sockettoem  asked:

E, S, and Y! <3

Phew, these are gonna be kinda lengthy! But that’s okay, I’m in the mood to ramble some, haha. Thank u Socket~

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what

Nah, probably not. :^)

okay joking aside oh man how many years have I been drawing stuff for the MM Fandom? 8 years? At this point I’ve lost count to list everything! If I had to pick favorites though, I think they would be “X WAT HAPPEN”, Cherry Pepsi, Duck Zero, and the Zero/Dante friendship pics. I dunno if I can ever make things as good as those ever again, but I dang sure won’t quit.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Ohoho, let’s see.. While there’s no specific prompt, I’ll go with something I know we’re both in! I’ve talked Megaman alot before, but I haven’t really mentioned anything Guilty Gear related yet. I’m definitely not a long-time fan, but I do have some headcanons on my New Favorite Pile of Filth.

I like to think if there was ever a moment Raven ever felt any kind of emotion - after centuries of completely giving up on everything, wasting away, unable to change himself or his fate - it’s when That Man found him, and offered him a new purpose in his life. It would’ve been the first time in his miserable existence could he “wake up”, and even reinvent himself. Until he could find a “solution” to end his immortality, serving That Man was his only beacon of hope.

And I dunno man… I bet he cried.

I also like the idea he and That Man talk fairly often, and it’s quite casual. Of all the people who would know Raven best, it would  be That Man. I doubt Edgebird would ever call him his so-called Master his “friend”, but I imagine he’s the closest thing he has to one, and is someone Raven could express his most honest opinions and feelings to. Well.. any feelings that aren’t violence anyways. That would be rude. Plus I-no’s there for that kind of thing.

Actually all of That Man’s minions are complete messes and it’s a wonder he tolerates them as well as he does… Though I guess in a lot of ways he’s a complete mess too. They’re all just one perfect bizarro family.

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)

Super Robot Wars. I haven’t played the games, nor am I a big fan of tactical RPGs, but I have friends into it and I know enough about it to appreciate the story and characters. I’m also quite attached to a few characters and I can’t help it, and I gotta draw them sometime…

Gundam’s another one. There’s too many spinoffs for me to keep up with, but I know the basics about a good chunk of the series, and i’m currently watching IBO every Saturday night and liking it alot. It may not be a series I’m hooked on, but it’s one I do enjoy very casually and can appreciate seeing on my dash.

Last one I can think of is Yokai Watch because that series is adorable and silly and I like hearing about all the wacky monsters… even though I have no intention to actually play the game. pft. But I also like to see my friends have fun talking about it too.