liam: *reads larry sign*

multiple uas: *talk about liam reading larry sign*

radio1d: Respect the boys and don’t bring posters that make them uncomfortable.

fandom: *reacts*

radio1d: omg we’re not talking about larry signs!!

literally everyone in the world:

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Someone leaked a picture of flight information and looks like once again Harry is flying solo and the other 4 boys in another plane. I get they have to split them, but why can't it be a 3/2 split. Why does Harry HAVE to fly by himself and look so cut off from everyone? UGH.

Okay, so 1D_Swiss_Team posted this picture, which is supposedly the 1st class boarding list of the boys’ flight (they have since deleted it, hence no link)

First of all, why is everyone assuming this is legit? Why are the boys in first class but literally none of their entourage? Why are there only 7 first class passengers (an Airbus A380, which is the plane used by British Air for this route, typically has more)? Why are they flying with the ambassador of Singapore to the Caribbean?

I ask again, WHY do you believe that this is real????


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Think Air travels. March 1, 2014.

Working with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at Iztaccíhuatl - Popocatépetl National Park in the State of Mexico. 
We generated basic cartography for our trip (not my best work, I apologize) and were able to get a few nice shots before it crashed from about 140 meters from the ground. Thanks to the fact that we were surrounded by volcanic ashes, no serious damage was done, but we were unable to continue our mission. The third image is a picture taken from our UAV previous to the crash. We are still trying to figure out what happened. Fun fact: the only two times a UAV of ours has crashed have been near this volcano. 
A few pictures of the traveling crew. 
We must return to this amazing place soon and finish the work we started. 

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That tweet is interesting. They have no problem reporting when Eleanor is with Louis. That tweet makes in sound like they know some private information about one of the boys relationship that is not yet public. The information these update accounts are given still confounds me. I can not believe they operate like this.

My understanding is that the1Dscene is co-run by ginger Oli’s girlfriend, so I would imagine that she knows LOTS of things that aren’t public. Yes, that tweet definitely does make it seem as though information is forthcoming. That’s why it’s interesting.

I think in general, the update accounts are manipulated quite a bit and often don’t even realise it. For example, they get an “inside source” that proves its legitimacy repeatedly (i.e. reporting ahead of time on the boys’ locations, etc.). Once that source earns the UAs trust, they can tell them information that supports the official narrative (i.e. Larry isn’t real), and the UA will believe them and be adamant about that information.

Or with pap pics, like we got the other day. The UA said her friend (probably just a follower or mutual or something) was friends with the pap and he gave them to her, who gave them to the UA. But it’s perfectly possible that the friend, or the person who gave the friend the pictures, was lying. The UA could be telling the truth, or think they are telling the truth, but be factually inaccurate because they were lied to.

If it were me, I would not rely on the UAs’ discretion. I would manipulate and lie to them so that even if they told their followers every single thing I said to them, it would only support the narrative I was trying to craft.

In my opinion guns are safe and effective way to stop a crime. Weather it’s breaking into a home or stopping someone from getting raped. Guns are a tool and when used correctly it is a very effective tool. Hundreds of thousands more will die if you ever try to take our right to bear arms from us! A disarmed people is subject to abuse from an armed government plain and simple!

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Re PSA on UA: Several tweets last night saying Louis was in a bus outside the boys' hotel and didn't attend Liam'a bday party, Louis in Detroit, Harry, Liam and Niall at golf driving range with Liam for bday celebrations, but turns out it was Andy and not Harry. So basically, we have 3 UAs claiming different things about Louis' location (including a tour bus, LOL), Different info on Liam's party not to mention the Lilo/Narry hotel split which is also bullshit. UAs exposing themselves like this..

*wipes tears from my eyes* isn’t life just so beautiful?