OC “Most Likely To”

1. most likely to clean up everybody’s crap without asking

2. most likely to get in a fight

3. most likely to fall asleep literally anywhere

4. most likely to get a crap-ton of tattoos

5. most likely to get a really crappy tattoo and immediately regret it

6. most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

7. most likely to be two hours late to their own event

8. most likely to flirt to get what they want

9. most likely to laugh at a funeral

10. most likely to look really good in a kilt

11. most likely to steal free samples

12. most likely to take selfies at inappropriate times

13. most likely to ruin everything

14. most likely to have a shotgun wedding

15. most likely to laugh until they cry

16. most likely to get into an argument with an animal

17. most likely to use any and all excuses to take off articles of clothing

18. most likely to prank call people

19. most likely to binge-watch Netflix for absurd lengths of time

20. most likely to sing better than expected

21. most likely to get attacked by a bird

22. most likely to sleepwalk/talk

23. most likely to drop obscure references nobody understands

24. most likely to go to a party just for the food

25. most likely to make questionable fashion decisions

26. most likely to be talented in surprising ways

27. most likely to listen to one song for four days in a row

28. most likely to eat cake for breakfast

29. most likely to go bridge/cliff-jumping

30. most likely to have had an embarrassing middle-school emo phase

♥ valentine’s day starters, angst edition

{ the fluff edition is here! }

  • “we’ve had this planned for weeks.”
  • “this was important to me. you knew that.”
  • “how could you – and today, of all days?”
  • “you can keep the fucking flowers.”
  • “well, you’re only about…two hours late.”
  • “there’s dinner in the microwave. just fucking reheat it for yourself.”
  • “i thought you’d forgotten about tonight.”
  • “is getting piss drunk your idea of romance?”
  • “if you think chocolates are going to make me feel any better, you better think again and think fast.”
  • “was one night too much to ask for?”
  • “i warned you that i wasn’t not looking for anything serious.”
  • “i never asked for you to give me the world. all i’ve wanted is you.”
  • “you know, i don’t know why i’ve stayed this long.”
  • “i don’t know why i keep expecting one year to be any different.”
  • “you forgot. i can’t believe you forgot.”
  • “am i not a priority for you?”
  • “are we not a priority to you?”
  • “i waited for you.”
  • “i really thought you would show up this time.”
  • “i should have known not to get my hopes up.”
  • “can we at least pretend to be happy tonight?”
  • “can we at least pretend to be fucking normal tonight?”
  • “can you at least pretend you give a damn about me tonight?”
  • “i never promised you anything.”
    “i know it’s a shit day to bring this up, but…i don’t think it’s working out anymore.”
  • “please don’t start this. not tonight.”
  • “i’m sorry. i’m so fucking sorry.”
  • “i’m sorry. what else do you want me to say?”
  • “i forgot and i’m sorry. what else do you want me to say?”
  • “i won’t apologize for something that isn’t my fault.”
  • “i didn’t know this meant that much to you.”
  • “i don’t know why you’re acting like this.”
  • “it’s just a stupid holiday.”

so okay okay. isak is gonna go join Jonas after school, but he’ll be like “i can only stay for like an hour or so”, but one hour will turn into two hours and shit i’m late. But anyways, Sana comes over to Isak/Even’s place and she finds Even there, and he tells her that Isak is running late or sth. So then Sana and Even end up talking..LIKE THEY TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. AND SANA OPENS UP TO HIM, AND HE OPENS UP TO HER. AND IT’S B E A U T I F U L. And then Isak comes home and he’s all ‘sorry sorry. we can study now’…but it’s like almost 7pm so Sana is all ‘i have to go home and eat’…AND EVEN GOES ALL “You can stay here if you want? i can make us dinner while you two study?” SO SANA STAYS OVER. And we see Isak / Sana studying and plotting against the flawless girls. AND THE THREE OF THEM WATCH A MOVIE AND IT’S A COMEDY, OKAY? SO SANA SMILES AND LAUGHS. AND OKAY. And THE CLIP IS LIKE 1 + HOUR BECAUSE WE DESERVE GOOD THINGS, OKAY?

Mushy Stuff

“No mushy stuff!,” my parents would insist whenever I told them I was going on a date. I figured it was what parents had to say. No one wants to think about their kids having a sex life. Just like how kids don’t like to think of their parents having one.

So I went on my dates. And they were great. Lots of fun, countless good times, and yes, plenty of sex. Plenty of “mushy stuff,” as my parents were wont to say as I rolled my eyes to the ceiling.

Like any kid, I did my best to hide it from them. I was always careful. Protection was always involved - although with my most recent girlfriend, we sometimes took risks. Passion is a hell of a thing.

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Breathe (Laf x Reader)

AN: another late and short one! my bad!

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18 @jantales

Request: Anonymous- 94 with laf? (94. “I had a bad dream again.”)

Warnings: death ish 

Word Count: 1,481


Gilbert was two hours late from work, without a call or text about why. You were curled up on the couch nursing a mug of tea, trying to stay awake. These were your least favorite nights. Anything could have happened to him. All you could do was run through all of the possibilities until he got home.

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Bucky x Reader

warnings: angst ( bawling uncontrollably counts)

Word count: 1,140

Y/N = your name

E/C = eye color

Summary: Bucky finds out one of his old gal friends is in town and was invited to hang out. But reader has a bad history with her since she too loved Bucky so she wants to come along, but Bucky doesn’t think that it is a good idea. This leads to an argument that doesn’t end with tears of happiness. 

