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shit you shouldn’t say to a person with mental illness when they open up to you & talk about their struggles:

“I know exactly how you feel”

“I guess everyone feels this way sometimes”

“ooh I did/experienced this too this one time”

“are you sure you aren’t just, u know, imagining things?”

“I’m sure things aren’t really that bad”

it’s not helpful.
it does not make me feel understood.
it gives me the impression that you aren’t taking me & my experiences with my illness seriously, which can make things much, much worse.

Girl with the shaky mouth,
girl scrubbing the floorboards every night to make them clean,
sweet-tea girl, honey dipped wounds girl, briar-girl,
boulders-on-her-shoulders girl —
girl with the deeply flushed cheeks and the wringing hands and pints of black beneath the eyes,
girl watching all the birds in the sky and shivering at the cold iron of her cage,
girl observing the flowers grow every dewy morning,
girl never getting enough sun or feeling the earth much these days,
girl bets her blood is full of tall and angry weeds,
girl writing about being strong, girl with a string of organs around her neck,
girl hung up by the ankles in the Dallas skyline,
ugly girl, sad girl, can’t-wake-up-in-the-morning girl,
don’t-know-what-to-do girl:

girl on the floor with a canvas and a brush
and buckets and buckets of paint
but her fingers don’t work anymore.

—  Self portrait, Scarlette La Vaillante