Harry pressed his lips together. “It’s not Malfoy.”

“Really?” Ron looked ridiculously hopeful.

“No. It’s Malfoy.”

Ron banged his head against his desk and let it stay there.

Harry got on with his parchment work.

Eventually Ron lifted his head and did the same.


Fearless ( - Brief_and_Dreamy) 

aka. Actually Ron and Harry’s friendship in a nutshell.

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Lily and Sirius friendship headcanons... GO

Sily Headcanons

  • Sirius taught Lily how to braid hair.
  • Lily was the one to introduce Sirius to The Sex Pistols.
  • They constantly compete for the position of “Jamie’s True Love”
  • Lily is the only one allowed to brush Sirius’ hair
  • It’s because her hair is #perf 
  • Siriusly, they’re like the Perf Hair Squad
  • The only fist fight Lily ever got into was defending Sirius’ honour.
  • They have a secret handshake. 
  • Sirius and Remus came out to Lily first…
  • Well… more like she walked in and was like “I FUCKING KNEW IT”
  • She did a victory dance
  • They both decided they were going to learn to cook one day and it ended up with them covered in Merlin-only-knows-what and laughing on the ground
  • Remus and James almost cried over the mess.
  • Lily was given away by Sirius who had to run over and jump beside Jamie for best man
  • Sirius was with her when her water broke
  • Lily stole The Jacket all the time. (Sirius only cared a little bit)