@ Louis Tomlinson’s Team, since there seems to be a second single in the works, how about you do the following things too:

1. Fix that website. No one has even received a confirmation that they’ve signed up for the newsletter.

2. Use his full name for his Instagram account.

3. Actually do advanced promo for Louis the artist. Highlight his skills as a singer-songwriter. Talk about all the great things about Louis - that things that make him unique, likeable and relatable.

4. A photoshoot for Solo Louis, one that will produce photos that be used for a cohesive online and press aesthetic. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. p.s. Plenty of beauty shots of Louis in gorgeous clothes won’t hurt, I promise you. 

5. Line up those full-length interviews and features for Louis. We want to see him profiled in the best publications.

6. Create promotional opportunities for him that go beyond radio and press interviews, and tv/radio performances. The man can act and host - give him those platforms too. SHOW HIM OFF. 

7. Give him the rebrand he so deserves, and the PR he needs. Create a wave of media and industry support for him - be vocal and be public about it! 

8. Be the best, most cohesive, creative. supportive and highly professional team you can be for him.

9. END IT. END IT. END IT. Set him free from the stunts that do nothing for him - every single one of them. 

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Do you think we can hope for syco tondo their job for the next single or were just fooling ourselves into thinking Louis got a better deal compared the past?! I'm so anxious for him :(

I’m hoping Syco will do their job this time.

And I don’t know that anyone is “fooling themselves” about his label situation. Those that aren’t furiously freaking out about it right now are just holding off until something specific happens.

I mean, we all hate Syco, but recognize that Sonny Takhar has left and Simon Cowell is now minority owner. So Tyler Brown (new head of Syco) and Rob Stringer (CEO of Sony Music) MIGHT have made some changes and MIGHT actually do right by Louis.


So we’re waiting until they fuck up before the Army of Bees goes on a rampage.

I was thinking about this yesterday. If we see that they’re not doing Louis right - again - it’s gonna get ugly. Uglier. Because while Harry has the largest amount of fans out of all the boys, Louis has the most dedicated and passionate. And we’ve been angry and frustrated for a LONG TIME. And whatever happens with Louis going forward, happens just to Louis. They can’t roll out cute Niall pics or OT4 interaction to calm us down.

We can and will go nuclear on their asses. I hope they know that. And I hope that they are very, very afraid.

Will SYCO and (its big boss) Tyler Brown finally step up and champion Louis Tomlinson?

Will they put their weight behind him and give him the support and promo he needs and deserves? Not only for his next single, but to create career longevity for him.

Will they finally do the right thing by him and show the world what a creative, talented artist and what a brilliant, beautiful person (inside and out) he is?

Will they redeem his brand and finally generate positive press rounds for him?

Will they finally secure the best opportunities for him to promote his music and his brand?

Yes, this a challenge to them. Time to step up for Louis Tomlinson and be the best label, leader and managers they can be.

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I would laugh my head off if there was a twist in the tale and Louis signed with Warner, like Bebe and the other writers he was working with earlier this year. Or else why would Syco and RCA be so low key about signing an artist as successful as Louis Tomlinson??

the only ‘sources’ about louis signing with syco are that dan wootton article, tyler brown’s tweet, louis’ website and something else i can’t remember. a simon cowell website? in hindsight, that tweet is weird af: “really excited that syco will be working with louis tomlinson on new music. the new single is very special” doesn’t sound like a “welcome to the family” to me. he isn’t on syco’s roster or on RCA’s roster. the labels didn’t make any announcements. his JGG website says he is working on an album but no mention of a concrete record deal. i wish it would mean anything but we also have to acknowledge that these people are extremely incompetent. so. what the fuck are they doing.

The Sun’s Dan Wootton is confirming that Louis has signed with Syco and that his US label will be RCA.

Confirming the deal with The Sun instead of a respectable music industry outlet is exactly what we would expect of Simon Jones PR, so while I remain hopeful about Tyler Brown’s commitment to Louis’ music as the head of Syco Music, I have yet to change my opinion that Russell Eslamifar of James Grant Group and Simon Jones PR are completely worthless pieces of shit.

Read the article here instead of giving The Sun hits.

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Tyler Brown actually liked Dan Wootten's tweet linking to that horrifically condescending op-ed. Imagine your own label head thinking so little of you. Unacceptable. I really hope Louis leaves Syco.



frederik andersen: andersave™

tyler bozak: boze lightyear™

connor brown: wrist flick™

connor carrick: clark kent™

jake gardiner: garden boy™

matt hunwick: holds the line™

zach hyman: shorty king™

nazem kadri: catstagram™

leo komarov: this guy got no style at all™

josh leivo: is a good leaf™

alexey marchenko: much wow™

martin marincin: d boy™

mitch marner: smol puppy™

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morgan rielly: captain™

nikita soshnikov: russian dad child™

james van riemsdyk: single uncle™

nikita zaitsev: precious™

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I said to Julia earlier but now the Scum quotes just reinforce me into thinking (gasping on hope perhaps) that it's starting to sound more like a... writing?producing? background stuff thing? He talks about working and writing and no singing or performing. Farfetched, I know, but this fandom is a dumpster so I'll just dump all my thoughts too :D

Yeah, I noticed the actual quote as I was answering that ask:

“I’m happy to have signed… excited to continue my relationship with Syco… and work with the brilliant team at RCA”

It doesn’t quite sound like he signed a record deal with Syco, does it?

