White wheels and tires on a city bike are about as practical as a white dress in a spaghetti shack, but isn’t she a beauty? I classify the color scheme as “Nantucket hipster.”

The quiver is finally complete. 

  • When the Angels
  • Prefab Sprout
  • Two Wheels Good
“If they can dance on the head of a pin Don’t that tell you something about their skin Hard faced little bastards When the angels take the angel voice away Jealously they see, the sometimes man you’d be Must get so blase, knowing you’ll never die, Lounging on a cloud, polishing the sky” Prefab Sprout - When the Angels

Some songs are just perfect and come to you at just the right time

Friend posted up this link

and this quote made me smile.

The general workflow goes like this:

  • Throw some krap in the basket.  Almost any size, any shape.
  • Cover with stretchy cargo net
  • Ride krap to destination
  • Picnic hard

which got me thinking about Porteur’s and the one that I want to build, and led to the quick google and picture above… MMMmmm Porteur’s!