“Bucky c’mon, I see no reason to why I can’t come along, she’s just your friend right?” You and Bucky mostly never agrue over stupid things like this, but ever since Claire (best friend that used to love him) called and asked Bucky to hang out today, you couldn’t help but feel panicky. 

“She is just a friend Y/N, and it’s just because the last time she was with us you looked so uncomfortable and looked as if you were gonna tear her head off.” Bucky had said while getting dressed. 

“Well how could I not Bucky! She kept on brushing her hand against your own, and making googly eyes at you!” Bucky knew that you were insecure about loosing him because you thought you weren’t good enough, or as beautiful …like Claire.  After Bucky finished pulling down his shirt he came to you and had grabbed your hands while looking into your E/C eyes. “ Y/N I promise she is only a friend and we’ll only be out for a couple of hours.” 

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 21

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: So I reread this series last night and holy shit this has got to be the slowest slow burns ever. I’m so sorry lmao. Also, I know I haven’t been linking the previous part and next part in each chapter because takes so much time so I’m just going to put the series masterlist on each chapter from now on. 

Series Masterlist

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|| Yours To Keep || [[smut]]

{summary: you are his to keep now.}

due to such a popular demand, i’m making the mafia!bucky story into a five part series with maybe a few extra parts written at the end in bucky’s POV (since it was kind of requested) ;w; once all of the parts are posted, i’ll make a mini masterlist of some sort so you readers won’t be scrambling to find all the parts to this story.

[ {I’m Yours} series tagging list ]: @marvel-fanfiction , @sea-kale , @acunningstargazer , @imagine-thingsandstuff (if you would like to be included in this specific tag, let me know in an ask!)

warnings: wake up morning sex [♥]

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


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anonymous asked:

52 & 80 ? 💕

Hope you enjoy it, mi amor. x 

52. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  -  80. “I can’t believe you forgot. This was important to me.”

Originally posted by mtv

The roar of the engine slowed to a dull buzz as Shawn pulled up in front of the condo you and him shared. During the car ride home, you refused to speak to Shawn. Tonight was the night Shawn was supposed to meet your father for the first time, since he was overseas for the Navy since nine months ago. 

However, he had turned up late. Dinner was cold, and you were forced to apologize to your father about Shawn’s absence most of the night. Turns out he was supposed to be back from helping one of his closest friends put together new furniture for his apartment on time, but he lost track of time and had a few beers while doing so. 

And your father was not pleased. 

“Baby, listen-” Shawn tried to explain, but you had jumped out of the car as fast as you could, stormign up to your front door, trying to locate your keys. “Y/N-” He tried again, but you had cut him off. 

“Don’t!” You suddenly yelled, turning back towards him with an accusing finger in the air. “I can’t believe you forgot… This was important to me!” Your eyes were dull and cold, a frown painted upon your lips. 

You were disappointed in him, and the thought shattered Shawn’s heart into tiny little pieces, ones so small that he almost felt his chest cave in on him. He never meant to be late, he just didn’t pay attention to the time. He really wanted to go, he did, but… his mind got sidetracked. And as he looked up to see your usually soft eyes consumed with anger, his body almost cowered away in guilt. 

“I… I’m sorry, I really am-” 

“You know, my father was ecstatic to meet you…” You began, grabbing your keys from your purse and turning to unlock your front door. “He was so happy he was going to meet the one person who kept me together this entire time while he was overseas… and it turned out he was two hours late with beer in his system, a drunk fucking smile on his lips when he finally walked through the door.” 

Shawn’s chest finally caved in on him, his breaths coming in short spurts. He was panicking, his hands beginning to shake and heart beating a thousand miles per hours. The fact he might have hurt you made him hate himself, and he wanted to make up for it somehow. But he just couldn’t think of a way, his mind becoming fogged with regret.  

You finally made your way inside the house, and Shawn slowly followed behind, his hands starting to reach out to you. “Y/N, please.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” 

An exhausted chuckle blew past your lips, your eyes beginning to burn. “I just wanted one night with the father I worry about every single day of my damn life, and the man that I keep so dearly to my heart, Shawn.” 

You turned around so he could see the last words you were going to say to him for the night, your body rigid and guarded. 

“And you couldn’t even give me that.” 

Party Games 5


How to fall for your enemy—A Dummies Guide

[1. Set the game] [2. Play like you mean it] [3. Keep playing and don’t ask] [4. Poker Face] [5. Play dirty] [6. Show him what you’ve got] [7. Don’t fall in the trap] [8. Cards on the table] [9. Play the game of love]

Summary: Playing games is an innocent and harmless thing to do. Except when it’s not. You get so caught up in the game that don’t know if you are playing or not anymore, and then… Well. Then you burn

Chapter word count: ~3.2k

Rating: M

Tags: Watford, eighth year AU, alcohol, enemies to lovers, enemies with benefits, NSFW, smut, mutual pining, fluff, alternating POV first person

Also on AO3

Thank you @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta!

@ellea-nikki, @indigo-gold-17 here you go ♡ ♡

5. Play dirty: Try slapping when kisses don’t work


“Four times?” Penny is giving me a Simon-are-you-off-your-trolley stare that not even her thick glasses can buffer. “You’ve slept with him four times,” she accuses, rather than asks. Pure Penny style.

“Not with him,” I tell her. “Beside him, rather.”

She adjusts her glasses with her middle finger and decides she’s done with lunch. “Different preposition,” she says. “Same difference.” She’s now giving me her patented Judgemental Stare. This is bad.

“Merlin, Penny,” I protest, taking her plate and stuffing the last piece of roast beef in my mouth. “There’s a huge difference, and you know it,” I mumble.

