[Image: We see four square panels, white with gray outlines. There are two side by side on the top row, and two side by side on the bottom. The first box contains bolded black font, in all capitals, that reads: “MILD AUTISM.” The next box reads “SEVERE AUTISM.” The bottom left box reads “COOL RANCH AUTISM” and contains an image of a bag of chips that resemble the Doritos brand. The bag is blue, with glowing yellow font and graphics, and reads “Cool Ranch” in cursive and “AUTISM” in a large font. The bottom right box has a similar chip bag in a dark yellow/orange color, with glowing blue font and red graphics. It reads “EXTREME SPICY AUTISM” in a wild font that changes size half way through, almost like the words are being yelled. Everything is in capitals.]

Feel free to use this as a “tag yourself” meme, (using only the two bottom panels, obviously) but only if you are # actually autistic. No allistics allowed.

(I am extreme spicy autism! HAHA, WOO!)

More are on the way, feel free to suggest a theme for these! Anon is on.
National Energy Board suspends hearings into Energy East pipeline
TransCanada is looking for approval for the west-to-east pipeline that would deliver 1.1-million barrels per day of crude - mostly diluted bitumen from the oil sands - to refiners and an export terminal in eastern Canada.

The National Energy Board has suspended its hearings into TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East pipeline until it can decide whether two panel members need to step down over allegations of bias, a move which further delays a federal decision on the proposed $15.7-billion project.

In a statement Tuesday, the federal regulatory agency said it would suspend hearings which were due this week in Montreal to deal with complaints against two board members - Jacques Gauthier and Lyne Mercier - who met privately last year with former Quebec premier Jean Charest, who was being paid as a consultant to TransCanada.

The NEB cancelled a planned hearing in Montreal on Monday after protesters stormed the hearing room and one burly man charged the tabled where panel members were seated, before he was restrained by security guards. The anti-pipeline activists insist the hearing process is rigged to reach a positive conclusion, and that the meeting with Mr. Charest was inappropriate.

“This decision [to suspend the hearings] has been made as a result of a violent disruption on the first day of the proceedings and ongoing security concerns, the board said in a release.

“Disruptions like this one compromise the board’s ability to conduct the session in a secure manner and also prevent intervenors from having an opportunity to be heard, sharing their views and asking questions. All participants in this hearing have a right to be heard and with respect.”

TransCanada is looking for approval for the west-to-east pipeline that would deliver 1.1-million barrels per day of crude - mostly diluted bitumen from the oil sands - to refiners and an export terminal in eastern Canada. The industry and Alberta government argue the pipeline is needed to secure access to new markets and world prices for western crude.

Some municipal politicians, First Nations leaders and environmentalists oppose the project, arguing it would threaten local waterways and contribute to growing greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands.

Groups in Quebec and Ontario have petitioned the National Energy Board to have Mr. Gauthier and Ms. Mercier recuse themselves from the Energy East panel as a result of their meeting with Mr. Charest. An NEB spokesman said Mr. Charest did not reveal to the board members that he was being paid by TransCanada, while the company said the former premier was not asked to lobby on Energy East.

However, critics insist private stakeholders meetings with panel members should not have been held at all, given the quasi-judicial nature of the process.

After the groups filed their submissions demanding the recusals earlier this month, the board invited all parties to make written submissions by Sept. 7, after which it will decide the members’ fate. It will not resume hearings until that matter is resolved, it said Tuesday.

Last January, the new Liberal government tacked on an additional nine months to the Energy East review deadline in order to provide more time for the board to consult with communities and First Nations groups along the 4,500-kilometre route from Alberta to Saint John, N.B.

The Liberals had criticized the National Energy Board in opposition and during the election as lacking in credibility. But after winning government, they declared that the current board would review the Energy East pipeline under its existing mandate - with some added consultations - while the government worked on “modernizing” the regulatory agency for the future.

So my flight for Atlanta, Georgia (Dragon*Con) is tomorrow at noon. I won’t be posting any new content for 5 days, and my queue will be running while I’m away most of the time. I’ll be mostly posting my con shenanigans. But you’re still welcome to message me. 

Since most of my followers are Paladin Danse fans, and could not attend Dragon*Con, I will upload photos of Peter Jessop’s panels later that same day. He has two panels on Friday. I’ll let you know how meeting him goes omfg. And there’s a Skyrim photoshoot happening on Saturday, and Fallout photoshoot on Sunday, I’m attending both. I may be posting those photos on my cosplay blog @rinsaiyuri.

Hnnnnng you don’t know how happy and nervous AF at the same time.

Norman doesn’t have deathflags

He has antagonist flags

Since the first chapter I seen people mention how Norman has had several deathflags on him due to his nice nature, which have increased tenfold in the latest chapter from his sudden confession.

But the way he expressed his love for Emma felt incredibly ominous

One thing to notice about Norman is that out of the three of them, he is considered the most intelligent:

And if we go back to the first chapter during their game of tag these two panels felt like foreshadowing to me:

Like we will reach a point where they will both be standing on opposing sides and forced to fight/compete against each other.

And between Norman’s line of I will do “anything and everything, and even use myself” I feel like there will be a time where we will reach that point, maybe going as far as even cooperating with the demons if that’s what he believes would benefit Emma.

Also this:

Daily #1,312! I love everything about Phoenix and Miles’ relationship.

But mostly how they hang out on a regular basis and yet still talk about each other to people really vaguely. It’s like they’re trying to be secret friends…but are both REALLY, REALLY bad at it.

Especially Miles. “I don’t want you to know who I’m talking about - BUT HERE’S A COMPLETE PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION.”

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