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I sent the ask about BG unwinding a while ago. Thanks for your answer. I do share the premise that Freddie is not Louis’ son & I agree with the questionable actions you've stated. At the same time, it seems impossible that it's gone on this long. If all a lie, I believe there could be long-term emotional scars and confusion for that adorable child, which is wholly inhumane. So it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to believe Louis would perpetuate this. It's a painful mess either way.

Anonymous said: So if Tyler was key in shaping the direction of 1d, then he was also instrumental in never developing or showcasing Louis’ talent. And he’s already tipped his hand that Syco basically commissioned that article from Dan Wootwoot commenting about how Louis has been difficult & volatile over the years. He ain’t shit. Syco set up the airport incident, ffs. That eliminates any benefit of any doubt. That’s not confidence in him as an artist. That’s making his life into even more of a spectator sport.//


As for Freddie, yeah, the whole thing is terrible. He seems to be well cared for and happy, and as far as he’s concerned, his family is Brett, Tracy, and Austin. I agree, though. At some point, he will see that his public name is Freddie Tomlinson. Around age two is when most kids start to learn the letters of their name. Please spare him that.

Second anon, imo the airport incident is something that got way out of control. I think the whole purpose was to show how E was harassed by paps (as if anyone would even recognize her lol) and Louis could come to her defense. It strengthened Eleanour. But to me, she’s inconsequential, a placeholder. She’s bland and boring. She doesn’t even have her own voice. How does she express herself? With an emoji. After five years of “dating.” And who knows who’s telling Dan to write what. Those articles get clicks and sell advertising.

The timing of all these things is interesting too. Louis seemed to be doing terribly until May 1. Suddenly things started to shift. Harry’s album was released May 12. Louis announced signing with Syco on June 7. Dan hasn’t written an article disparaging Louis since, and his interview with Harry (May 17) seemed remarkably restrained.

Wonder why?

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Do you think we can hope for syco tondo their job for the next single or were just fooling ourselves into thinking Louis got a better deal compared the past?! I'm so anxious for him :(

I’m hoping Syco will do their job this time.

And I don’t know that anyone is “fooling themselves” about his label situation. Those that aren’t furiously freaking out about it right now are just holding off until something specific happens.

I mean, we all hate Syco, but recognize that Sonny Takhar has left and Simon Cowell is now minority owner. So Tyler Brown (new head of Syco) and Rob Stringer (CEO of Sony Music) MIGHT have made some changes and MIGHT actually do right by Louis.


So we’re waiting until they fuck up before the Army of Bees goes on a rampage.

I was thinking about this yesterday. If we see that they’re not doing Louis right - again - it’s gonna get ugly. Uglier. Because while Harry has the largest amount of fans out of all the boys, Louis has the most dedicated and passionate. And we’ve been angry and frustrated for a LONG TIME. And whatever happens with Louis going forward, happens just to Louis. They can’t roll out cute Niall pics or OT4 interaction to calm us down.

We can and will go nuclear on their asses. I hope they know that. And I hope that they are very, very afraid.

One Direction Producer Julian Bunetta Talks Working With Solo Niall, Harry & Louis
One of the first times Julian Bunetta met Hey Violet, the superstar producer and rising band partook in a game called What Are The Odds?

[excerpt of just 1D references]

“About six years ago, (current Syco music head) Tyler Brown was an A&R and he said, ‘Hey, do you want to try working with One Direction on their second album?’” (2012’s Take Me Home). “It sounded interesting to me, so he put me in touch with Jamie Scott and him, me and John Ryan wrote two songs. The label liked them, the band liked them, and we flew to London to record them.” From there, Bunetta helped bring One Direction’s bubblegum pop vibes into more refined, adult contemporary territory. Becoming their go-to producer starting with 2013’s Midnight Memories, Bunetta helped mastermind a majority of the group’s tracks, forging a strong creative relationship and a deep bond with the group of teens-turned-international superstars.

“We spent a lot of time together over the course of four years and we’re all really good friends, so I definitely knew where all their influences would later lead them,” says Bunetta of the diverging paths the members have taken with their respective solo releases. “I didn’t think for a second that Liam (Payne) was going to make a rock album or that Niall (Horan) was going to make a R&B album. It’s unprecedented what they’re doing; they continue to change the rules of what it means to be in a group. For all of them to have solo success is just so fucking awesome.”

