Benjamin Shine forms tulle into sculptural fabric portraits in the dance

from a small, white vessel bursts forth a plume of colored tulle, reaching high into the air and engulfing the ceiling above. from the cloud emerges two faces, male and female, which quickly dissolve back into the fluid mass above. just as suddenly, the translucent forms reappear, moving fluidly in a choreographed exhibition of brief, yet powerful creative energy. the latest installation by , ‘the dance’ explores ideas of impermanence and the fleeting moment, which are conveyed through the inherent qualities of delicate tulle material. via:designboom

Reminder that Luke is an amputee and disabled.

Reminder that Anakin, pre-fall, was an amputee and disabled.

Reminder that our two main male protagonists are disabled amputees. They are not abled, and their disabilities affect their arc and their storylines and their lives. They are, well when Anakin isn’t bad, representation for folks that are disabled and/ or amputees.

This matters. Don’t ignore it.

        You have always believed in ghosts because, for as long as you can remember, they have lived inside your mind. There are two of them, male and female, a young couple. The male is sturdy and passionate and you have his glassy eyes. The female is heavy on your heart but beautiful and unattainable like a girl on the cover of a magazine. They tell you to be better.

        The young couple was in a car crash one night. Your adoptive father points a stern finger at you and begs you to drive more carefully. Your adoptive mother rejoices in the fact you survived. You promise you did not mean to frighten them, that you forgot one wrong turn could cost you your life. You just wanted to see how easy it was to die. The ghosts tell you to be better.

        The ghosts are faceless and nameless and you resemble them so. You look in a mirror and do not recognize the person you see. Where is the paragon of a boy they cheer for at your games? The boy in the mirror is not worthy of their worship. The ghosts tell you to be better.

        Your therapist tells you that the ghosts have the names of your biological parents and you created them all on your own. You are sick and it might kill you but you know better. You know that the male has beautiful glassy eyes and strong hands and the female has high hopes for your soul, wherever it is. And now you even have proof of the supernatural. You know you can be better.

        Why did you live when the male and female had to die? Why are you worthy? You must be something more. You know you can be more.

        The male is your father and his name is Borderline Personality Disorder. You would have his glassy eyes and strong hands if they both were not so broken.

        The female is your mother and her name is Inferiority Complex. You are going to make her proud.

        Alternatively written as: the ghosts of your parents are kept alive because they live in you, they live through you, and they drain your life.

“Are you a male or a female spirit? One for male, two for female.”

brunettebangs asked:

What pairings do you picture for Artemis ?

  • My NOTP for them: Don’t really have one.
  • My BROTP for them: Maybe with Mamoru, but they’re the only two major male recurring character, so…^^;;
  • My OTP for them: With Luna, of course! 
  • My second choice pairing for them: With Minako. I think there’s a bit of a crush on his part, even if Minako only sees him as a friend/mentor, and sometimes as a pincushion. :p
  • My fluffy pairing for them: I think Artemis’ relationship with Diana would be adorable. He’d be the dotting daddy, forever trying to hide or explain, as innocently as possible, Minako’s innuendo laced jokes to his kitten.
  • My angsty pairing for them: human!Luna. During the Princess of Kaguya side story, I felt really bad for Artemis, who watched and waited patiently for Luna to come back to him. 
  • My favorite poly ship for them: Mmm, don’t have one.
  • My weirdest pairing for them: Don’t have one either.