It’s wishful thinking though, probably, but Tyler Brown’s tweet said “working with Louis on new music” not “working on a new album,” or “signed a great new deal” and I’m just…



Ahem. Sorry. But ffs, can something be clear for once?

toronto maple leafs: full names

Frederik Andersen
Tyler Bozak
Connor Brown
Connor Carrick
Frank Corrado
Jake William Gardiner
Matthew John Hunwick
Zachary Martin Hyman
Nazem Samir Kadri
Leonid Aleksandrovich Komarov
Joshua Leivo
Alexey Igorevich Marchenko
Martin Marinčin
Mitchell Marner
Matthew Martin
Auston Matthews
Robert Curtis McElhinney
William Andrew Michael Junior Nylander Altelius
Roman Polák
Morgan Frederick Rielly
Benjamin Alexander Smith
Nikita Dmitriyevich Soshnikov
James Frederick van Riemsdyk
Nikita Igorovich Zaitsev

Coming Out [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Hi! Can you do a Barry x Reader where he and the reader (his wife) has a teenage son and he loves him a lot and the son is really well-behaved & big nerd like his daddy but he starts acting strange & the reader finds out that he’s scared to tell his dad that he has a boyfriend, who happens to be Captain Cold’s son and she convinces him to tell Barry - who knew his son was gay the whole time? I need to see Barry’s parenting skills! 😉⚡😊⚡☺⚡😀

a/n: ahhhhh daddy barry

“Come on, sweetie. You need to tell your father. This is a big thing.” you whisper, rubbing your son’s shoulder comfortingly. He inhales deeply, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose before letting you lead him into Barry’s study. “I’m right here, Tyler.” you remind him softly, brushing your thumb across his cheek. “Babe?”

Barry whips his head around, marker halfway to the whiteboard. A grin appears on his face, stretching his brown scruff on his upper lip. “Hey honey, hey bud! What’s up?” he questions, capping the dry erase marker before spinning. His socked feet pad on the floor and he repositions himself in front of his desk, leaning back. “What’s up? Kinda freakin’ me out with the silence.” he repeats, crossing his arms over his magenta sweater, eyes darting between the two of you.

You nudge Tyler, nodding your head at you husband; light blue sleep shirt dropping off your shoulder. “Dad, I have something to tell you.” he tenses, raising his arms to wrap around his waist protectively. Barry frowns, green eyes flooding with worry as he straightens his upper body, fingers clutching his bicep. “I’m gay.” Tyler confesses, cringing, dark brown hair covering his blue orbs.

There’s a shine in the speedster’s mossy green eyes that you know all too well. “Barry…” you warn, tilting your head forward. Tyler gulps, playing with his black oversized hoodie, watching his dad in anticipation.

“Hi gay, I’m da- okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Ow!” he quickly saves himself as you whack his upper chest. Tyler snorts at the scene, readjusting his glasses. Watching The Flash get beat up by your mom? Priceless. Barry huffs, nose twitching slightly. “Geez, I try to crack a joke…” he trails off, pushing himself off the desk and walking towards his son. “Ty…” he puts his hands on his son’s shoulders, bending down. “I’ve known. I’m your dad, I know things, contrary to common belief… Plus, I saw you with Michal a few months ago. I didn’t say anything because I wanted you to be ready.”

Tyler smiles, “So, you aren’t mad?”

Barry shakes his head, flashing a grin. “Never. I’m so happy you came out to me.” he mumbles, hugging his son, “Does his dad know too?” Tyler nods. “Good, explaining that to Snart…would be interesting.” he huffs as he lets go.

“Thanks dad, mom! I love you!” Tyler exclaims, brushing his bangs from his eyes. “I’m gonna go text Mike!” he beams, heading towards the staircase.

“Wait, TY!” Barry calls, making his son stop, peering back. “While you’re upstairs, tell Joey to come down here. He’s in big trouble with daddy.” Tyler nods, climbing up the stairs and yelling for his younger brother. You raise an eyebrow at your husband, who rubs the bridge of his nose. “He flushed my contacts,” he makes the up and down motion with his finger, “Down the toilet. So I have none for tomorrow.” he sighs.

Joey hops down the stairs in his kangaroo onesie, “Yeah, daddy?”

“Joey, what have we talked about touching daddy’s things?” Barry scolds the four year old. This is gonna take a while…

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I actually can't find the tweet Tyler Brown supposedly liked. Did he unlike it already or am I searching in the wrong place?

Nope. Looks like he unliked it. He started getting dragged for it so…