Advanced Web Typography

In case you’ve missed them, Elliot Jay Stocks has written a series of excellent tutorials about web typography. His blog posts show you how to improve your typography and layout designs by focussing on new techniques and demystifying the ever-improving technology.

The Advance Web Typography posts so far are:

Elliot, the Creative Director of Adobe Typekit and founder of 8 Faces magazine, will be giving a talk at The Type Directors Club in New York next month to cover the series.

Typography on the web has made huge leaps forward in recent years, allowing web designers to realize their designs with an almost print-like level of control. However, the details surrounding that control can still be challenging, and bleeding-edge technology like OpenType support is still in flux. In this talk, Typekit’s Creative Director and 8 Faces founder Elliot Jay Stocks takes attendees through some of the most exciting recent developments that allow us to take web-based typography to the next level.

Advanced Web Typography: Elliot Jay Stocks
The Type Directors Club,
New York, 
July 22 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Interview with a prolific and wonderfully eccentric book cover designer Chip Kidd.


We Don’t Work – We Play

Typographic experiments for the self-initiated exhibition We Don‘t Work - We Play. All works in collaboration with Yanik Balzer. Special thanks to Tomaz, Thomas, Lasse and Ryan for their support. Typographic Excellence, Students Category at Type Directors Club 59.

Lettering & Calligraphy for Type Design: The Lower Case with Sumner Stone

This fall the Type Directors Club will present two hands-on weekend workshops given by Sumner Stone. They are both called Lettering and Calligraphy for Typeface Design. The first, October 20–21, will be drawing and designing the the capital letters. The second, December 1–2 will focus on the lower case.

I really really want to go to this, but i’m too poor to go. :( i wish I had infinite moneys.

If you’re in NYC, or near NYC you should check it out.