Douglas A-20G-25-DO Havoc s/n 43-9432 387th Bomb Squadron, 312th Bomb Group “Bevo” being flown by 1st Lt. James L. Knarr (KIA) with the gunner being S/Sgt. Charles G. Reichley (KIA). Twelve A-20s took off from Hollandia Airfield on a mission led by Col. Strauss against Kokas, Dutch New Guinea. This A-20 was part of the last flight of three aircraft over the target, led by Captain Jack W. Klein, with wingman 2nd Lt. Melvin H. Kapson and this aircraft. Approaching from the inland side of the the target, they dropped 250 lbs bombs and strafing gun positions. Hit by antiaircraft fire and crashed into the bay off Kokas, exploding when it hit the sea. The other A-20s, involved in their own runs and evasive maneuvers were unaware of the fate of this A-20, until the photos of the mission were developed. A series of four photos, taken by another A-20 ahead of it captured the plane’s last moments in the air. These photos were later released to the media and appeared in Yank Magazine and TIME Magazine in support of the war bond drive captioned “Death of an A-20”.