baekhyun forever being manhandled by kyungsoo on the receiving end of kyungsoo’s intense love

The signs as college students

Aries: joins a big sorority/fraternity

Taurus: skips class to take naps or get food

Gemini: dates all the really hot upperclassmen guys/girls

Cancer: stresses and cries about bad grades all the time

Leo: crashes all the fraternity and sorority parties

Virgo: keeps a set schedule everyday for classes, study times, and chores

Libra: wants to switch their major every year

Scorpio: often studies and plays video games in their dorm

Sagittarius: Yik yaks about annoying or strange things on campus

Capricorn: waits until the last minute for assignments and is up all night studying

Aquarius: the artsy hipster who enjoys getting hot tea in the cafeteria every morning

Pisces: involved in campus activities and enthusiastically gives tours of the college to incoming freshmen

I’d rather have an Artemis Fowl animated series than a movie cause the characters would only need voice actors and stuff wouldn’t be cut out and the books could be seasons instead of crammed together movies.

i just think an animated series would work better all around for a series like Artemis Fowl.