Mun talks

Hi all!, this is a personal note, people from tumblr, it’s only mun, well, I just want to apologize to the people with whom I somehow asked to interact and I didn’t, really
Sorry, it was not my intention, it’s just that I have no idea how to be Rp and most things I tried didn’t work :‘o

I know, I admit that I am a failure in this so forgive me, If I not answered some meme or starter, this neither does it mean that I will abandon, the original idea for this Ardyn blog was only to share images and Information, that’s all, a normal blog and nothing else, I liked the rp but it is more complicated than I thought u.u!

This Ardyn as Rp didn’t work, however we can talk and it will be that strange Ardyn who respond, since the mun has his personal blog and now I’m going to dedicate to that

Sorry for the inconvenience, I understand perfectly if I’m ignored, unfollowing or blocked by someone u.u

In the universes
where we did not meet
do you still miss me, does
your heart still ache with
some emptiness
are you still
searching for a
hint of my face

i have glimpsed into the universes
where we have been torn asunder
and i have found myself
with shaking hands and a
heavy heart and even on this world
i was filled with wanderlust
before i met you and in you
i found love and in love i finally found
the home i’d been missing from

and i know
even if we were kept apart
by the fabric of this cosmos
we would shred every seam
until we could meet
because even the stars had a hand
in making us complete
and i was made for you and
you were made
for me.

—  Do you still love me while you’re asleep? (1/2) /// r.i.d