“Fine,” she gives in, softening her features. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Yeah.” I fix my eyes on the now empty plate. If only we were allowed to repeat lunch, then I could avoid this conversation. Plus, more food. Double win. “Baz is evil and has a plan to finish me off, but I’m one step ahead this time,” I say, my eyes still on the plate.

“I’ll regret asking this later but,” Penny pauses for a moment, as if reconsidering it. “What is this evil plan, exactly?”

“Oh, uhm,” I say to the plate. “Baz is… Trying to…” I take a breath and say, “He wants to seduce me and attack me when my guard is down.”

Penny lets out a laugh. A loud one.

In my defense I’ll say it sounded better in my head. Why do some things lose all sense when you say them aloud?

I look up at her again.

“Nicks and Slick, you’re serious,” she realizes. “Attack you how? With his mouth?” She tries and fails to suppress another laugh, then continues, “So what are you doing to fight this terrifying plan of his?”

“I’m making him fall for me instead.”

“I think you have no idea what you’re doing,” she says, so matter-of-factly that it leaves no place for arguing. Penny usually has that effect on people.

Breaking news – I may have no idea what I’m doing.

We start heading out of the dining hall in silence and I think she’s going to leave without any further discussion when she stops and turns around, looking at me. Studying me. Penelope’s studying face can be very frightening. Hands down one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen. And I’ve killed a dragon. “Are you sure you don’t…” she starts. “Like him?”

Wait. What?

“I don’t like Baz,” I hurry to say. “He’s the enemy.”

“You’ve slept with the enemy, Simon,” she says. “Four times.”

“I’ve slept beside the enemy. Since first year,” I clarify. “And you kissed Agatha during the game, too, that doesn’t mean you like her, does it?”

“Yeah but we don’t go around snogging between classes.”

“You saw that?”

“You’re not being as sneaky as you think.”

“Anyway, it’s not like he likes me either… He hates me,” I say, realising for the first time that I’m not exactly happy about that. “And I don’t like him,” I add.

“Okay,” Penny says.

I run a hand through my hair. “I don’t like him,” I repeat.

“Sure, Simon.” I can see she’s trying hard not to laugh.

“I don’t,” I insist.

Penny raises one of her accusing eyebrows and says, “Nobody said you did.”

“You asked. I just want to make it clear.”

“Yeah, Simon. You made it clear.” Penny stares me down, smiling like she knows better. (She always does.) (Know better.)

“Let’s play Slap or Kiss tomorrow and you’ll see,” I suggest. “I’m going to slap him so hard.”

“What about the evil plan and your,” she pauses. I see the corners of her lips fighting a smirk. “Clever comeback?”

“This will confuse him.”



“It’s ridiculous,” she says. “This will backfire. Spectacularly. Like most of your plans do.”

Okay, she has a point.

“I don’t. Like him,” I insist for the last time.

“Okay,” Penny finally concedes. She breaks her know-it-all façade and grabs my arm.  “Just– Be careful.”

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i loved you, then i lost you {1}

a/n: okay wow i did not expect so many notes on the intro holy shit

(if you see any errors please tell me so i can fix them, thank you <3)

pairing: taheyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

Originally posted by tthyung

He cried and cried until he felt as if he had ran out of tears to spill from his fragile soul. You hated seeing him cry - it was like he was another person. His boxy smile would be replaced with wobbly lips, his sparkly eyes now dull and glossy from tears, his skin pale instead of his usual glowing light. You hugged him close to your body, squeezing your eyes tightly and whispering, “It’s not your fault, Taehyung,” over and over again in his ear. He only sobbed even louder, his nails digging deep into your back. “Calm down,” “You’re alright, I’m here,” you told those things quietly to him, although it would do nothing. Taehyung sat there, a sobbing mess, the two of you in the pile of flowers. 

Through the thin curtains hanging over your window, the sunlight was beginning to burst through the glass. You furrowed your eyebrows, sitting up from the ground and rubbing your eyes. You glanced at Taehyung, who was peacefully sleeping on the ground as well, your head quickly jerking towards your alarm clock. “Shit!” You shrieked, standing up and rushing to the bathroom, slamming the door and  brushing your hair frantically. You brushed your teeth quickly, running out the bathroom and stumbling to your closet. grabbing a random t-shirt and shorts, hiding in a corner to change into your clothes. Even though he was asleep, there was no way in hell he’d be seeing you half naked. You checked yourself in the mirror one last time before grabbing your bag hastily, sneaking a small glance at Taehyung. His hair fell over his eyes slowly, chest rising up and down slowly. You felt yourself smiling at him, crouching down next to him and running your hand through his hair. “Good luck on your date, Tae.” You whispered, running out your room and down to the front door, slipping your feet into black slippers, rushing out the house and sprinting down to pure hell; college.

You took a fearful stare at the clock on your phone, biting down on your lower lip. 9:30. Fuck. 

Slipping into the building quietly and into your classroom, you hung your head low as the others stared at you with mumbles falling out their mouths. “Welcome, (y/n). You’re two hours late. Sit down.” The professor gave you a small smile, motioning to the empty seat next to Yoni. 

“Thanks..” you sighed, walking up the stairs and plopping yourself down onto the seat. “Can I borrow your notes?” You nudged Yoni’s side, nodding at her almost full page of notes. 

“Sure, but don’t take too long. He’s gonna keep talking.” 

You grinned, giving her a short thank you and grabbed your notebook, sliding her paper towards yourself and taking out a pencil. You were halfway through the notes before Yoni poked your arm. “What?” You looked up from your paper, blowing away the hair from your face. 

“You, flowers?” She blinked, her voice raising just a bit. 


“Yeah, in your hair.” She mumbled, gesturing to the back of your head. 

