Something happened

In every town there’s a house where something awful happened, but nobody will say a word about it. Their silence is a luring trap that draws more and more lonely souls into this nameless curse of a house, and little do they know that the evil within is growing hungrier and unstoppable.

Until the town becomes a town where all the inhabitants are gone, and nobody knows what took them.


music scores will up your motivation and are honestly the best things to listen to when reading or studying, so here’s a giant list I made for anon;

best way to start is to listen to absolutely anything by two steps from hell or audiomachine

there’s way more but that should be a start ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

EDIT: I’ve uploaded these to a playlist on YouTube

So we were supposed to choose a lyric from a song or poem then draw what we imagined, And of corse I decided to be a unique fuck and choose something completely instrumental. This is the song I chose.


Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth

(I seeeee u @ray-kaladis *waves*)


Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Pirates and Mermaids by libertad.d.

She’s an underwater assassin, thirsty for human flesh and prestige. He’s a pirate captain looking for the ultimate treasure. And suddenly both meet under a raging storm in the sea. Will they kill each other? Will the mermaids sink the boat and eat them alive? Will the pirates blow them up with their cannons and write a song later?
…What if there’s an unlikely romance against the stream?