A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.

Camp Halfblood Valentine's Day Headcanons

❤Aphrodite always seems to pay a visit

❤It may be a busy day but Percy and Annabeth always make sure to fit in their underwater time

❤Connor and Travis fill the Ares cabin’s shampoo with bright pink dye. Clarrise suits it

❤The Aphrodite kids set up a table for younger campers to make cards for the gods, the burn them that night at dinner. Most of the gods enjoy them thoroughly

❤The children of Iris charm all the camp shirts to pink

❤It’s the one day everyone gangs up to try to get Nico to wear hot pink skinny jeans

❤Tyson loves making Valentine’s for all his friends in Poseidon’s kingdom

❤All campers who don’t have a Valentine for any reason help the small campers make brownies for everyone

❤Grover has a pink flower crown

❤Leo definitely had fun making mechanic cards (they usually contain a bad fire pun)

❤A group of elementary campers took Chiron’s bow and covered it in those little heart stickers

❤Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  • Person: which percy jackson character do you hate most?
  • Me: eeny meeny miney no one
Some PJO/HOO HC's that I've been thinking about:

Nico can play the piano.

Percy doesn’t really drink coffee. He’ll have it once it a while, but it’s not a drink he really goes for.

Percy falls asleep first, and Annabeth strokes his hair while she reads.

The Apollo kids (ft. other campers) record an album of covers and original songs. Austin produces it. It’s available on iTunes too, and they’re a big hit.

They also host an occasional open mic night at the campfire.

Leo can dance.

Jason and Annabeth have really pretty penmanship.

Older kids come and visit during college breaks.

A lot of them study at New Rome and have part-time jobs.

If you get to befriend one Ares kid, you’re automatically introduced to the entire cabin and are part of their inner circle.

Annabeth, Grover, and Percy have reunions at least once a month at the pizza place near Percy’s.

The Demeter kids help out people who wanna impress their s/o’s with bouquets of flowers.

Drew goes through major character development. She eventually befriends lots of campers and even apologizes to most of them.

If they ever built Hestia a cabin, upset campers would go and visit because it invoked such homey feelings.

Jason can bake.

Thalia and Annabeth keep each other updated.

Tyson always brings Percy presents when he comes to visit camp.

Campers always make it a point to celebrate Fathers’ Day with Chiron.

Nico’s been a little wary of the Aphrodite kids after his run-in with Eros.

Reyna and Annabeth become really good friends.

No demigod is exactly like their godly parent or half-siblings. They’ve all got their defining traits.