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Mini wolf

Characters -  Derek x reader, Lydia, Stiles, Scott and mention of children.

Word count - 791

Summary - Derek watches as Y/N spends time with the pack babies and decided to talk with her.

Warnings -  Cute, Fluff


You had been married, coming up two years now but had been together for five and the both of you couldn’t be happier. That was until something changed within the pack, Lydia and Stiles had a lovely baby girl, called Allison.


The pack decided to through a welcome home party for when the couple got back. You sat waiting for them to arrive, next to Derek holding his hand. When the front door opened, everyone stood up and welcomed them home. You were the last to go up giving them their time.
‘Hey, congrats.’ You told them bringing them both in for a hug.
‘Thank you.’ Lydia said. You looked at the beautiful baby girl that had inherited Stiles dark hair and Lydia’s green eyes.
‘Well aren’t you pretty?’ you talked to Allison, knowing she couldn’t understand you but she smiled, knowing she was getting attention.
‘Would you like to hold her?’ Lydia asked.
‘Oh no, you’ve just gotten back.’ You told her raising your hands.
‘It’s fine, I could actually sit down for a while.’ She smiled handing Allison over to you.
‘Okay.’ You said placing Allison comfortably in your arms but ensuring everything was secure.
‘Hey there.’ You smiled as you rocked back and forth whilst she grabbed your pinkie between her fist, slowly drifting to sleep. You felt eyes watching you every move and you looked up to see Derek watching you. You smiled and he returned but he seemed to be off on another planet.


‘Y/N?’ You heard as you felt a tug at your trousers. You bent down so you were at the same height as Scott’s son, Mark.
‘Yeah?’ you asked as you moved this long black shaggy hair out his face.
‘Can I come up please?’ He asked as he raised his arms.
‘Of course.’ You replied smiling.
‘Oh your putting too much muscle on, I’m not going to be able to lift you soon.’ You told him as you placed him on your hip.
‘That’s okay, I’ll lift you instead.’ He said and you laughed a little, he’s a charmer like his dad.
‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ you questioned him, placing a kiss on the top of his forehead.
‘Y/N?’ Mark asked.
‘Yeah, Mark?’ you responded, brushing his hair out his eyes again.
‘Can you play with me?’ he asked looking up with his big puppy dog eyes.
‘I thought you’d never ask me.’ You smiled placing him on the ground and followed him to his toys. You sat in front of him and started playing with his toys.


Derek watched from the other side of the room watching how you and Mark acted. You moved the toys, so he could achieve the plan he had in his head, with a smile constantly on your face.
‘What are you thinking about sour wolf?’ He heard Stiles say next to him.
‘Nothing.’ Derek mumbled.
‘You want a mini wolf, don’t you?’ Stiles asked, slightly teasing but understanding as he looked over to Lydia who was holding Allison.
‘Maybe.’ Derek replied.
‘You should, there hasn’t been any trouble for a long time.’ Stiles reminded him. that’s true, 6 years there hasn’t been anything.


As you and Derek arrived back at the loft, you heard him following you into the bedroom. You smiled when he wrapped his hands around your hips and turned you to face him.
‘Can we have a baby?’ He asked as he leaned closer.
‘What?’ You questioned, shocked by the sudden outburst.
‘I’ve seen the way you interact and care for the other kids, I want that. I want to see that every day with our own.’ He told you placing kisses on your cheek.
‘Why? Aren’t you happy?’ You asked, worried he wanted it because the others in the pack have one.
‘I’m happy, I’m beyond happy. I’d just love a little one of us running around. Everyone else has a kid or more and… and…’ He said trailing off.
‘And?’ You wanted him to continue.
‘And I want to have my own son to play with to go out and play for hours or a daughter that wants to paint my nails and do my make up.’ He told you, whilst you were laughing.
‘Okay.’ You replied, knowing he’d treat them with so much love and respect.
‘Or maybe even both, so they can protect each other.’ He said finishing getting his point across.
‘Okay.’ You told him again.
‘What?’ He asked.
‘’Okay.’ You told him again louder placing a kiss on the side of his lips.
‘Really?’ He asked as he leaned back.
‘Yeah.’ You nodded.
‘I love you so much.’ He said placing kisses all over your face and neck.
‘I love you too.’ You replied.

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