How to Quit Your Job & Take a VW Bus Road Trip to South America

They quit their jobs…

“In 2014, after a few years as working professionals – I was working in an office for a logistics company and Tessa was a teacher – we were feeling a little antsy,” Vought begins. “We both felt we weren’t yet ready to settle down into the typical monotonous life society gears everyone towards, and the travel bug was nipping at our heels.”

Fixed up a cheap van…

The two bought a “run-down, junkyard” 1975 Volkswagen bus for $500 and completely rebuilt it from the outside-in. “With nearly zero mechanical experience, ‘in over our heads’ is an understatement,” he says. “But when, nine months after our estimated original completion date, we were ready to hit the road, we were ecstatic with the end product. Knowing we did all the work ourselves was the icing on the cake.”

… and headed from Alaska to Patagonia.

Over the next year-and-a-half Vought and Ely drove from their hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, completing that leg’s goal of winding from the top of North America to the southern tip of South America. “We camped, surfed, fished, hiked and explored areas that I never thought I would see outside of magazines,” he says. “We engulfed ourselves in strange cultures and gained insight into local issues and how U.S. policies affect people all over the world. We mostly stayed off the beaten path. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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What does a typical day in the life of fawn look like?

wake up. coffee. check emails and msgs. try to write. coffee. write. write. coffee. write. research for writing. yoga. work if I have a shift that day. eat. write. msg friends who are waking up on the other side of the world. youtube. write. read. sleep.

You are the lead guitarist of a band that specializes in making personal soundtracks for superheroes. The only problems is, all the supervillains think you know the superheroes’ secret identities, meaning that you are constantly at risk of being abducted and interrogated. Describe a typical day in your life

KPOP life...
  • So after my kpop addiction, this is what it did to me:
  • 1) Ringing the doorbell:
  • 2)Chasing someone around the school:
  • 3) When I see a hot boy:
  • 4) When I see pretty women I'm envious of:
  • 5)Calling a taxi:
  • Mum's reaction to all those:
  • Nuts. You're nuts. Really.
  • --------------------------------------------------This is really my life, ya know?----------------------------------------------
  • -------------------------KPOP caused me to do all of these, don't let it happen to you k?-----------------------
i make music and stuff. you should download it. totally not shamelessly promoting myself right now.

jesus h my theme is really stupid and doesn’t show links of things
but if any of you who actually read my shit end up missing that post about my downloading my covers on your dash and try to find it on my blog and can’t:

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The trouble with being a guitarist
  • Person:Oh sweet you play guitar?
  • Me:Yes *starts playing to myself*
  • Person:Play a song for us.
  • Me:I'd rather not.
  • Me:That's the thing, we differ in musical preference.
  • Person:So what can you play?
  • Me:Nothing I would like to play for you.
  • Person:Why not?
  • Me:Fuck off and let me play my guitar.
  • Person:You can play us a song.
  • Me:I don't want to. *Takes guitar and leaves*
Pokemon Go lore (head cannon)

Team Rocket has blasted back again and this time, they joined with many other villainous teams to capture and exploit Pokémon for their own interests. As a way to combat Team Rocket’s plans of stealing Pokémon in order to use them for world domination, inhumane breeding and testing purposes, especially putting rare Pokémon yet to be discovered and researched on at risk, the Pokémon League decided to create a cooperative project where trainers both experienced and new capture Pokémon in order to track and help researchers learn more about the Pokémon as well. Called the Pokémon Global Objective, or Pokemon G.O., the project is run by Professor Willow and his team of researchers, most of whom are either skilled Pokémon trainers or interning students working to become future professors themselves. The research is divided into three parts, similar to the typical life of all Pokémon: early stage, evolution, and strength in battle. As the workload begins to pile up as well as the increasing support from the Pokémon League, trainers, and civilians alike, Professor Willow decided to pick three researchers of who he believed best suits each part of the research and have them be his top assistants to lead their respected section of the project. 

He carefully selected three individuals based on their dedication, skills and knowledge and chose the best for each part. As he looked and thought about each researcher he has acquainted through the project, he learned more about their lives as well. 

