Did some design/media mockups of Annihilation as an exercise. Decided to go with a theatrical poster, DVD jacket and the discs contained within. Design is my own, illustrations are from various free-use sources. 

NOTE: These are not official. Much of the text is taken from Paramount’s blu-ray release of the film as reference. No infringement intended. 


The first of the Black Peony Mini Tarot (a card included in every pack of Black Peony Cigarettes! Peer into the future on your smoke breaks! Open your third eye and get your nicotine fix!). 

I figured the Devil would be the most appropriate tester for the Red Peony variant cards; the red morph just looks like every asian traditional medicine package that my childhood was rife with? 

these are coming soon on my digital shop after con season wraps! 


WHY DON’T WE - Eight Letters (Lockscreens/Wallpapers)

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It’s been so long :( I’m in college now so it’s really hard to find the time to edit and do some stuff. I hope y’all are still alive. x