Famous ADHDers

It’s time to stop the stigma that being diagnosed with ADHD means you’ll never be successful. Below are listed just a few famous and highly successful people that have opened up about their ADHD to show the rest of us that anything is possible if you work hard enough and really set your mind to something:
Justin Timberlake
Will Smith
Jim Carrey
Adam Levine
Michael Phelps
Ty Pennington
Paris Hilton
Sir Richard Branson
Howie Mandel
Solange Knowles
John Lennon
Walt Disney
Albert Einstein
Robin Williams

Now just imagine if these people had never pursued their dreams because of their ADHD. I don’t want to even imagine a world without these people and I am very thankful for their leadership and determination they demonstrate to inspire us all

Trading Spaces set a high standard for reality TV that has not been matched since

There are any number of reasons Trading Spaces didn’t stand the test of time. There were so many imitators, and as successful as the program was, it never had the numbers of comparable network reality shows of the era. But ultimately, what doomed Trading Spaces was that it was the only reality show to blend that happy, roll-up-your sleeves enthusiasm with the crushing disappointment and passive-aggressive sniping of a rapidly shrinking middle class. Viewers weren’t guaranteed a happy ending any more than the participants were, and the series contained moments—Hildi decides to glue straw to the wall—so awkward that it was all the audience could do not to look away. And yet the moments of enthusiasm were so palpable that most episodes served as a spontaneous lark the audience could be privy to.

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