i empathize with people who are voting for clinton for fear of trump because i get it!

my entire family’s access to healthcare would be much more threatened under trump, especially when we are all sick and broken and trying to get by with the sudden dropping out of my father in our lives

so don’t act like i have nothing to lose when i say that clinton is also terrifying, that her imperialism is inexcusable, that she doesn’t have the best interests of marginalized people at heart

we must not be scared into complacency. if you feel the obligation to vote, and to vote for her, that is fine, but that increases the impetus to critique her, to emphasize that you are doing so out of necessity and not actual support of her policies

the mindset that speaking badly of clinton somehow helps trump is a dangerous one. it silences those most vulnerable, and if you are voting for her, fight against that mindset, and fight against the silence before, during and after the election

U.S. President Barack Obama revealed his full NCAA bracket to ESPN on Wednesday, picking the University of North Carolina to take home the big prize.

“I like teams with good point guards because I think the ability to control the game and limit turnovers, I think that’s a big difference,“ he told ESPN. "Being able to make free throws, that ends up counting a little bit. Other than that, it’s all throwing darts.”

Obama also gave British Prime Minister David Cameron a front-row seat to March Madness on Tuesday, taking his European partner to an election swing state for an NCAA tournament basketball game.

State Department accused of interfering with affordable drugs
The move comes amid rising tension over the cost of medicines globally and claims that industry uses Washington to press other countries to alter policies.

The US Department of State is being accused of inappropriately interfering with efforts by the United Nations and two countries to ensure access to affordable medicines for poor people. In a blunt letter sent on July 20, dozens of patient advocacy groups charged that State Department officials questioned the premise of a UN panel devoted to exploring wider access, pressured the Colombian government not to sidestep the patent on a Novartis cancer drug, and pressed India to adopt policies that could result in higher drug prices and eliminate the production of lower-cost generics.

And so they asked US Secretary of State John Kerry to detail “whether the State Department sees these incidents as coherent with US government policy and (to clarify) State Department commitments and position on the right of governments to use (World Trade Organization treaties) to protect public health and access to medicines.”


Let’s face it folks: Alexander Hamilton would never have made it to America in the world we have today.

He immigrated from the Caribbean as a penniless, fatherless child, with no training and minimum schooling. Under Donald Trump he’d never even get to board the ship. Under President Obama he would never have qualified for admission.

I wish Donald Trump could see the tour de force that “Hamilton” is on Broadway, if only to learn how incredible Hamilton was and how he saved the US from bankruptcy among other achievements.

Maybe Trump would look differently on the immigrants he attacks with such abandon if he saw what one man, who arrived here with nothing but terrible prospects, accomplished.

Hamilton would never have made it to the New World today. Then neither would William Ford, father of Henry Ford who force-migrated in 1847 during the Famine with only his carpenter’s tools. Neither would Thomas Fitzgerald or Patrick Kennedy a barrel-maker, both ancestors of of JFK and both who also force-migrated at the same time.

In more modern times, Trump would certainly have blocked Abdul Fattah Jandali, a Syrian refugee from Homs who was fleeing a war in Lebanon in 1954.

He was forced to give a baby up for adoption because his pregnant girlfriend’s father would not let him marry his daughter. The son turned out to be Steve Jobs.

Google was the co-invention of Russian emigre Sergey Brin. It is now one of the largest companies in the world.

A bankrupt America – no massive development of the automobile, no JFK as president, no iPhone or Mac, no Google were it not for these immigrants.

Does that strike home Mr Trump?

Legal Marijuana In Colorado Has Already Generated $15 Million For Schools

Legal marijuana in Colorado has already generated more than $15 million in tax revenue that is specifically earmarked for public schools, according to the latest data from the state’s Department of Education.

“Money from marijuana sales that used to disappear into the underground market is now appearing in the state’s school construction fund,” said Mason Tvert, communications director for Marijuana Policy Project and a key backer of the 2012 amendment that legalized adult use of marijuana in the state. “Colorado voters wanted a portion of the tax revenue to be used to improve our public schools, and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

Get the full story here.

If you have any interest in what the cool kids call “defensive voting” I recommend ballotpedia.org as a resource for finding out what candidates and questions will be in your local ballot. The questions especially can have some pretty strong consequences, but they often don’t get as much press as national candidates, so there’s an opportunity to attempt to educate people about the relevant issues before they’ve formed their opinions.

