month late. They’ve already cut off my swipes (meal card) and soon they’ll be taking bigger actions since I haven’t been able to pay.

Considering I’m going to an out of state school, there’s no possible way I could move out of housing without having to drop out because I have nowhere else to go. I really don’t want this to be the reason that I have to leave UCLA.

Please if you can, donate whatever you feel comfortable with, whether that’s $1 or $10 or $100. Once again, whatever you’re comfortable with, absolutely any money helps! I appreciate it! 

You can help out and donate at gofund.me/t74vtwg