the signs as underrated girl group songs
  • Aries: "Love Letter" - Berry Good
  • Taurus: "Little Gals" - The Barberettes
  • Gemini: "Nom Nom Nom" - Wa$$up
  • Cancer: "Ring Ma Bell" - Two X
  • Leo: "Miss You" - Tiny-G
  • Libra: "Go Easy" POTEN
  • Scorpio: "BAD" - Queen B'z
  • Sagittarius: "Shake It" - SUS4
  • Capricorn: "Study" - Stellar
  • Aquarius: "This and That" - F-ve Dolls
  • Pisces: "We Are a Bit Different" - EvoL

If you read or hear about Madtown’s pre-debut stories, you see that they’ve struggled much. Daewon’s previous group had to disband in his birthday. Jota had to leave his athlete career because his knee injury. Buffy changed his ways to study music when he got good grade in entry exam of a foreign school.

But I think the most painful story comes from Moos. Now he doesn’t talk much about it. He only said that he had been trained for 6 years. But what happened during these 6 years, we don’t know exactly. Some of us know that he’s supposed to be MBLAQ maknae. Some people say it’s because his health issues.

Then I looked for information from Pro C era (Moos and Buffy debuted first as hip-hop duo called Pro C). There’s an interview about it. And it makes me really really sad.

Now I know why he looks so ambitious but down-to-earth at the same time. In Pro C’s New Year Greetings video, Buffy said that it is MBLAQ who created them (maybe Madtown too). No wonder they are close with MBLAQ, as we’ve seen in Lee Joon’s surprise birthday party video.

If this information is the plain truth, then how rude is the person who spreads bad rumors about Moos. I think we should support them, either MBLAQ, Madtown, even Two X. Maybe J.Tune Camp looks like a shitty company, but actually they’ve done good. They have good taste in music and performance, they build good connections who will help them in promotion, they set high qualification for trainees…

But the problem is, even though they are good enough, they failed to be stand out. They have good taste, but their taste is waaay too distinctive that not everybody can relate to it. Besides, J.Tune Camp is a company who give its artists a lot more spaces for themselves. For example, even though Madtown are still rookies, they are allowed to have hand phones and even games console. Their dorm is waaay bigger than MBLAQ’s first dorm.

But I can’t deny that no one can understand J.Tune Camp’s logic. I agree that J.Tune Camp is a company which is too lazy and careless to do things better. Look what happened to Rain and MBLAQ, especially Two X that moved to a Chinese company (truthfully this company is affiliated with J.Tune Camp too) and hiatus until I don’t know.

All I can say is, it’s much better if we enjoy their music purely without prejudice. If their songs are good, acknowledge it, don’t deny it. After all, we are not God who knows the plain truth. Maybe our assumptions are wrong while it maybe is hilarious for J.Tune Camp to tell what exactly happened in the company.


[ENG SUB] Two X @ Pops In Seoul EP 2330 (new episode)