I live in Massachusetts, and the state has four ballot questions this year – one on licensing more slot machines in the state; one on expanding the charter school system; one on banning animal products from farms that use cages too small to allow the animal to stand, lie down, or turn around; and one on legalizing marijuana for people at least 21 years of age.

Past Massachusetts ballots have featured questions on euthanasia and on whether the state should essentially discontinue its public housing program. I hear California has a ballot proposition this year that could determine the legality of the death penalty within the state. (BallotPedia tells me it’s Proposition 62.)

So if you’re going to vote, go forth and research your ballot.

California Board of Education unanimously approves LGBT history class for public schools
The class will cover milestones in LGBT history, major figures and the rights movement. New class guidelines in California’s public schools will now include major LGBT milestones and figures.

The new guidelines ask schools to include the place of LGBT Americans in the country’s history.

‘We are proud to represent a diverse state, and we are proud that this framework reflects the state that we serve,’ Lauryn Wild, a curriculum specialist who worked on the new guidelines, told CBS SF.

These new guidelines will mean teaching children about diverse family types and the rights movement in second and fourth grade. The California Board of Education unanimously approved the curriculum changes. The law was introduced in 2012, but was held back by disagreements over interpretation and religious and conservative activism.

A major complaint of the new provisions is the lack of mention of Native Americans and the concept of manifest destiny, or the policy of integrating Native Americans into the United States.

If millionaires in the United States formed their own political party, that party would make up just 3 percent of the country, but it would have a majority in the House of Representatives, a filibuster-proof super-majority in the Senate, a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court and a man in the White House. If working-class Americans — people with manual-labor and service-industry jobs — were a political party, that party would have made up more than half of the country since the start of the 20th century, but its legislators (those who last worked in blue-collar jobs before getting into politics) would never have held more than 2 percent of the seats in Congress.

Hamilton shout-out in the section starting at 12:20… but you know you wanna watch the whole thing


Clinton And Sanders Show Republicans What A Real Debate Looks Like

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton took to the debate stage in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday for their seventh face-off. 

Both of the candidates called for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign over his state’s water crisis, but the candidates failed to answer a simple lead pipe question. 

Sanders said he’s a “one-issue person,” and said white people don’t know what it’s like to live in the “ghetto.”

Clinton and Sanders also mocked the GOP debates.

Read our live updates here.

I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.

Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Sioux Center, Iowa, January 23, 2016.

It really is unbelievable what Trump can and does get away with – and since he’s actually right about this, it means that it won’t hurt him at all. Trump could have said that in the parking lot of Sandy Hook Elementary and his polling numbers probably would have gone up.

Republican voters, if you nominate this ignorant pig, you’ll deserve every bit of the 538-0 Electoral College massacre that you’re going to get.

This entire election cycle disgusts me. None of the leading candidates to become the 45th President of the United States – from either side of the political divide – inspire any excitement or confidence in our country’s future. Less than 3 million people lived in the United States during the American Revolution, yet that era produced brilliant, monumental leaders like every single Founding Father. Today, there are 320 million people who live in this nation and we can’t find 10 likable contenders for the Presidency. I’d settle for someone who motivates me to simply want to wake up on Election Day, drive to my polling place, and cast a ballot on their behalf, but there isn’t one person in the race that does that. This country is broken and we don’t even have satisfactory options of people to hire to potentially repair it.

U.S. political rantpost. Read at own peril.

I wish I could comment more on the Brexit vote (beyond the ‘oh boy, fasten your seatbelts, this is gonna suck for the economy’ bits, but that’s plain for all to see), but all I can really offer is my shitty apology that you guys are getting whacked by the same nationalist bullshit we seem to be fighting against basically everywhere but Canada. There is just no way that anything I say can possibly heal or even soothe this hurt you’ve been dealt, and I am so so sorry it’s happened to you.

For my leftist American friends? Listen up, kids, and listen fucking good.

I don’t care that you have ~*progressive principles*~. I really fucking don’t. I’m about as far left as they come, and yeah it kind of blows that it’s HRC and DWS we have to put up with, but you know what?

We didn’t win. Bernie isn’t perfect (nowhere near it, actually; don’t even get me started on that can of worms), and we’re not Magical Righteous Revolutionary Unimpeachable Protagonist Heroes™ in some sort of Heroic Saving The World Story Arc. We’re just not. End of. What we are, however, is moving toward a general election with real, terrifying consequences.

Those consequences? Are so much worse than getting stuck with a centrist.