You widened your eyes in alarm, quickly fishing out the flowers from the back of your hair, staring at them in your palms. Jenny shot a sharp glare at you two, putting a finger to her lips and shushing the both of you. “Shh. The professor is staring.”

“(y/n), mind sharing what ya got in y our hand?” He asked, crossing his arms over each other whilst leaning against his desk. You shuffled around in your seat, feeling the eyes of the others burning into your back, holding up the flowers in your hand. “Flowers?” He blinked, squinting at the small flowers scattered around in your hand. Quiet giggles erupted from the back, causing you to jerk your hand back down. Letting out a sigh, the professor shot a nasty glare at you. “You’re already late. Don’t make me lower your grade too.”

“You can-” You slumped down in your seat, puffing your cheeks out in frustration, grumbling quietly under your breath and letting the flowers fall down from your hand.

“(y/n)! I did not ask for you to dirty my floor, clean that up!”

You waited for Taehyung to pick up his phone while you waited outside the college doors, leaning against the walls. Your feet began to tap the pavement as the phone call was answered. “Tae? Are you alright now?”

He breathed heavily in the phone, trying to catch his breath. “ should go stay at one of your friend’s house to-today,” he said quickly, the faint sound of the bed creaking in the back. 

Your stomach churned as the thought filled your head. Taehyung was still in your house, having s- fuck. “Whatever. I’ll get snacks for you later.” You hung up, resisting the urge to throw your phone at the ground. “What the fuck, Taehyung!” You yelled at nothing, stomping yourself down the steps and dialing Jenny’s number. 

“What’s poppin?” Jenny asked, giggling behind her mouth.

You, physically cringing at the ‘what’s poppin,’ groaned out loud. “I’m gonna stay over. Can you bring Yoni too?”

“Oo, this is a rare occurrence. Why? You never come to my house anymore,” Jenny asked slowly, her voice showing obvious signs of confusion. “Is it ‘cause of that Taehyung dude?”

“Doesn’t matter.” You snapped, pushing the hair out of your face again. “Just get ready, okay?”

“Alright. Don’t be a bitch when you come over, I’ll make you drink again.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” You scoffed when she hung up, leaving you with a quiet beep. “Why does everyone wanna hate me some way?” You rubbed your temple with annoyance, adjusting your bag on your shoulder and making your way to Jenny’s house. 

Jenny’s house was quite big - well, big compared to the other houses in her neighborhood. You knocked on the front door, greeting her with a big smile on your face. “I have arrived!” 

Jenny snorted, bringing you into the house. Yoni ran over to the two of you, phone in hand and ice cream in another. “Did you see Suha’s new post?!” She practically screamed as you shut the door behind you, peering at her phone.

“On Instagram?”


“No, I haven’t checked.” You crossed your arms, staring down at Yoni’s phone. Jenny stared down as well, letting out curses of every kind tumbling out her mouth. There, in all it’s glory, was Suha with Taehyung. In your bed. No shirt. Sweaty. 

“They fucked in your bed?!” Jenny yelled, eyes wide and face slightly red. “(y/n)! How could you be friends with that dude?!” She scolded while Yoni shut her phone off, shoving it in her back pocket of her jeans. 

“Shouldn’t they have done it like..somewhere else?” Yoni sighed, putting a hand on your shoulder. 

You glared at the two, grabbing your phone and texted Taehyung. Your fingers went flying across the keyboard.

“What the fuck, Tae. Don’t have sex in my bed.”

The three of you waited until three dots popped up. 

“??? what”

“I saw her post. Don’t do it again, or I’m not going to let you stay over.”

“nooo! (y/n), don’t do that! i promise!!!!!!”

Jenny snatched your phone away, cursing even louder as she typed back in response. 

“Give it, Jenny!” You murmured, grabbing it back. 

“Having sex in her bed? Fuck is wrong with you, little dumb shit? You have any idea we have respect for our own household items? Don’t do it again.”

Yoni stared up at Jenny with a wide jaw, her eyes following her as she entered the kitchen. “Je- I know you’re mad, you didn’t have to go that far..”  

You trembled with anger, grabbing the doorknob and yelling a, “Good bye!” at the two, exiting the house and sprinting away to your house - which we may label as Hell 2.0

You opened the door with a slam, shutting the door behind you loudly. Kicking your shoes off, you locked eyes with Suha. She had her shirt on, finally, and was looking about ready to leave. Her smirk wanted you to slap her, her haunting eyes trailing and burning into you as she left. Light foot-steps followed down the stairs until a man finally came about, peeking his head through the entrance. 

“(y/n)! You’re here!” Taehyung smiled, bouncing over to you. “Where are the snacks?”

“Don’t have them.” You snapped, dropping your bag on the ground and pushing past him to your room upstairs. 


Almost stumbling back from the intense whiff of perfume slapping you in the face, you took a second to breathe. Taehyung inched closer slowly, hesitant to reach his hand out to touch your shoulder. “Come into my bedroom and sit on the bed, Tae.” You sighed, covering your nose and walking into the room, sitting yourself down on a chair. He followed after quickly, settling down onto your bed. “Alright,” you murmured. “How many times have you had sex in my bed and tried to cover it up?”

“Once!” He said quickly, clasping his hands together tightly.


“I’m not lying, I swear!” He smiled nervously. 


He flinched from your voice, avoiding your piercing gaze. “Four times..” he murmured sheepishly, brushing the hair out his face. You leaned back in the chair, letting out a weak laugh.

“Now, tell me.” You crossed your arms, “How many times has she left you on your dates?”