His first decision was Candela Evaj, a former student at a prestigious Pokémon training school. The only child of two former Pokémon trainers, Candela was considered to be a Pokémon prodigy and a way for her parents to fulfill their own failed attempts of becoming a Pokémon master. Rather than send her out into the world like her parents had before, she was sent to school and her parents thought it was the best way after they themselves had failed to be masters the “old fashion” way. Bored of learning in a classroom setting about Pokémon and yearned to learn on her own through self training and collecting her own gym badges, Candela dropped out after a few years of being enrolled in the school and spent years traveling to learn from gym leaders and trainers alike on how to strengthen and train Pokémon. Her training lead to multiple badges, victories in competitions, and her reputation becoming renown for her fierce strength. She initially participated in the Pokémon G.O. project in order to learn more methods and strengths about Pokémon but stayed as she began to enjoy sharing her own methods to others. Despite her goals and local reputation of being one of the best, her parents still expects her to be a Pokémon master and does not appreciate her own achievements and goals. Because of this, she often feels regretful of her decision to not try to become a Pokémon master and often pushes herself too hard when she feels discouraged. Professor Willow knew right away that, she was the perfect person in charge of overseeing the data about Pokémon strengths and abilities collected. She immediately accepted her position and chose to call her team Valor, after an inspiring trainer she met while traveling abroad. 

Blanche Swaine, an interning student with goals of being a professor specializing in evolution herself, was Professor Willow’s second decision. Blanche was a mayor’s daughter and raised to believe that anything Pokémon related was looked down upon and her focus should be more on being a beautiful and respected socialite. She was often discouraged from not only training Pokémon but also speaking out, especially about anything intellectual. She managed to find a loophole from her strict family rules and rather than train Pokémon, she secretly studied them through books and eventually found an interest in their evolution and growth. By using her family’s immense wealth behind their backs, she got herself through a Pokémon training school and graduated top of the class before attending more schools to achieve her goals of becoming a professor herself. Her family eventually discovered what she did and even disowned her as a way to make her stop but Blanche managed to get by and learn how to live on her own independently. She eventually became an intelligent intern student hoping to complete her studies and open her own research facility. Her wealthy background still stands in the way as she struggles to overcome remorse from being estranged from her family, and despite living independently since then, she still struggles to learn basic skills like cooking. She carefully thought about Professor Willow’s decision and eventually agreed to oversee data about Pokémon evolution and growth. Her team name Mystic came from the nickname of her first caught Pokémon, an Eevee that eventually evolved into a Vaporeon. 

Spark was the last decision Professor Willow made. Despite his friendly personality and caring nature, especially to newly hatched Pokémon, he was often lonely and isolated from other workers because of a rumor that he used to be affiliated with Team Rocket. He found comfort in overlooking eggs and newly hatched Pokémon; something that everyone saw and admired him for. Professor Willow discovered that the rumor was partially true: orphaned as a child, Spark, born Darren Flash, was taken in by Team Rocket. He oversaw many of the experiments  and exploitation of Pokémon as the team’s researcher, and eventually he had enough of the inhumane and abusive treatments towards both Pokémon and himself. It took him a while, since he had no one else outside of Team Rocket as well as no place to go, but Darren left for good. He changed his name to Spark out of protection and to start a new life. Unlike most of the researchers, Spark initially worked to make enough money to live but stayed because he found a passion for caring for Pokémon and letting them grow in their own way. His past still shadows him, making it difficult for others to see past his reputation, and Spark often has difficulty relating to many people, especially those he knows “grew up normally”. When Professor Willow offered Spark the position to oversee data about development stages in Pokémon, Spark refused out of doubt of his own abilities but eventually agreed when he sees it as a way start a clean slate. He didn’t know what to choose as his team name, so when he asked Professor Willow, all he said was “ trust your instincts.” 

Despite their different lives, struggles, and misunderstandings the three eventually became close friends and help each other as they continue to research and oversee their data for the project. Professor Willow encouraged a friendly competition between each team and the three assistants help each other in different ways. Blanche and Spark exercise with Candela and reassure her that her decision to not be a Pokémon master is valid. Candela and Blanche help Spark overcome his PTSD caused by his past in Team Rocket and let him experience the childhood he never got to have. Spark and Candela teach Blanche to do basic life tasks like cooking and encourage her to share opinions and ideas she was never able to say before. Professor Willow became a father figure to the three as they all help fight against Team Rocket. Pokemon G.O. created one messed up family. 

tl;dr : Pokémon G.O. is a project funded by the Pokémon League fighting against Team Rocket. Your three team leaders all have sad backstories and problems. Also I gave them last names and shit, because they just sound well with their names.

 Also, I started writing a fanfiction about it but I wonder if I should share it.

When someone shows interest in me: We talk –> I get excited/happy and hope everything will work out –> They pull away and lose interest –> I wonder WTF I did  wrong –> Stop talking. (Repeat cycle next time someone comes along)