the absolutely record breaking success of spring day and not today just makes me so warm inside namjoon must be SO happy and fulfilled and overwhelmed by it all he COMPOSED spring day and he wrote the lyrics for not today he literally put his all into those two songs and to see them so successful? so well received? breaking records? it makes me want to hug him and thank him and i hope he’s really basking in this i hope people are constantly praising him i hope he’ll never forget how much he’s worth bc he’s worth everything

FAQ 1. Is this info reliable?

FAQ no. 1 : “Camila and 5H have the same management and PR firm” post

Is this info reliable?

I am a very sceptical person and don’t like to put false information out, so I’ll explain to you the reliability for each different thing (how I see it) then you can make up your own mind about it

Edge Publicity (UK)

This is 100% true - Both Camila and fifth harmony are with this UK PR firm. Edge themselves tweeted about 5H joining them recently and then Camila is now on their official client list on their website.

42West PR (US)

I am 99% sure that both 5H and Camila are both with 42west. It was in the press that solo Camila joined 42West in June, and they tweet about her. And the receipts I showed you clearly list 42west as 5H’s publicist. Although these types of listings websites may be out of date/unreliable, I don’t know how they would have just ‘happened’ to pick 42west as 5H’s publicist out of nowhere. Also please note that this listing simply confirmed my suspicions that 5H were also with 42west judging by everything else. I already thought this was the case because 5H are definitely with Edge for their UK-based PR, and more than two thirds of Edge’s clients (including Camila) are also with 42West in the US. It is pretty obvious that 42West delegates to Edge for their clients’ UK Publicity. To add to this, Maverick tends to use 42West as well. So everything pointed to 5H being with 42West, but the listing simply confirmed my suspicions. Hence my claim that this listing ‘didn’t come from nowhere’. I am prepared to accept that listings websites can sometimes be unreliable, but this listing fits with everything else I have seen and I simply don’t see how they would coincidentally mistakenly list them as being with 42West when it makes so much sense. Also the website seems to be up to date and reliable with everything else.


I’m 95% sure both Camila and 5H are still with Maverick. The only reason why I am not 100% with this is because there is a small chance that the website could be out of date and technically Camila might have left Maverick for a new management recently without them updating. HOWEVER… even if it is out of date, it still lists SOLO Camila and 5H as separate entities who are both managed by Maverick (and have 42West as publicists). This means that even if you are SUPER sceptical and think the website is out of date, it still means that when Camila was in the group her solo stuff was managed by Maverick. Another listings website also lists maverick as Lauren’s solo manager outside of the group. This shows that this is how it works - group members’ solo projects are managed by the same people (which obviously is the most sensible thing). This is quite the find in itself.

To add to this, the website does seem pretty up to date. It shows her publicist as 42west even though that only happened a few months ago. All of the other listings for Larry Rudolph seem accurate. Also, logically, it simply makes sense that Camila is still with Maverick. She is with the same labels (that use Maverick) and with the PR Firms that Maverick seems to use. It also logically makes sense because Roger is only Camila’s personal manager - He is not licensed, and doesn’t have the power, time and resources to do all of the things that need to be done. She needs a team. Therefore, she must have a management firm who are representing her. It would make sense for that to still be Maverick, and the evidence simply confirms this.


Just to add weight to everything above, I also find all of this reliable because you can see how they have TRIED to cover this up so that we don’t find out. E.g. on another listings website it showed ONLY Camila’s US publicist, ONLY Lauren’s management, and ONLY 5H’s management, UK Publicist, (and Epic’s publicity department), but no proper US publicist. This makes it very obvious that they are trying to cover up the fact that all of their Publicist’s and Managers are the same.

So overall, I think we can say for sure that 5H and C are with the same publicists, and I think we can pretty much say for sure they are both also with Maverick. And even if you leave room for error with the last bit, we CAN at least say for sure that Solo projects outside of the group are also managed by the group’s management (with Lauren now, and Camila before).