Friend: So who’s your favorite in- 

Me: Everyone. 

Friend: But I didn’t even say which group it-

Me: E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E 

It is seriously impossible to choose one bias and it doesn’t matter which group it is.

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♡ Bangtan;
♡ Exo;
♡ Day6;
♡ SNSD / Girls’ Generation;
♡ Seventeen;
♡ Monsta X;
♡ SHINee;
♡ Got7;
♡ U-Kiss;
♡ NCT;
♡ Cross Gene;
♡ BtoB;
♡ Infinite;
♡ B1A4;
♡ Astro;
♡ KNK;
♡ Twice;
♡ Super Junior;
♡ Mamamoo;
♡ BigBang;
♡ Eric Nam;
♡ Dean;
♡ Ailee.

I mean of course I support Kevin and I wish him the best, and I also wish the best to U-Kiss but I’m just….a mess right now, I’m crying and I’m just so done with most of my favorite groups either disbanding or having changes in line-up. 

U-Kiss is part of the first bunch of K-Pop groups I’ve discovered and I’ve loved them for years, this is just….I just hate this news. I want to go back to bed and wake up and have someone tell me it was just a stupid dream.

I’m going through a lot of emotions

The same emotions i went through, when my parents split. And then divorced.

There’s been so many groups i love and cherish that have gone through a lot, members leaving. Groups disbanding because there company are stupid and don’t resign them, or do what they need to do to keep them. Or whatever.

We kissme’s have gone through so much, a roller coaster ride.

And this comes a shock, this Kevin is leaving the group and company. It’s right up there with the Xander and Kibum situation..

I want to cry and deny it, and feel like it’s April 1st not March.. some sick joke that someone is pulling.

They were one of my first groups i really jumped into. Apart of my top three. So anyone that has anything negative to say. Watch it. Because WE won’t let it pass. WE have been through so much, so very much. You will regret it. 

Kissme for life, never letting go

Kpop Old School (-2010)
  • DBSK/TVXQ: Wrong Number
  • Super Junior: Norago
  • Big Bang: Haru Haru
  • Wonder Girls: Nobody
  • SS501: Love Like This
  • SNSD: Gee
  • 4Minute: I, My, Me, Mine
  • Kara: Lupin
  • T-Ara: Bo Peep Bo Peep
  • Shinee: RingDingDong
  • Teen Top: Clap
  • Miss A: Bad Girl, Good Girl
  • F(x): Nu Abo
  • 2n1: Can't Nobody
  • MBlaq: Oh yeah
  • 2PM: Without U
  • JYJ: Ayyy Girl
  • After School: Bang
  • Secret: Madonna
  • Lee Hyori: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
  • Rain: Love Song
  • FT Island: Love Love Love
  • BoA: Hurricane Venus
  • CN Blue: Love
  • Beast: Breath
  • Supernova & T-ara: Time To Love
  • 2011 +plus comebacks
  • U-Kiss: Neverland
  • Infinite: Be mine
  • Orange Caramel: Shanghai Love
  • Sistar: So Cool

I can’t understand all the hate towards 3 ASC MCs. I wasn’t a fan of jimin and had no idea about Jae before they joing asc but  seeing them interact with each other and tease like a normall person would impressed me. They are real and are not pretending to be another person. Do you really believe Kpop idols are that innocent? I was a kissme long time ago and I still show support when it comes to ukiss and I think kevin and jimin friendship is like a brother and sister.