Tye Longshadow

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: I'm not fine. I don't understand what happens to Tye Longshadow in young justice? Does he stay in an abusive home? Does he report it? Does Blue Beetle help him? Blue knows about the abuse probably. So does he help him? Does it ever get better? Does the guy go to jail? Does Tye save his mom? Does Blue interfere? Will season 3 show us what happens? Will they touch on it? Will they finally talk openly or will they not? Does it get better? Seriously someone protect Tye and his mom plz

Young Superheroes of Color in Young Justice:

Kaldur'ahm - Aqualad/Artemis Crock - Artemis/Raquel Ervin - Rocket/Karen Beecher - Bumblebee/Mal Duncan - Guardian/Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle/Tye Longshadow - Apache Chief/Virgil Hawkins - Static/Eduardo Dorado Jr. - El Dorado/Asami Koizumi - Samurai


hello heres my latest contribution to the YJ fandom.. …

anonymous asked:

Do you have any LGBT headcanons for young justice cartoon? I see kaldur and Jaime as bi and Megan as a trans girl.

I would say it would make more sense for Martians who are shape shifters, and speak through telepathy, to not have genders. So I’d say she’s more non binary or genderfluid. 

Any ways, I think Bart is gay, as I think is Tye Longshadow (both got a thing for Jaime) Jaime I’m pretty sure is bi, Kaldur…. a lot of people say he’s bi, but I don’t see it. I mean he’s basically obsessed with a girl that’s like his main personality trait through two seasons, he shows almost no interest in any one else.

I’d say Dick is bi and Wally is, flexible but mostly straight, something happened between them at some point, maybe a sleep over they don’t talk about before YJ happened, maybe a brief relationship between seasons idk. 

Artemis is bi

Roy(Arsenal) hm I’d say he’s gay, but Roy (Red Arrow) is straight, because The Light wanted clone Roy to get into the League as quickly as he could so they made him “more perfect” which could lead to some interesting conflicts between them and for Clone Roy’s self identity.

Gar I feel like will end up being gay, and Static is bi I think everyone else is straight though Zatanna totally has made out with Artemis at some point. 

my young justice 3 demands

.Bring back Wally West (speedsters vanish all the time and come back)

.Give Aqualad a boyfriend (he is gay in canon !!)

.I need more Tye Longshadow (I just always found him interesting)

.Give Tim Drake more screen time!! (i beg you)

.Bring back Jason Todd (its about time yo)

.Make Bluepulse canon (why not? they would be good together)

.Superboy needs his leather jacket (90s superboy!!)

Everybody this is Bart, Bart meet Everybody.

Y’know ending on a bang is kinda overrated. I’ve had ideas like this for a while, and I want to elaborate on them, maybe even write a fic dedicated to Bart learning how to skateboard, never really mastering it, but becoming bomb at rollerblading. And I’ll do that on my new Ao3 account…that I don’t have yet XD But yeah I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s liked and reblogged my fics this past Bluepulse week, it means so much. So I’ll still post Bluepulse stuff here from now on, but check on Ao3 in the next few days cause I’m gonna have an account with this same name; cruisinforarubberman. Anyway, onto the last fic!

Day 7: Friends

“Man, I wish we could get there a little faster.” Bart said while nudging Jaime’s side, hopefulness in his voice. Sure they were in civvies and in public but no one was around since it was almost dark. Would it have killed Jaime to walk a bit quicker? Bart was resisting everything in him not to lap him as they continued down the sidewalk.

A smile was the only response he got. Jaime for his part didn’t seem perturbed by Bart’s…Bart-ness. If anything he looked far too amused as he continued at his bug-awful pace.

“Blue, you’re killing meeeeee.” whined Bart. “I thought you were excited about this? Isn’t Tye your friend and everything? You seriously gonna keep him, and me, waiting?!”

“Tye is going to get there at a normal speed, too. If he’s waiting for us, it won’t be much longer. Besides, I know you’re just trying to get me to tell you where we’re going.”

“Pllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee?” Bart plead, grabbing onto Jaime’s bicep and practically leaning completely on him. It was killing him not knowing. It had to be somewhere good, Jaime’s been showing him so many cool retro things lately.

“Nope.” A single syllable reply. And the fastest thing Jaime’s done in the last ten minutes.

“Ugggghhhhh…will you at least tell me what those are for?” He asked, pointing at what the other boy was carrying.

