At The Atlantic, we believe it’s never been more important to take on established answers with tough questions. Here, Michael K. Williams, of The Wire and The Night Of, wrestles with one of his own: Is he being typecast?

This is such a deep video, you’ll forget it’s actually a commercial. 

Stage one is…the minicab driver/terrorist/cornershop owner…Stage two is the subversive portrayal, taking place on “ethnic” terrain but aiming to challenge existing stereotypes…And stage three is the Promised Land, where you play a character whose story is not intrinsically linked to his race.

this parody by tess paras is EVERYTHING.


Hilarious parody about the casting process for non-white actresses, set to Lorde’s “Royals” by actress Tess Paras.


Ang madalas patugtugin dati ng mga EMO na LONGHAIR na mga Highschool Students dati. Kakaibang impluwensya din ang ginawa ng Typecast na banda sa mga Rakistang Highschool students dati. Dito nauso maglagay ng Eye Liner ang mga kalalakihan eh, tandang tanda ko pa to.

Tipong naka all black, may hikaw sa labi, itim ang mga talukap ng mata, itim na t-shirt. Black talaga, Rakistang rakista. 

Nakakamiss lang din yung mga ganitong klase ng kanta dati, tipong mapapasabay ka. Ito lang ata yung kahit mataas pipilitin mong maabot para lang maramdaman at masabayan yung kanta. 

Panalo to. Typecast!


Alam mo ang EMO SONG na ito kung Batang 90’s ka.

Sobrang Highschool life to men!

Greyhoundz/Typecast U.S. Tour: Las Vegas

Two of the biggest bands from the Philippines Greyhoundz and Typecast visited Las Vegas last June 22nd for a night of great music and loudness. According to the flyers, gates would open at 6:30 P.M and show would start at 7. But it didn’t happen until 2 hours later. It’s all good though. There was no way I could miss this event since I’ve been missing homegrown music so bad.

Bands called Wolves from California opened the show followed by Soundefine and Bright Light Innuendo who I believe are locals.

Typecast then performed which made the whole place crazy. I chatted with Steve Badiola and Melvin Macatiag who are the vocalist/guitarist and drummer respectively before the show and I must say, they were so down to earth. It’s obvious that they’re also music fans like me which is a delight.

They performed their hit songs including “Will You Ever Learn” and “The Boston Drama”, the only two songs that I know of from them. I know it’s a shame. But I enjoyed their set and after that, I had a new found respect towards the band.

Then it was time for Greyhoundz. The place just became intense. Everyone is pumped up and ready to go, especially me. I was at the front-center of the stage, absorbing their pure raw energy. I took my camera down for a while and just watched in daze, hoping that I could steal some of their heavy chords.

Niño Avenido’s style of bass playing never ceases to amaze me. He’s one of the few who can fuse funk-slap style of playing in to metal which gives that distinct and unmistakable “Houndz sound”. Have you ever listened to their first album “7 Corners Of Your Game”? I also had the chance to chat with him just to catch up because way before I moved here, my band used to jam in his recording studio in Katipunan. He said that he gave up the studio a long time ago and moved to Krame.

The “dime-style” of Auds Avenido is also essential to their sound. Those pinch harmonics and groovy heavy riffs are Pantera’s trademarks but he adopted it so well that it became fit for their unique and uncompromising style of music. If you find yourself headbanging to their tunes all of a sudden, blame this guy.

Reg Rubio. He is beast as usual. That distinct strong growl and all, impeccable. He’s one of the very few front man from the Philippines who can and will impose their will. Once he has the mic on his hands, expect that you’re going to find yourself in a brutal battlefield.

It was really a breath of fresh air seeing these bands again especially in a place far away from home. Being there made me realize that I miss playing live and I miss home more. I look forward in watching gigs from homegrown talents again and I hope that I wouldn’t wait that long. It was a fun, loud night.