I Am a 15-Year-Old Aspiring Filmmaker

Last year I attended a film camp for two weeks.

In my class, I was the only girl out of four boys, plus two male teachers. The first time we started shooting, I was in charge of the tripod. So I bent down and started to adjust it, and one of the boys slipped his hand on my butt and said, “Your ass looks really nice in those shorts.” I was 14 and he was a senior.

Needless to say, he was removed from the program.

Compared to previous seasons, girls really rule this house so far. Despite there being two male HOHs they were able to convince them to backdoor a guy. How often does that happen? Another reason why this is my favorite of recent seasons.

one time, two male writers i didn’t know chastised some tumblr girls for using the platform to catalog beloved objects, as opposed to creating “actual art,” which prompted me to write an impassioned defense of the list as a particularly queer, feminist, feminine, girly form. i do sometimes love a list, especially of objects, which i claimed in that post on my old blog “signal larger ideas and ideals.” true, plus both lists and objects are often pretty. so if the pleasure is in the language, too–and if this is the first summer of my adult life when i haven’t written and won’t be writing any fashion or beauty copy–here is a list of items i have bought for the beach nursery: a lavender pointelle baby blanket; a pink peruvian cotton baby blanket with miniature pink and lavender sailboat appliques from my favorite children’s store, the most exquisite children’s store i have ever seen, which is also a lingerie store; a crocheted afghan with white, pink, and coral roses purchased on etsy and shipped from italy, where we got engaged; a pink basketweave armchair for nursing; a striped multicolored (lavender, burgundy, lime, yellow, pink, sky blue) ottoman from a french boutique where the owner told me to pick out a tiny girl’s beach bag as he rung us up, thus securing our loyalty; simple curtain rods; melon window panels with grape tassels; a jute rug, also with tassels; a white wicker side table with a drawer; two small, round, seashell-encrusted mirrors; two framed vintage embroidered scenes of birds, sent from amsterdam; a pastel ceramic bowl by tumblr favorite angel oloshove; a set of giraffe and deer bookends, because we have so many deer here, sometimes even in our yard, and though i wasn’t initially sure that they worked with my vision, marc loved them so much that i went enthusiastically along with their purchase, and now i think they are sweet; three sets of crib sheets: oversize pink polka dot, pink and red strawberries, and a washed-out lilac floral appropriately named “dream girl”; a mobile with tiny floating minnows; a scalloped capiz shell chandelier trimmed in gold; a pillow with a beverly palm and another pillow in coral and pink with gold stitching, which may no longer work as the nursery has become softer and sweeter and more babyish since it is, in fact, for a baby (and also for me, during feeding and changing, which supposedly take place between seven and ten times each per day); an elegant crib in white and maple wood; an equally elegant dresser, in white and birch; a nickel floor lamp with a plain white shade; a plastic changing tray in raspberry; and a swan painting–currently being framed–by jill emery, who was not only in hole, but also in mazzy star, which has an album called “among my swan,” and who i saw perform once in college. this weekend, i heard a woman tell her friend she hadn’t started decorating her nursery. all i could think was: i wish i weren’t so close to being done. 

anonymous asked:

Can you change your name on your birth certificate if you have a deed poll?

No, in the UK you can only do this with a gender recognition certificate, which you can apply for after living as male for two consecutive years.

~ James


So for a while, I’ve been working on a bunch of art for commissions and conventions, and during that time I would keep Parks & Rec on. 

One thing lead to another and in between things I was actually supposed to be drawing, I doodled these Daichis with Ben’s looking-into-camera expressions for fun. It was a very effective stress relief strategy.