S: Anything interesting in the newspapers yet, John? I’m bored..
J: …*sighs* no, Sherlock. You know, there hasn’t always to be a case or murder to keep you entertained!
S: But John.. there hasn’t been an interesting client for an eternity! The last e-mails have just been tiresome attempts of some people to get my attention - dull.
J: *mumbles* well, at least you don’t get those odd e-mails..

My next project/ AU series (click for full view)

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AU where Jane Crocker is a princess who is guarded by the dragon Damara who is battling against the homestuck fans who hate them bc they get in the way of the ~gay couples~ 

if oikawa is loosely based off of alexander the great (his nickname, the grand king and his and iwaizumi’s birthdays being on the birth and death of alexander the great respectively), iwaizumi could possibly be loosely based off of hephaestion (alexander the great’s closest/childhood friend, general and bodyguard and sometimes theorized as his lover


I feel some people might have not witnessed the beauty of this keek so I thought I’d bring it back for everyone to squeal over