An Honest Apology to Tyler Oakley

Hi Tyler (if you’re reading this),

Not gonna lie, I used to be a Tyler Oakley hater. Not to the extent of writing obsessively hateful posts about you online, but I’d peruse those from time to time, reading about various transphobic or racist things that you’d said in your past. And somehow I came out of all of that imagining you as some sinister entity and no longer a person. 

Anyway, time passed and I somehow held on to that dislike I had for you. And unfairly so. But I heard you had an autobiography coming out, so my ears perked up. “What could Tyler possibly put into an autobiography? He hasn’t done anything substantial with his life. Who’s going to read it.” Well obviously millions of people, that’s pretty much a given at this point. But somehow I remained curious, so I picked up a copy of Binge.

I read the whole thing in one afternoon, which is rare for someone like me, who can read about as fast as a turtle walks across a beach. I laughed out loud, maybe cried a few manly tears here and there, but overall came out of the other end of the book with a new-found appreciation for Tyler Oakley. You’re a human being just like everyone else, no more or less perfect. I hope you can continue to use your platform as one of positive change in the world and I apologize for all the negativity I’ve sent your way in the past, even if it was of the silent variety.

All the best,


* FANDOM 2016 JAR *

heyy !! so since 2016 is approaching, I want to try this project thing :) i’ve seen these kinds of things all around the internet so i decided to do my own, fandom version ^.^


- reblog this post and i’ll put your URL in a jar 

- no likes please

- when 2016 comes, i’ll pick an URL out of the jar every day and send you a cute message :)

Fandom bonus:

- based on your fandom, i’m going to try and come up with some type of way i can incorporate your fandom into the message 

- all fandoms are welcome !!!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me ^.^