Two stupid dogs

I’ll Stop My Commentary When They Stop Their Stupidity.

Someone: “I totally think James Tynion IV has been writing Cassandra and Stephanie exactly like they were before Flashpoint.”


Someone: “No, really! Stephanie’s daddy issues and running around with false information, everyone believing Tim is dead despite there being no body, Cassie’s existence revolving around Harper Row, her Dad hating her…it’s all exactly like they were, because Steph is snarky and has a face maske and Cass hugs people has stitches over her mask while adopting the name of a murderer. Exactly the same!”


Seriously, when are those chuckle-heads at DC going wise up and ditch those lousy, fan-fic-style origins? 

spoiledspine  asked:

Hi there!! For your "terrible" commissions, is it $10 per animal in the commission? I ask because I have two stupid, wonderful dogs that would look wonderful in your goofy style

OH man, I wouldn’t charge $20 for a scribble! just $10 flat my friend

ALSO to make it easier, I’ve put Custom Horrible Drawings™ up as a store option (click here). if you want one, just order it & email me a ref pic