What Jaime was carrying was interesting, to say the least. In one hand, dangling by one of the straps, was a helmet. It was odd looking for a helmet, too. It only went over the top of the head, which Bart knew because he’d tried it earlier, and strapped on under the chin just barely going around the ears. Tucked under Jaime’s other arm was…well…it was basically a plank of wood with wheels on it. Except the plank was rounded on each end and also kinda bent on those ends as well. There was also a design on the bottom, the same side where the wheels connected. Bart had no idea what the design was supposed to be, but it looked crash in any case.

“I promise it’ll make a lot more sense once we get there, chiquito.”

Bart puffed out a sigh. “Fine.” With motions so quick Jaime couldn’t see, he snatched the helmet from his hand and plopped it back onto his own head. He didn’t fasten the straps, instead decided to bat at them from where they dangled. Looks like he would have to entertain himself for a while.

Jaime laughed when he finally caught up.

“How does Tye put up with you?”

“He’s pretty great like that.”

“Sounds like he is. He seemed crash.”

Jaime quirked an eyebrow as he guided Bart around a corner. “Seemed? Not “seems”?”

Bart furrowed his brow a bit, thinking. “Yeah, that’s the right tense for that sentence. Isn’t it?”

“I’m sure it is, Bart. I just didn’t know you’d met Tye before.”

“Yeah, it was during um…you were on mode…”

“Ah, I see.”

“Yeah well…anyway he and some others helped the team and I recognized him from the picture you showed me on your phone. Didn’t really get to talk to him, or any of them, back then.”

“Well, good news then; you’re gonna get to know all of them better. Tye is bringing the “others” with him, too. Like I’m bringing you.”

Bart couldn’t help smiling up at him for that comment.

“And Bart?”


“We’re here now.”

Bart blinked and took a quick look around him.

Oh wow…

“What do you think?”

Bart’s mouth dropped open a bit, somehow still managing to read the sign out front of the fenced off place. “El Paso Skate Park?”

Si. This,” Jaime lifted the plank with wheels, “is called a skateboard. And this,” he reached over and took the helmet off Bart’s head before settling it onto his own, strapped and all, “is the helmet you wear so you don’t bust your brains out.”

“Crash…” Bart breathed.

“Huh? …yes I know you could make me a better one.”

“What?” Bart finally tore his gaze away from the sight in front of him and turned to Jaime.

“No, ese, I have to wear this one…I’m sure it would be more effective protection, but it would also blow my cover. No, the answer is no.”

“Oh. Is Buggaboo giving you some grief in there?” Bart asked, finally catching on to the fact that Jaime was talking to the scarab on his back.

Si. And he also told you not to call him that.”

“When he can tell me that himself, I’ll be sure to do that.”

Jaime gave a little wince before snickering. “Ooh, he did not like that at all.”

The two shared some laughter as they walked into the park. It wasn’t long before they were greeted.

“Yo, Jaime!”

The two looked across the park and saw Tye after he had called out to them. He was standing with three other people, a girl and two other boys. Bart recognized them all and saw that they each had one of these “skateboards” with them.

Tye said something to the three and then started heading over to Jaime and Bart.

“Jaime?” Before Tye got there, Bart just had to ask.


But couldn’t find it in him to look over at Jaime as he asked, “Do you think they’ll like me?”

Even if he couldn’t see him directly, he knew Jaime was looking right at him with a smile as he replied, “Trust me chiquito, before today is over, you’re gonna have yourself four new friends.”

Oh that did it. Bart just had to give him a big old grin at that. When the two turned to greet Tye, and the others approached to give their own introductions, Bart just hoped Jaime had seen the “Thanks, Blue.” in his eyes.

okay but the runaways from Young Justice really dont get enough love.

like they are a group of POC kids who all, (except Virgil) ran away from abusive or neglectful homes and families. And then they got kidnapped by aliens and tortured in horrible ways till they developed super powers. and even after they were saved they were used as lab rats by the “good guys” till they again ran away. And these four really messed up kids, instead of trying to get revenge or something. they form a skateboarding gang with super powers. and Just Skateboard around and live in apartment together, sometimes working for Lex Luthor and sometimes working for the Justice League.

And I think thats hella rad.

but its also really sad because no one went looking for them, no one cared that they were gone. It really reflects on how easy it is for poor, kids of color to fall through the cracks in this country.