Project 941 Akula, Russian Акула (Shark), known in the west as the Typhoon class of nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

At a submerged displacement of 48,000 metric tons (47,240 long tons), a length of 175 meters (574 ft 2 in), a beam of 23 meters (75 ft 6 in) and a draught of 12 meters (39 ft 4 in), they are the biggest submarines ever made, with six units build starting in the early 80′s, and only one remaining in limited service with the russian navy as a testbed platform for a new generation of SLBMs.


This video is a series of shots from the Japanese Himawari-8 weather satellite focused on the eye of Super Typhoon Nepartak, currently churning in the waters just off of Taiwan. The storm did begin to weaken as it approached the Taiwan coast, but the waters off the coast are some of the most abnormally warm on Earth today, supplying a lot of potential energy for the storm.

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