the signs as typical teachers

Aries: that one teacher who you either hate or love. there’s no in between

Taurus: that teacher who you know has overheard all of the drama and says nothing but just KNOWS

Gemini: that nice teacher who seems cool until you realize their tests are hard as hell

Cancer: that teacher with the spicy attitude who (playfully) teases students but isn’t afraid to stand up to them 

Leo: that charismatic teacher whose classes are always fun

Virgo: that non-confrontational teacher who seems chill until you get a detention for something you did like 2 months ago

Libra: that teacher who tries to be cool but fails 

Scorpio: that teacher who as soon as they walk in the class goes silent

Sagittarius: that teacher who literally does not care at ALL, and no one even knows why they’re teaching in the first place

Capricorn: that teacher whose class is actual hell from day 1

Aquarius: that relatable teacher who is actual friends will the students and follows them on instagram and stuff

Pisces: that one really chill teacher who sees you on your social media during class and just nods at you