In any event, before [we filmed the abortion scene], I managed to worm my way into his good graces by teaching him how to drive in the parking lot of the Cal Neva Hotel in Lake Tahoe. Al was uncomfortable with the location of the brakes, and he couldn’t comprehend the difference between the left and the right-hand blinking signals. Worse, and far more dangerous, he kept his foot on the gas pedal no matter how many times I told him to press the brake if he wanted to stop. This made for a lot of laughs but a very uncertain ride. He was so sensitive that he was insensitive to his surroundings. I know that sounds like an odd description for the Godfather, but sometimes I swear Al must have been raised by wolves. Recently I went to a screening [of The Godfather] and fell in love with Al all over again. The whole package. You know what I came away with? It was better he’d been raised by wolves. It was better he couldn’t drive. It was better he didn’t love me and got mad without explanation. It was worth it, all of it, just to be in that scene with him, just to feel his face against mine. - Diane Keaton

U.S. Christmas, Subramanium - Split 7"

I’ve known about U.S. Christmas for a number of years, but I had never really paid attention to the until I found this record two or three years ago. Two Knoxville guys play in the band now, but not on this recording.

The live recorded ‘Dark Lost’ is the only Subramanium song I have ever heard, and I like it more than the U.S. Christmas song on this split. Sludge metal with an female screamer. Great stuff.

For Fans Of: Across Tundras, Neurosis, Nate Hall

A helping hand. U.S. Army Sgt. Edward F. Good feeds his comrade Pfc. Lloyd Deming a turkey drumstick during Christmas dinner at the 2nd Field Hospital following the Allied victory at the Battle of Mindoro in the Philippines. Both soldiers suffered severe injuries fighting the Japanese, and Pfc. Deming was left without use of his hands. San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Mindoro island, Philippines. 25 December 1944.


U.S. Christmas - “Wolf on Anareta” from Run Thick In The Night (2010)

still trying to figure out how this band isn’t HUGE by now…

Watch on alfred-f-jones-world-hero.tumblr.com

Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian


Random Start (explanation): Ocoai - “O Bowen”

I guess it’s been almost 2 years now since I found out about Ocoai?  My friends in Kings of Prussia had just finished their set and told me “Hey, stick around.  We think you might like these guys."  After the loudest set I had ever heard and the bone crushing heaviness of this instrumental post-metal, or post-rock, whatever you want to call it, band, I was instantly a fan.  This is the opening track on their first full length.  Unfortunately, there was only 2 full lengths because the band just recently broke up.  One of their members is in a band with a member of U.S. Christmas doing Generation of Vipers which I just realized came out with a new album a few months ago via Translation Loss that I’ve been sleeping on.  Anyway, when it comes to this style of music, Ocoai is one of my favorites.


U.S. Christmas - In The Night