Taehyung shook his head, looking at you with pleading eyes. “Don’t have this conversation again, (y/n)..I do-” He choked, covering his mouth. Your eyes widened when a faint hint of red fluttered through his slender fingers, his eyes also widening before he let out a hoarse gag, putting his hand on the bed. You stared at him with confusion. The flowers only came out when he slept, so wh-

You sucked in your breath. The relationship was getting worse. “Taehyung, tell  me how many times she left you!” You stood up quickly, eyebrows furrowing together as he cried loudly, his chest rising up and down quickly as the flowers tumbled out onto the floor. He shook his head again, bringing himself down on the floor.

“No- I c- (y-” He could barely make a sentence out of the pain he was experiencing, clasping his hands around his throat. “Ca- br- br- brea-th,” he gasped, staring at you with teary eyes. Your eyes widened while you stared at his face which was slowly turning red, rushing over to him.

“Can you not breathe?” You asked quickly, concern splattered all over your face. Taehyung nodded, his shaky hands clutching onto your arms. Panicked, you looked around the room. You didn’t know what to do - your mind went completely blank without a trace of anything to help him. “J-Just try to, um..cough it out, Tae,” you rubbed his back in reassurance, biting down on your lower lip while he heaved on the ground, struggling to get that damned flower out his throat. You sprung up and ran to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and sprinted back to your bedroom, setting the cup down on the floor next to you. By now, luckily, Taehyung had gotten the flower out. You felt yourself let a sigh of relief, bringing him close to you. 

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, squeezing him tight in your embrace. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.” He hiccuped in your shoulder, his tears yet again soaking into the material of your shirt. 

“It’s getting w-worse, (y/n)!” He trembled. “I-I couldn’t breathe..” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “I thought I was g-gonna die, (y/n).” You chewed on the skin of your lip, ripping it off in the process. “What if I do die?” Taehyung whispered, his words becoming more clear as he calmed down.

“You’re not gonna die, Tae!” You moved him away so he faced you, a bright smile plastered on your face. “I’m sure she loves you, and this’ll go away soon!”


Every word that bounced up and down from your mouth and into Taehyung’s ears was a lie. Suha wanted his looks, she wanted sex. Every time you told that lie that involved “Suha” and “love” in the same sentence took a sharp knife and jabbed you in the heart, piercing it thoroughly. You wiped your clammy palms on the sides of your shirt while Taehyung frowned, his arm still latched on your arm. 

“I..I don’t believe you, (y/n).” He said with a shaky voice, bringing his hands up to his face. “It’s been two months, and yet, it’s just getting worse!” He looked at you through the slits his fingers made. You stayed quiet, toying with your fingers on your lap. 

“I promise it’ll be better, Tae.” You put your hand over his, patting his hand and standing up. “Go to sleep.”

You turned and faced the door, reaching your hand out to touch the doorknob before you felt arms wrap around your waist. “I’ll trust you, (y/n).” Taehyung whispered before pushing you out the room. 

He shut the door behind you, leaving you alone out in your house. Your heart beat increased quickly and your cheeks began to heat up - you put a hand to your chest, feeling your mouth becoming dry. “Fuck,” you whispered, giving yourself a weak chuckle. “I might be falling for him.”

Taehyung stumbled downstairs with a tired yawn, shuffling to where you were in the kitchen and hugging you from behind. “Good mornin’!” He giggled, placing his chin on your shoulder. “What are you making?”

Your heart thumped as you gripped the handle of the pan tightly. “P-Pancakes.” you replied shakily, clearing your throat and silently cursing at yourself for stuttering. Taehyung stared at you with a confused look, obviously taken back. 

“Did you jus-”

“Sit your ass down and wait for the food!” You yelled, shoving him away. He yelped playfully, laughing loudly and retreating to the couch. Hearing the television turning on, you sighed and flipped the pancake in the pan, shifting it over to a plate. 

“You know,” Taehyung called from the back, eyes focused on the TV screen. “I’m having another date with Suha.”

You poured more batter into the pan, gritting your teeth. “Really? So many dates, Tae.” You forced a very loud laugh, flipping the pancake up too high and barely catching it. 

“Don’t judge!” He huffed, turning around to the kitchen. “I’m gonna make sure I can make her happy so I won’t throw up any more flowers!”

You paused halfway in setting the food down, turning around to face him as well. The two of you stared at each other in silence before you smiled. “Good luck, Tae.” A pang of pain shot into your chest, causing you to flinch. 

“You good?”

“Yeah, go back to watching TV.”


You quickly fixed the food arrangement and walked to the couch, sitting next to Taehyung and setting it onto his lap. “Thank you~” He grinned, cutting into the pancake quickly. You felt a laugh escape your lips as you ate your own pancake. The two of you kept quiet and watched the TV, chatting every once in a while when it felt too silent. You let out a happy sigh - it had been a while since the tow of you had hung out like this before. You were either too busy with college or he was too busy with Suha and going to buy groceries for their date. You bite into a piece of the pancake, smiling at yourself. 

“Oh, I have to go!” Taehyung jumped up abruptly, setting the plate down and rushing upstairs. You stared at him with furrowed eyebrows and cheeks full of pancake, swallowing them slowly.

“Don’t tri-”

“Ow!” He whined, rubbing his shin before continuing to run up the stairs. You groaned, setting your plate down as well. You heard the loud footsteps running all over the place before he finally went back downstairs.

“I forgot this isn’t my house,” he rubbed the back of his neck, ruffling your hair up. “Wish me luck!”

“Whatever, don’t trip again.” You responded quickly, gathering up the plates and returning to the kitchen.

