So the other day I was asked what i thought the sexiest MV was. I answered with the below MV and though it’s one of THE most famous MV’s in the entire world, a lot of my followers haven’t seen it. This song was literally BANNED for being too sexy. And I was originally slightly embarrassed saying that this was imo the Sexiest Music Video until I rewatched it and realised THEY’RE ALL MOSTLY SHIRTLESS SINGING EXPLICIT LYRICS AND THEN ALL THE FUCKING BONDAGE MY GOD. 

So no. I stand by it. This is from 2008 and it’s still sexy as fuck.


Capping these because this was Yunho during his finest hour. This was him during his Purple Line era and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, g-ddamn that is one beautiful man. 

Perky smiles, perfect hair and shining eyes aside, this is also one of many hilarious YunJae moments. I’ll just refresh everyone’s memories:

JAEJOONG: And Yunho, mmm, Yunho is.. too much.

JUNSU: What do you mean? (camera zooms in on a speechless Yunho whose smile is frozen upon his face)

JAEJOONG: I think sometimes he doesn’t consider me as a male..

(JAEJOONG blushes, and the audience goes wild.)

YUNHO: (clearly at a loss at what to say but feels that he must say something anyway) Ah…. er….. ah…..

JUNSU: (jumping up to save the day as he always does) Aha, that was a dangerous remark you made!

YUNHO: (still obviously speechless and flustered, and is now repeating everything Junsu says) That was a dangerous remark you made.

JUNSU: (points at the audience gamely) Don’t go imagining things, now!

YUNHO: (mirrors Junsu)  Don’t go imagining things, now..

This is the best Yunjae picture I have ever seen, hands down. They all look so natural. There’s none of that silly posturing or brooding, and they all look genuinely happy to be there, in each other’s company. Jaejoong actually looks like a real, regular East Asian teenage boy with a normal complexion and body proportions, not a sex doll or mannequin. Also, we need more YunChangJae in our lives, if only because I dig the DBSK Aquarian trio. I don’t think I’ve even seen three Aquarians together irl. I would imagine it’s either heaven or hell. Perhaps a bit of both.

“I moved from Gangwon-do to Seoul when I was 20-years-old. I always listened to music and I told (staff noona) that I was listening to KISS’ music. The noona then told me that I shouldn’t listen to that kind of music but listen to Linkin Park and study. So I said, ‘Noona, rock music isn’t something that you can study.’ She yelled at me for talking back and told me to write up an apology. I responded, 'I’m not sorry for anything but I’ll do it anyway since you’re telling me to’. I got suspended often. They told me not to come for awhile and I just said ok. I used to live in dorms with Donghae and Yunho. They would ask if I really don’t have to go and I said, 'They will call me when they need me’. When I think about it now, it makes me cringe.” - Heechul, Super Junior

Yunho’s acting

So, as some of you might already know, TVXQ’s U-know Yunho will be playing the male lead in the upcoming drama “Meloholic” which will be his first project after his discharge from military.

However, he has received many negative comments about it. Many people, including his own fans, don’t want him to play this role because apparently Yunho is not the best actor. Many people would prefer him to stick to music or to let other actors play that role.

And even though I do agree that Yunho is not the best actor and that his skills still need a lot of improvement, I absolutely disagree with that attitude and mentality of trying to stop him from acting. Yunho clearly enjoys acting and if it’s what he wants, shouldn’t we support him instead of destroying his dreams and trying to pull him down?

Moreover, he is still learning a lot and he is improving. Just look at the difference from his acting in “Queen of Ambition” and his latest acting project “I order You”. There was a huge improvement. Yes, he is still very weak but he got so much better. He works so hard and is always giving his best. Isn’t that enough to give him a shot? 

Also, how do you expect him to get better when you don’t let him act??? How does anyone gets better at anything without trying and experiencing it? Yunho can only improve by acting and challenging himself with the help of other professional actors. And that’s exactly what he is doing.

So, instead of discouraging him we should support him and help him get better!!! Stop this negativity!!!