Nerd HQ 2016: A Conversation with the Cast of Teen Wolf 

Zac: What do you squat, bro?
Cody: *laughs*
Zac: By the way, I love it how he didn’t even answer, he was just like ‘You don’t even wanna know. Way more than you’.
Cody: With or without kneewraps?
Zac: Without what?
Cody: With or without kneewraps?
Zac: See, this is a whole ‘nother conversation, I don’t even understand what the hell that is.
Tyler: Can you squat me?
Cody: Absolutely. Let’s do it.

Our Sister(Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Posey)



AN: Anon didn’t what kind of post they wanted this to be, but I decided to make it an imagine cause I’m kind of bored of doing AUs. 

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“I have a question for Dylan,” the fan said into the mic at the panel. 

“What’s up?” He smiles brightly, and she blushes.

“What’s it like working with your sister?” 

“The worst,” he jokes and everyone laughs. “But really I’m super proud of her, and-” 

“AWE! YOU LOVE ME!” The crowd, and cast, burst into fits of laughter. 

“I take it all back, she’s a pain.” 

“Next question?” 

“I have one for Y/N,” another fan says. 

“What’s your question, babe?” 

“Do you prefer being Scott’s sister, or Dylan’s?” 

“Scott,” you answer immediately. “He’s way cooler than Dylan, even if he gets everyone in life threatening situations.” 

“I have a question for Tyler,” a fan looks towards Posey. “Do you like playing Y/C/N’s brother?” 

“Its super cool, just cause people can see a more protective side of Scott, and their relationship growing throughout the seasons.” 

A few questions go by before Dylan is picked again, “Are you jealous of Y/C/N and Scott’s relationship? Do you think its better than you and Y/N’s?” 

“I think their relationship on the show is great, just cause we’re all such close friends we already act like siblings. I’ll never be jealous, since I get Y/N all year round.” 

“He’s so jealous,” you say. 

“Extremely,” Tyler agrees.

“You guys suck,” Dylan replies laughing.

Another round of questions before your name is called, “Do you have a favorite between Tyler and Dylan?” 

“No way,” you shake your head. “They’re my boys, and I love them both.”

Teen wolf season 6 trailer rant.

I just watched the season 6 trailer of TW and i’m really dissapointed.
Let me start off with the first thing that pissed me off.

1. Scott Mcall the main character had 4 seconds of screentime he probably only said 2 things in the trailer where as Stiles the main characters friend got all the screentime in the trailer. It also seems to me that the whole storyline is going to revolve around Stiles which is funny since it’s season 3b all over again but looking cheaper then ever.

2. Teen Wolf got cancelled and this is their last season so instead of giving the not so main character all the storyline why don’t you @teenwolf writers don’t make this a Scott season. Scott litrally had only 1 and a half season dedicated to him. Season 1 was a Scott season, season two revolved around Jackson and the Argents, season 3a we finally had a Scott season again, season 4 was a Lydia season, season 5 was a Stiles season and now season 6 won’t even be a Scott season but a STILES season. DEAR TEEN WOLF STILES STILINSKI ISN’T THE MAIN CHARACTER AND THE LAST SEASON SHOULD’VE BEEN A SCOTT SEASON. 

3. So they are doing the Ghost Riders storyline huh? Guess who first mentioned it NOSHIKO YUKIMERA WHO YOU WROTE OFF THE SHOW TOGETHER WITH KIRA AND KEN! So they are going to use a storyline first introduced by characters who got kicked off the show. YES, THEY LITRALLY ALL GOT KICKED OFF THE ONLY WOC CHARACTERS. We’re just lucky Scott a POC is the main character i mean if he wasn’t he would’ve been gone by season 2.

4. When i saw Ian Bohen it litrally made me want to punch my computer screen. You bring back Ian Bohen who SLAMMED Arden on social media and never apologized for it ever. So my assumption is they kicked off Arden because of Ian Bohen and i feel like this is disgusting because Peter Hale is ANOTHER WHITE MALE. Which means the only non white actors left are Tyler & Khylin THE REST IS ALL WHITE.

5. Liam using Kira’s katana. Let’s just say not only did they dumbed down them selves it’s so disrespectfull. They litrally sead in 5x20 that Kira got her powers from the Skinwalkers and she could control them BECAUSE SHE IS A DAMN KITSUNE. So now suddenly white werewolves can do it too?

7. So are we gonna see Arden just as much as we saw Crystal in season 5? No because that’s how much they cared about Arden THEY DIDN’T. They didn’t even tell the news and Arden had to do it herself and if you watched that video she is obviously REALLY hurt by it. She dedicated just as much as Crystal did so why is it that apart from the white boy using her sword there is nothing from Kira in there wether it’s just a picture or anything.

8. Theo comes back. Theo fucking comes back. “We have no room for Arden.” my ass. Theo wasn’t even a good villain i’m really happy for Cody (really i am) but he doesn’t deserve to be there more then Arden deserves. Yes he got asked back and yes it isn’t his fault, i know it’s the writers but isn’t it weird that Breaden only gets used randomly when she is needed where as Peter Hale can come back almost every season, Theo suddenly can come back too let’s not forget Kate Argent who died came back too. What do they all have in common? They are all white characters with no personality.

9. It’s logical that Parrish is there the Hellhound is a part of the wild hunt but so are are the Yukimeras as they had the most information on the wild hunt and it could have helped in the Dark kitsune story. You know that one they never finished but still they’re claiming Kira’s story is over.

10. Are they just gonna make Lydias character all about Stiles just like that. Smh, talking about strong female  characters i’m glad Malia is staying single.

11. You really gonna tell me that from all the episodes they filmed the whole trailer had to be based on the 3 episodes DOB shot? Because you know Posey shot more then 3 episodes and i saw him only 3 times in the trailer.

12. So Stiles father and Scott forget about their bestfriend and son but Lydia the girl who have known him for like what 2 years (in Teen Wolf time). You know i should be happy because this way all the problematic weight from Scotts life has been erased and yet he still doesn’t get the screentime he deserves.

13. I really don’t understand why Hayden and Layden still exists but i guess that’s just me. I mean let’s give away more screentime to a useless character and another white ship instead of Kira or Scott you know characters that actually matter.

There is probably more but i can’t think of that right now the trailer looks goddamn awful. And the season already looks just as bad as Error season 5. I mean i’m not gonna watch this season they lost me at season 5 where they disrespected Arden numerous of times and forgot that the main characters name is Scott and not Stiles.

The only thing that makes me happy is knowing i never have to hear about Holland Roden and Ian Bohen again.

Anyway for all the people who are going to watch good luck wasting your time i’m just gonna watch GoT, Orphan Black, TWD, Prison Breaks etc. shows that are actually good and care about their characters unlike both Teen Wolf and Error. #TeenWolfIsOverParty.


“Hey” you slowly touched Scott’s shoulder.

“Hey” he answered quietly, he sat and didn’t move, ignored everything.You sat next to him. You haven’t said anything more, just hugged him so tight, Scott started crying and he whispered:

“She’s gone, (y/n)”

“Scott, she will never leave us, Allison will live in our hearts forever” he hugged you more, you stroked his hair.