“Hey, why so cold?~” He sang, humming loudly until he finally left the house. The sound of the news reporter echoed through the now empty house, the faint sound of the sink running accompanying the woman’s voice. Rubbing your eyes, you checked the time. 7:30. Damn, you were so glad it was Saturday - it felt as if all the bricks lifted off your shoulders. 

The rest of the evening was uneventful with you only walking around with ice cream and scrolling through Instagram. You chewed on the ice cream while answering a phone call, bringing it to your ear. “Hello?”

“Is this (y/n)?” You froze, taking a moment to process who’s voice this was. 

“Suha? Why are you calling from Tae’s phone?” You snapped, setting the bowl of ice cream down. Suha’s breath quickened and talked quickly. 

“I don’t care what you think right now, come to the cafe down the street. Taehyung got hurt.”

“Excuse me?” You stood up, hurrying over to the kitchen and grabbing your keys. “Why?! How?!”

“He got in a fight!” Her whiny voice blared into your ear, making your cringe and bite down on the inside of your cheek. “If my dad finds out about this, I’ll be fucking burned!”

“I’ll have you know that Taehyung is hurt, stop worrying about your daddy issues!” You yelled into the phone, rushing out your house and running down the street. You weaved through the crowd of people, muttering ‘sorry,’ every five seconds before the small cafe came into your view. A crowd gathered around the opening as you pushed through the others, panting and refocusing your vision.

You felt your heart stop once you looked down at the two boys on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. One was a chocolate haired man who looked about in his twenties, bruises scattered all over his face and arms. Your eyes stared at the other man, recognizing Taehyung in a split second. He too, had bruises and cuts surrounding his porcelain skin, blood dripping down onto the concrete. Not but of course, not least, Suha stood there behind the two, dialing her father. You glared at the crowd, crouching down to Taehyung and picking him up, wrapping his arm around your neck. You stared at him with worried eyes, wondering why he was injured. The possibilities ran through your  mind; 1. He had gotten into a fight, which is probably the most accurate choice at the moment.

2. He got attacked by dogs.

3. This is a dream and an alternate reality.

You cursed under your breath, sending a sharp glare at Suha. “Hey!” You barked, walking over to her and dragging Taehyung with you. “Why didn’t you stop them?!”

Suha stared at you with disgust, putting a hand over the phone receiver. “Excuse me? I don’t wanna be hurt, and they should be the ones protecting me.”

“You have to be kidding,” the crowd gathered around the two of you, muttering beneath their breath. “That has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.” You took a step closer, and she took a step back. “Do you realize how much they care for you? Stop acting like you’re a queen, take responsibility and stop being such a bitch!” The words rolled of your tongue smoothly, as if it had been waiting to be released into Suha’s bubble. You smirked at the dumbfounded girl and shoved your way past the people, adjusting Taehyung’s arm. 

“You’re stupid.”

You sat on the couch, waiting for Taehyung to wake up. The whole event confused you - his date was only a few hours earlier, so why had he gotten into trouble already? Was he intimidated? Did he become agitated? The thought of Taehyung becoming angry was scary to you; out of all the years the two of you had been friends together, he had never gotten so angry where he would try to throw a punch at you.

Your eyes settled on Taehyung’s body, watching him slowly wake up. His eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times before he sat up. “Where’s Suha?!” He groaned, holding his jaw in pain and looked around. 

“Sit back down,” you murmured, pushing him back down lightly onto the couch. Taehyung looked at you with confusion, his fists clenched tightly. 

“I thought-”

“You thought wrong, Taehyung.” You snapped, crossing your arms. “What happened?”

“A dude was coming up to Suha and tried to take her away, so I tried to push him away, then..” His fingers pressed against each other, staring at you nervously. The explanation settled down into the depths of your stomach, you letting out a sigh and leaned back. He was so close to finally finding out what she really was, but was too ignorant to see. 

“I’m getting you food, I’ll be right back.” You stood up, freezing when Taehyung grabbed your wrist. 

“Can you stay for a while? I’m fine with just pancakes again, I just don’t like the silence..” He muttered, wrapping his bruised fingers on your wrist. Staring down at him with pity, you fell back down onto the couch and began to card your hand through your hair. 

“You’re so ignorant.” You whispered under your breath, staring at your own hands.

“What?” Taehyung’s ears perked up, staring at you with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, nothing.”

The two of you sat in silence again. The sound of the clock ticking in the background faded away when you both were lost in your own thoughts. You stared up at the ceiling, wondering when you’d break the news to him. Your original plan was to just straight-out tell him without hesitation, but you soon realized he would only think it was a joke and disregard the fact. New plans began to form inside your mind only to break with Taehyung’s special soul. 

“(y/n).” Taehyung whispered, sitting up and scooting over next to you.


“You aren’t angry, right?”

“Of course not.” You responded, staring at his hand crawling over yours and intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt your heart begin to race, thumping wildly against your chest.

“Okay.” He let out a loud sigh, leaning his head on your shoulder. “I’m sleepy, bring me to beeeeddd~” He outstretched his arms towards you, making grabbing gestures with his hands. You smiled, laughing and standing up.

“You’re too heavy to carry, walk yourself!” You grabbed his hand, pushing him towards the stairs.

“I’m hurt!” He clutched his chest, walking up the stairs and into the guest room. 

You giggled to yourself quietly, sitting back on the couch. Grabbing your phone out your pocket, you began to text Yoni. Thumbs flying across the keyboard, you felt a cough bubble up in the bottom of your throat, covering your mouth and coughing quietly. 

The coughs became more and more frequent and painful - you grimaced, feeling a wave of nausea wash over you. Falling to your knees, you let out a loud cough before throwing up. Fuck, you hated that rushing feeling that overcame your senses when you threw up. Rubbing your teary eyes, you gazed down and widened your eyes. 