…Bloomfield explains “We saw that with One Direction too. He has an incredible connection with artists and builds an innate bond. They trust and respect him.”

Perhaps that’s why Bunetta’s name and influence has seeped into One Direction’s respective solo forays, whether it’s co-writing the stand-out Harry Styles track “Two Ghosts” (“That song is a special one. We did that a little while back and it’s really wonderful to have it come out”) or plotting an upcoming session with Louis Tomlinson. In addition, Bunetta has also worked closely with Niall Horan, including co-writing his rising hit “Slow Hands.” “We were in the studio and I had a bass on with a drum loop. We started playing these notes and it felt good. Niall was singing along, mumbling some words and it sounded like he said ‘slow hands’ at one point. We were like, ‘What’s slow hands?’ We kept on chiseling away and wound up having a good back and forth with it.”

According to Bloomfield, Bunetta immediately realized they had something special. “He called me straight after the writing session and said, ‘Dude, we wrote a killer song today – a smash!’ So I said, ‘Great, tell me more! What’s it about?’ He said, ‘It’s sexy and cool, about slow hands and sweat on dirty laundry.’” Bloomfield was skeptical. “The truth is it took us a moment to get our heads around ‘Slow Hands’ and to fully grasp its potential, but he called it immediately,“ Bloomfield says. "He has this quality of being a highly creative type with an objective ear. That’s a rare pairing.”

Unmasked Feelings - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,684

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Alcohol Use, Bathroom Sex, dirty dancing 

Notes: So, this was ACTUALLY a request I got from @gloire-celeste like… forever ago and I feel bad that I didn’t do it till now. But it worked out for Halloween surprisingly! I hope you like it babe. I loved this idea and I so apologize for it taking foreverrrrr. I hope I did you proud!

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frederik andersen: andersave™

tyler bozak: boze lightyear™

connor brown: wrist flick™

connor carrick: clark kent™

jake gardiner: garden boy™

matt hunwick: holds the line™

zach hyman: shorty king™

nazem kadri: catstagram™

leo komarov: this guy got no style at all™

josh leivo: is a good leaf™

alexey marchenko: much wow™

martin marincin: d boy™

mitch marner: smol puppy™

matt martin: will fight anything™

auston matthews: hit em with the 4™

curtis mcelhinney: wise father™

william nylander: bites everything™

roman polak: could kill you™

morgan rielly: captain™

nikita soshnikov: russian dad child™

james van riemsdyk: single uncle™

nikita zaitsev: precious™

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Tyler Brown actually liked Dan Wootten's tweet linking to that horrifically condescending op-ed. Imagine your own label head thinking so little of you. Unacceptable. I really hope Louis leaves Syco.



[100k+ views] Tyler Brown and Justin Blake - Instagram LIVE 10/22/17

toronto maple leafs: full names

Frederik Andersen
Tyler Bozak
Connor Brown
Connor Carrick
Frank Corrado
Jake William Gardiner
Matthew John Hunwick
Zachary Martin Hyman
Nazem Samir Kadri
Leonid Aleksandrovich Komarov
Joshua Leivo
Alexey Igorevich Marchenko
Martin Marinčin
Mitchell Marner
Matthew Martin
Auston Matthews
Robert Curtis McElhinney
William Andrew Michael Junior Nylander Altelius
Roman Polák
Morgan Frederick Rielly
Benjamin Alexander Smith
Nikita Dmitriyevich Soshnikov
James Frederick van Riemsdyk
Nikita Igorovich Zaitsev

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The thing is I don't even care if Syco/JGG suddenly decide to do good work and promote louis, the bridge has been burned. They've done too many horrific things to the boys for me to ever be ok with them and no matter what they do moving forward, my stomach will always feel sick seeing Louis tied to these nasties still. He deserves a smart,innovative team not some half assers which is all Syco knows how to do. Look at their other artists. Not one of them is super successful & it's because of SYCO

I get you. But remember that Syco is now majority owned by Sony, and Sonny Takhar left as director in 12-2016, replaced by Tyler Brown.

Tyler Brown did A&R for One Direction since they were formed. He knows all about 1D.

He seems at least to acknowledge on Twitter that he understands the concerns.

Louis’s involvement with Syco leaves a rancid taste for me, too. But Syco built One Direction. What I’m saying is that lightning does strike sometimes.