The conservative party currently seeking to take power isn’t the one of the past. It isn’t the fiscal conservative-social libertarian thinkers at the helm any more. It isn’t even the fiscally-socially conservative, slick, sly ones who are too power-hungry for the centrist vote to bluntly speak or legislate their racism, misogyny, or homophobia. This conservative party has been hijacked by lunatic, fascist/theocrat demagogues whipping up fools just as bitter as you are, except these wackjobs and their frothing hordes are in it for their people only, not everyone. Under these people, the GOP has metastasized into a party of hatred, a perfect Frankenstein machine first seeded and fuelled by power-lust and greed that’s now well out of the control of its creators.

The GOP, whatever it may have been before, has become under Trump, Cruz, and their ilk a party of subjugation for all who are not ‘American’– that is, white, male, Christian, straight, cisgendered, gun-toting, and uneducated.

And you know what? Losing to that isn’t impossible. Look at the UK. Look at France. Look at fucking Europe, for God’s sake. Far-right lunatics are seizing the wheels, whipping people into a xenophobic, nationalist frenzy, and steering a whole damn continent straight to hell. If you think Americans aren’t just as vulnerable– no, even more vulnerable– to the same xenophobic, hateful fearmongering and nationalist demagoguery that’s killing Europe from the inside, believe me, you’re wrong. This is not a drill. This is not a joke. Complacency or rigid ideology in this election is suicide.

So go ahead. Don’t close ranks to shut out hate, saving progressive fights for later when we’re sure we’re all safe. Decline to vote, or ignore the results of every last progressive third-party write in presidential campaign ever.

When third-candidate progressive votes and no-shows throw the contest like they did in 2000 and Trump gets elected– when the entire nation becomes a minefield of hatred and danger for me and for all minorities– I will know exactly who to blame.

Republican congressman preaches literal white supremacy on national television
By German Lopez

US Rep. Steve King (R-IA) thinks that white people have contributed more to civilization than any other race. And he said it on national cable news.

This is not an exaggeration.

The Internet crowdsourced a full-fledged ‘Hamilton’ parody about Jeb Bush (Daily Dot):

The musical, Jeb!: An American Disappointment, is the collective work of 19 primary authors and 70 other contributors, and within its Google Doc pages is something of a brilliant political satire.

While it’s not the first time the 2016 election and Hamilton have collided, it’s certainly the biggest collaboration to date.

According to its authors, Jeb! grew out of something born in a Facebook meme group back in March. The authors wrote approximately three-quarters of the musical in about the span of the week; after that, it was a matter of tweaking and revising, with the authors dividing up different aspects of the musical among themselves.

“None of us have met in real life, but through the power of the Internet, we were able to not only create this project, but become friends,” the collaborators told the Daily Dot in an email.

How did they write like they were running out of time? Easy: Hamilton’s modern-day Republican counterparts fell into place a lot more easily than anyone expected.

“[T]he fact that we were able to so easily find analogies and similarities between Lin-Manuel Miranda’s story of the American Revolution and the ‘Devolution’ of today’s Republican Primary was rather startling, and shows that maybe the politics of America’s birth and today aren’t so different,” they explained. “The viciousness, entertaining personalities and general craziness of this election season collectively make for great theater.”

Naturally Bush is the Hamilton of his story, and Donald Trump is his Aaron Burr—the man who killed his political career (Sad!). Bush has his own “GW” mentor in brother President George W. Bush; Ted Cruz is Thomas Jefferson, Marco Rubio is Hamilton’s son Philip; and Chris Christie is the spy on the inside, Hercules Mulligan.

References to real quotes and news stories feature the proper citations, just like a historical biography or a Wikipedia page.

The role of King George III is split between Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, andHillary Clinton—“you know,” the collaborators say, “the evil enemies of our Republican heroes”—and the Schuyler sisters aren’t people, per se, but just as important to politics: Interests, Voters, and Money.

Even Bernie Sanders gets a shoutout as loyalist Samuel Seabury.


“We want people to see a new, softer, more sensitive side to Jeb!” the writers explained. “While we may not believe in his policies, he’s really quite lovable in our eyes and we wanted to express our sincere love for him and his achievements with our work. Also, hopefully next time he holds a press conference, there will be plenty of clapping. This election season has been crazy and intense, and so hopefully this lets people put it in perspective and just enjoy themselves. Plus, his campaign was quite a tragedy (as Trump would put it, a weak, sad, mess), and it’s always more interesting to tell a sad story than a super happy one.”

what the fuck, internet