Varieties of flowers piled up on the wood floor, it’s vibrant colors seeming too beautiful to be able to escape your mouth.

You rubbed your eyes again; this wasn’t..right? Looking up, you bit down on your lip. Taehyung was a deep sleeper, there was no way he could hear you. Your stomach churned as you stared at the flowers, tears dripping down your face.

“Why did it have to be him, out of all the people,” you whispered, hugging yourself tightly.

Kim Taehyung was in love with Suha  - and you were in love with your best friend, Kim Taehyung.

a/n: this is very short kill me, i promise ill make the length of the posts longer when more parts are added (also since i’m dumb and don’t know how to reply to things, the hanahaki disease takes place when you have a one sided love) 

Smile For Me - Part 1

requested by the lovely @thecoffeestudyblr

“S-sorry! Sorry! So sorry! Here’s your coffee! Uh sorry!” You came bustling through the GCPD with coffee in one hand and your bags in the other. Your heart pounding due to the shouts of anger towards you.

“It’s cold!”


“Don’t send her on the next coffee run!”

“Can we get a new intern around here? This one sucks!”

“(f/n)! Gordon needs you at the desk!” Alvarez shouted to you. You just walked into the GCPD, maybe even two hours late, but everyone loves you so that shouldn’t be a problem at all right?

“You’re in big trouble this time.” He whispered as you walked past him.

Wrong. It was a HUGE problem. You were late these last three weeks, for something was troubling you. Well, someone was trouble you. WELL, the lifeless corpse of the someone was troubling you. And for that reason, you couldn’t think straight.

“Good morning to you too, Alvarez.” You said in your mind, while your body gave him a nervous smile. Walking up the steps, you eyed your Uncle who gave you the “I’m-so-disappointed-in-you-why-can’t-you-just-be-on-time” look. That’s right. You’re niece to detective Jim Gordon. So everyone, everywhere always had their eyes on you.

“(f/n). Late again.” Jim crossed his arms looking at you.

Harvey took a sip of his drink and nodded. “Someone is getting a whooping tonight.”

“Harv, please.” Jim groaned.

“Uh-I-uh-I know I’m late y-yet again but, I had car trouble, I ripped my pants…right in front of the mailman, I had to do a coffee run. The coffee is cold by the way. I-well it’s just hard for me this week, okay?” You rubbed your upper arm.

“And the week before last…and the week before that.”

“I know and I’m sorry.” You sighed, letting your shoulders hang low.

“Listen kiddo, I understand what you’re going through, almost. I was afraid when Jerome hurt other people as well, but he’s dead now. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

“I can’t believe you actually dated that psycho.” Harvey took a bite of biscuit and shrugged at Jim. “I thought you were kind of loony yourself to be honest.”

“Wow…thanks Harvey. My confidence just boosted up past one hundred.” You mumbled under your breath.

“Ignore him.” Jim said, eying him coldly. “If you need anything, just remember I’m here.”

“Thanks.” Tears brimmed at the end of your eyes as you mumbled. Quickly taking the unorganized files, you hurried away to the filing room, not wanting anyone to see you cry.

Shutting the door, you quickly ran behind a row of file cabinets, sliding down on to the floor. Your shaking hands covered your now wet face. Remembering Jerome always did this to you. It was just routine to you now.

His body was lying right across the hall. At times, you would feel the need to want to see him, but that thought was only countered with another thought of why you shouldn’t see him. All of those bad memories would only flow back, but so would the good ones.

When he kidnapped you, you were frightened, but happy. You were worried, but you also felt safe. Anxiety overcame your heart and in that moment you felt like you couldn’t breathe. There was a part of you wanting to feel that again.

“Woman up, (f/n).” You told yourself. Nodding, you got up and wiped the tears from you eyes. “He can’t hurt you anymore.”

Straightening out your clothes, you picked up the files and began to put them where they belong. You looked up at the clock. It read “10:37 am”. Sighing, you knew it was gonna be a long day.


It was 4 pm now. You were almost finished, but Jim thought it would be best if you headed home a few hours early.

“Get some rest. You don’t have to come in tomorrow if you don’t want to. And forgive me for being to hard on you. I just don’t want you getting hurt, kiddo.”

“I know.” You smiled, hugging him. “Just let me give Lee the file, pen, scalpel, and gloves she asked for awhile ago.”

He returned the hug and smile. “Sure.” Letting you go, he sighed. Of course he was still worried for you. From what he saw, you weren’t doing okay mentally or physically. “All she needs is rest. Hopefully.” He said to himself.

You arrived at the morgue shortly, all the items in your arms. You went to put them in her pouch that remained outside her door for that reason. You stopped however, when you saw the door was cracked open.

“I’ll just give them to her since she’s here.” You pushed the door open with your foot, peeking your head around the corner. “Lee? I got everything you asked for. Sorry I’m late.” You squeaked, hoping she wouldn’t be too angry with you. Turns out though, she wasn’t in there at the moment.

“Lee? I hope you’re not mad at m-” You screamed, dropping everything when you bumped into the table, an arm sliding out from under the dark green sheet.

Your hand over your heart, you quickly backed away from the body, picking up everything and placing it on the counter behind you. You turned to leave, but as you did, you saw ginger hair poking out from under the sheet as well.

That anxiety you felt before, started to return. You swallowed, slowly walking up to the body. You removed the sheet and there he was.

