when ur drunk and ur looking in the mirror trying to tell urself u aint drunk but u dont even know whos bathroom it is

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why was jinyoung protecting bambam and yugy?????

ohhh it wasn’t super serious, don’t worry anon! On ASC there was a segment where fans from twitter asked GOT7 “why?” and Bambam got a question like, “Why you follow internet trends so much?” and Yugyeom got one like “Yugyeom why are you pants always so tight?” 

Jinyoung jumped in for both of them being like BECAUSE HE LOOKS GOOD IN TIGHT PANTS and BECAUSE HE WANTS TO CONNECT WITH FANS. Not yelling and much more eloquently than that but ->>>> Jinyoung, GOT7 Protection Squad 2KFOREVER

I… never talk on here what a crying shame.

So. Headcanon.

Keith is grunge garbage boy but he doesn’t actually keep a dirty room? It’s? Tidy. Everything has a palce, it just might be caked in grease and metal shavings or be shaped like if a spaceship got sucked in on itself and exploded back out.

Allura however had slipped into this weird thing before she got put in the pod of just. Messy messy things. She was always looking for things, always misplacing something. She had been working on this before her father died but afterwards she ends up relapsing. She’s taking care of the paladins, why should she organize her?? Desk?? Drawers??? What

When Keith starts regularly ending up in there he tidies it up. He puts all similar things in the same space, even if it’s grilnap-themed vases under the bed or a necklace that she got from Coran once on her bookshelf. He reorganizes and goes through her clothing with her, making her laugh and learning about the fabrics and stuff and equating it to much simpler earth concepts (even if there’s an exact translation, he wouldn’t come up with it)

And just. That ok. Him organizing her room and suddenly she knows where things are. Associates “Why the Quiznak is that there” with “oh, it’s right there.”

He doesn’t know where her stuff is, he just kinda haphazardly and blearily moved things around, counting them with taps of his nails and moving on when they weren’t pleasing. There’s a grouping of stuff on her desk that he likes touching and that she gave him permission to feel up, all nice textures and flowy and fun

This is probably weird but take it

i hate when a boy tells me i’m cute when i’m angry and laughs because it’s usually when i’m simply being a sarcastic little shit, not actually angry. but they say that and wow friendos….i get angry. then they’re like wtf and i’m like yeah i’m a scary motherfucker when i’m actually angry, i will make u Cry and also possibly shit ur pants. my anger isn’t cute. my anger isn’t a joke.