“Jerome.” Tears streamed down your face, a few dripping onto his. His skin was a bit cold and a bit warm to your touch, but you paid no attention. For your own skin felt like it was on fire. His lips were a faint blue and his smile was the same as it was the night he died. Relief and regret boiled within you as you covered his face with the sheet once more.

Hurrying out of the morgue, you didn’t realize his finger twitched. Your only focus was to get home, to get away from here.


It was a bit later now and Lee just arrived at morgue. She saw the supplies you left her and gave a small smile. She turned towards the table to tend to Jerome’s corpse, but when she did, she realized he wasn’t there.

“What?” Without a second more Jerome was behind her with a gun to her head.

“Boo.” He whispered.

Jerome then began to question Lee about certain topics. His fans, Theo, Jim, whether he and she-

“Did you and I ever…”

“Oh God! No!”

“Oh wait wait wait, maybe it’s not you. Hold on the image is coming to…….WHAMMO! (f/n), where is she?”

“…” Lee only sat in silence, staring at him as if he was the dumbest thing on this earth. She wasn’t at all afraid of him coming back, she was more annoyed. Especially with him being the third thing going wrong in her life.

Jerome rolled his eyes and began to try to recreate your figure with his hands. “She’s this high, her body is like smoking hot, she’s crazy hot. She also had the most beautiful (s/c) skin and these eyes that would make you melt. Kind of shy too, I remember. Hey…did she and I ever-”

“NO. You were too busy getting murdered by Theo. I’m glad she came to her senses after dating a psychopath like you.” Lee sat with her arms crossed, a cold glint in her eyes.

Jerome dropped his shoulders, already tired of how long this was going on. “Look Doctor, I don’t wanna be here, you don’t wanna be here. So, let’s cut to the chase. Tell me where she is or I blow your brains all across this room.”

“Go ahead. What else do I have to live for?”

“Oh right. Jim, your dead fiance. Sheesh.” Jerome was contemplating on what to do, when he remembered something from long ago.


“This is my place! It’s not so much for two, but if you ever need a place to stay…” You blushed at your boldness, arms behind your back.

“I’ll remember.” Jerome smiled. “Now come on. We have to get ready for tonight. The star of the show needs to be there on time!”

“Alright! Stay out here. I’m gonna go put on my best dress!”


“Nevermind! I know exactly where she is. But first, I need to pay this handsome devil a visit.” He groaned, hitting the nose of the gun on the TV screen. “Now, I’ll be on my way. Keep watching! You don’t wanna miss what happens next!” Jerome put the gun in the back of the police pants he had put on and walked out of the morgue.

It wasn’t long before he started wrecking havoc in Gotham. He stole a police car, ran over a guy, and by this time Jerome and Dwight were on their way to kidnap you and bring you with them. But you had no idea what was in store.

Dwight sat in the back, fidgeting with his fingers. Nervous because his idol, role model, maybe even the love of his life, was sitting right in front of him.

“So this girl we’re kidnapping, who is she?” Dwight asked.

“Ughh. Again, she’s my girlfriend, who supposedly isn’t my girlfriend anymore, but she will be my girlfriend, because she was my girlfriend in the first place.”

“Right, o-of course.”

The vehicle finally came to a stop in front of your place and Jerome looked out the passenger side window from the driver’s seat. He wanted to see if you were home, but he couldn’t tell from down here.

“Dwight, how do I look?” Jerome asked fixing his collar and hat.

“Like you just came back from the dead.”

“Thanks buddy, I can always count on you.” He said rolling his eyes.

“………won’t be coming after all……..for the day off. I think I really needed it.” A faint voice could be heard in the distance along with door slamming shut.

What are the odds you’d be arriving, just as Jerome pulled up. You had a box in your hands and a few grocery bags dangling on your arm.

Closing your car door with your foot, you turned around and started walking to your house.

“I’ll stop by though. I misplaced my book and I think it might be in the filing room.” You laughed.

Jerome stared in awe. You were even more beautiful than he remembered. That (f/c) coat you would always wear. The way you’d stumble when you were carrying a bit too much that you could handle, but you’d eventually regain your balance and it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Your smile, your laugh. Everything was coming back one by one.

“Okay. I’ll be there around 3? Alright. I love you too. Bye.” You took your phone off of your shoulder and put it in your bag. You put your key in the door, but you broke it when a voice startled you.

“Can I help you with those miss?” Dwight approached you, a nervous smile playing on his features. You looked at him up and down, studying his body language. There was something wrong here.

“No, but thank you. I do appreciate it.“

He grabbed your wrist stopping you from leaving.

“Please, (f/n). I insist.”

The once nervous grin turned into a scowl and fear struck your heart. “How do you know my name?”

His eyes widened, a little shocked by himself. “I said let’s go!”

“No! Let go of me!” You twisted his arm and then kicked him away.

Dwight winced in pain, landing hard against the concrete. "She’s stronger than she looks.”

Jerome sighed once again. “If you want something done, do it yourself.” Getting out of the car, Jerome walked behind you and held the gun to your head.

“Listen dollface, I suggest you get in the van without a fight and maybe you’ll make it through this.” He said, inhaling your favorite perfume. “God did I miss that smell.”

You froze in your place. Scared to speak, scared to do anything. “Jerome?” You said under your breathe.

“Dwight do the honors.” Jerome slightly pushed you towards the van so Dwight could tie your hands. Satisfied, he walked back around to the driver’s seat.

You only stared in fear and confusion. That piece of action you said you were missing, well you got it. Your anxiety, that started to make it’s way back too. It was all too much.

“There’s nothing to worry about, (f/n). This is just like old times.” Jerome smiled back at you from the driver’s.

And not being able to breathe, you eventually passed out.

“Yep. Just like old times.”